WordWhirlFree$0.00 from HappyAppy WordWhirlFree

You have 2 minutes to guess as many words as you can from 6 letters! Guessing words that are 4 letters or longer will give you more time. Press the refresh button in the top left corner to swap your puzzle.

Word Whirl comes with over 8000 words, awesome graphics, and addictive sound. Its the best word game for the iPhone and a great way to improve your vocabulary.

You can now play against a friend on WiFi in real time! You both play with the same puzzle, and the first person to get the BINGO has the option to reset both puzzles.

Get the full version of WordWhirl and get many more game modes including 2min/3min/5min, BINGO mode, TURBO mode and practice mode. It also has a global high score list!

If you enjoy other word games like Scrabble, Boggle, 2Across, Crosswords and others, you’ll love Word Whirl. Word Whirl is also known as Text Twist, Sextuple Word Challenge, Muddled, Text Twirl or Word Challenge.



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