CelebDaily$0.00 from DailyDose Publishing CelebDaily

Celeb Daily lets you view the latest celebrity photos on your iPhone! Be up-to-date on the latest juicy gossip and celebrity fashion. Downloading the application to your iPhone is the perfect way to spend time and keep up with your favorite celebs!

We bring you the latest content from all the major entertainment agencies.


– Access the hottest, up-to-the-minute celebrity photos from anywhere
– Beautiful, high-quality images
– Informative snippets associated with each photo
– Intuitive interface to scroll through and rotate photos


[影音娛樂] CelebDaily讓你掌握最新名人動態
軟體名稱:CelebDaily 軟體分類:影音娛樂官方網站:DailyDose Publishing 安裝資源:App Store 操作等級:▼▽▽▽▽ 推薦安裝:▲▽▽▽▽ 購買費用:免費 ————————————————— 想了解最新好萊塢名人今天做了甚麼事情


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