September 28, 2008

Travel$2.99 from Stardevelop Pty Ltd Travel

Travel is a world-wide travel guide that currently includes 227 country destination guides.

Travel easily allows you to add destination guides to your Itinerary for offline viewing. This is useful for reading destination guides on your flight and also allows you to save the guide before you travel overseas where you may not have access to the Internet.

We plan on adding city destination guides within future upgrades to Travel. Travel is powered by WikiTravel destination guides – edited by travelers worldwide.



Billable Hours

September 28, 2008

Billable Hours$2.99 from Jake MacMullin Billable Hours

Are you a lawyer or other professional who has to keep track of how you spend each 6 mintues of the day? Do you waste time trying to remember all the different work you performed for different clients at the end of the day or week when you record your hours?

Billable Hours is a simple application for your iPhone or iPod Touch that can help you keep track of the work you do throughout the day – making the process of recording your hours at the end of the day or week much simpler.

If you’re about to do some billable work you simply select the client you’re working for and the type of work you’re doing and tap the Billable Hours clockface to ‘start the clock’.

When you’re finished simply tap the clockface again to stop timing. Billable Hours will record the time you spent working to the nearest 6 minutes.

When it comes time to fill out the official record of your hours, Billable Hours can export a daily or weekly summary report or raw data (as comma separated values) via email.

Billable HoursBillable HoursBillable HoursBillable Hours

Time tracking apps
Clock I know that many attorneys are interested in tracking their billable hours on their iPhones. I understand this; your iPhone is with you virtually all of the time, so why not use it to keep track of what you are doing while you are


September 28, 2008

Cheapskate$0.99 from Giao Nguyen Cheapskate

Cheapskate makes shopping for gifts painless.

– Create list of people you’ll be shopping for from your address book.

– Take photos of ideas while you’re shopping and have your device take note of where idea was found.

– Use Google map to find your way back to the best idea when your window shopping is done.


Celestial Compass

September 28, 2008

Celestial Compass$0.99 from Silverview Consulting Inc. Celestial Compass

Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a compass with the aid of the Sun, Moon, or Big Dipper.

Holding your iPhone horizontally, simply rotate it until the hands on the compass align with one or more of the celestial bodies. The compass will then be aligned with True North.

– Finds True North: Celestial Compass is not affected by magnetic declination.
– Integrated bubble level helps keep your iPhone perfectly face up for enhanced accuracy.
– Provides the precise altitude and azimuth of each celestial body.
– Real time display update: the compass hands track the location of the Sun, Moon, and Big Dipper using your position and the time of day.

Celestial Compass


September 28, 2008

iColori$0.99 from BAMsoft iColori

iColori are flash cards to help teach your child his/her colors in Italian. They are great for anyone learning Italian as well.

Use them just like paper flashcards, but you don’t have to worry about losing them!

It’s very easy to use!
Swipe left or right to go through the deck.

Swipe up or down to flip over the card. The front side has the color with the spelling. The back side has the color only.

Double-tap the screen for a random color.

Check out ColorsLite for free which is a basic version without the spellings to see if this is right for you.

Also, iColors is available for other languages – Spanish, English, French, and Greek.

Please email suggestions or bug reports to



September 28, 2008

iKalimba$0.99 from MagischMeik iKalimba

iKalimba lets you play the aboriginal sound of the kalimba directly on your iPhone or iPod Touch(with headphones).

The kalimba is a nearly 1000 years old instrument from africa.
By the use of a special tuning, the instrument also enables untrained people to quickly discover and play euphonic melodies.

– attractive graphics
– realistic sound
– multi-touch support for chords

Relax everywhere with the aboriginal sounds of iKalimba.



September 28, 2008

T-Cube$0.99 from Kumatek T-Cube

T-Cube is one of the first Tic Tac Toe games for the iPhone and iPod Touch that allow two players to play each other across a Wi-Fi network on their own device. Challenge a co-worker to a quick game from your own cubicles, play a friend across the room, or at your local coffee shop. You can also play against the device or head-to-head.

This classic game will provide hours of entertainment.


Jogo da Velha T-Cube
Meu filho de 6 anos adora jogar Jogo da velha no iPod Touch comigo e na AppStore US existem várias opções disponíveis. O T-Cube me chamou a atenção por ter gráficos bem feitos com um apelo mais infantil, sendo perfeito para jogar com