Soccer WebApp

September 30, 2008

Soccer WebApp$0.00 from Piet Jonas Soccer WebApp

See the schedule and countdown to the upcoming UEFA Champions League games. You can choose to countdown to the next CL days or to the next games itself.

Soccer WebAppSoccer WebApp

100+ Free Sports Apps for the iPhone
The iPhone and iPod Touch have numerous applications for just about every hobby and desire, especially when it comes to sports apps. There are tools for tracking scores in baseball, hockey, football, and even fencing; playing fantasy



September 30, 2008

Soccer$0.99 from Piet Jonas Soccer

See the schedule and countdown to the upcoming UEFA Champions League games. You can choose to countdown to the next CL days or to the next games itself.



September 30, 2008

Sprocket$0.99 from SilkLabs Sprocket

We need an engineer to help us finish our machine… and in a hurry! Tap to select a gear and then drag it into position. Chain the gears to get the goal gears moving in the right direction. Race against the clock for bonus points in 30 hand-crafted levels. But be careful not to jam the machine or spin the goal gears the wrong way.

Sprocket is a challenging puzzle game where you must create chains of gears to connect a single driving gear to one or more goal gears. But wait, it’s not so simple! Only certain gears work together and you are limited by supplies and space. Multi-touch pan and zoom included. Put your engineering skills to the test! Good luck!



September 30, 2008

VerkeersInfo$3.99 from oJoCo VerkeersInfo

VerkeersInfo is an application for the Dutch market that shows real-time highway traffic congestions.


Gratis prima verkeersinfo op je iPhone
Er bestaat al een programma voor de iPhone waarin je de file-informatie van de ANWB kan zien met de naam Verkeersinfo (directe iTunes link), Maar Nederlanders zijn nu eenmaal zuinig en dus is een gratis programma dat hetzelfde doet dan

File Info: gratis fileinformatie op je iPhone
Het iPhone-ontwikkelingsteam Moop.Me (dat ons eerder iNap bracht) heeft een nieuwe iPhone App uitgebracht die velen bekend in de oren zal klinken. File Info toont de actuele filekaarten van de ANWB… inderdaad, net als Verkeersinfo (€2


September 30, 2008

Plank$1.99 from Freeverse, Inc. Plank

From the Apple Design Award winning minds of Strange Flavour and Freeverse comes Plank. A visually stunning game of marble balancing and color matching!

“Plank’s uniqueness, riveting gameplay, and polish makes it worth checking out.” –

Balance the marbles on the plank by tilting left and right and roll them to match falling marbles of the same color. Make lines of 3 or more to score points and remove the marbles. Clear the marbles quickly or the weight will be too much for the plank and it will explode. Simple to learn yet totally different, accelerometer using gameplay.

Watch out for all the amazing power-ups and specials, including the “Shake” smart bomb! Just as you’re starting to panic, shake the device and one of your limited number of Shakes will destroy a whole line of marbles.

Plank has three difficulty levels, from Normal to Nnnnaaaarghh! Gorgeous steam punk style and action that’ll make your friends lean in close.

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From: 本文将给大家介绍100款iPhone精彩游戏,全部使用iPhone内置的加速传感器进行游戏,其中第一部分将介绍免费游戏,不要认为免费的就不好玩哦,下面有游戏截图,你能够看到它们其实很优秀。第二部分介绍需要付费购买的游戏,如果你看中

100+ iPhone Games That Use the Accelerometer
by Amanda MacArthur 13 Comments. The iPhone’s built-in accelerometer has opened up a new world of mobile gaming, introducing fun, engaging, and interactive applications from virtual golf to racing games, mobile beer pong, and more.

Blogparade: Nützliche iPhone/iPod Anwendungen Zusammenfassung
Es ist soweit! Die die von mir gestartete Blogparade ist nun vorbei! Es haben doch noch ein paar Besucher mitgemacht, was mich natürlich sehr freut! Es ist also an der Reihe die vorgestellten Applikationen zusammen zu fassen!

Lux Touch

September 30, 2008

Lux Touch$0.00 from Sillysoft Games Lux Touch

Lux is a game of strategy, risk, and world conquest!

Control the Blue armies and conquer the map.
Fight a virtual war to dominate the world.

– attack with 3 or more armies for best odds
– take over 1 enemy country per turn for a card
– fully eliminate an enemy and you get their cards

Lux Touch is fully FREE!

Try our other game Lux DLX for…
– more AIs
– more maps
– more settings
– more hot graphics
– more human players
– more of your dreams come true

Lux Touch is a mobile version of Lux Delux,
available now for your desktop and laptop.

“Because taking over the world is fun!”

Lux TouchLux TouchLux TouchLux Touch

60 juegos de mesa para el IPhone gratis
60 juegos de mesa para el IPhone gratis 60 juegos de mesa clásicos gratis para iPhone. Aqui van: Ajedrez: Chess Club Free; Chess O; Chess Quest Lite; Chess With Friends; Free Samurai Chess; Glaurung Chess; iChess (Free)

[AppStore] 10 jeux de société gratuits
Rien de tel pour passer le temps, lors d’un passage en salle d’attente, qu’un bon petit jeu sur votre iPhone ou iPod Touch. Nous allons vous proposer, au fur et à mesure, une série de sélections de 10 jeux dans différentes catégories.

60+ Free Classic Tabletop Games for the iPhone
The iPhone and iPod Touch have a variety of applications for gamers, ranging from music-based games to role playing games. But what if you just want to play some chess or classic tic-tac-toe? The iPhone has that covered, too.

10 best iPhone applications
It seems like a mandatory thing – own an iPhone, download a ton of apps (mostly free) and write about them on your blog. My turn. My Top Ten (this one goes to Eleven!) Evernote (free) – truly one of the best apps, Evernote is an

Lux DLX: Risk Lovers Can Battle On to Dominate
Attention to all “Risk” aficionados and fanatics, Sillysoft Games is showing you some love for your itch to achieve world domination. Lux DLX is the mobile version of their desktop oriented game, Lux Delux, which has a sizable following

Lux Touch: el “risk” en el iPod
¿Quien no ha jugado nunca al Risk? Creo que todo el mundo lo ha probado alguna vez, y si no lo han echo han oído hablar de él. Lux Touch es un juego totalmente gratuíto que reúne las características del mítico juego de mesa risk.

[iPhone] 長期間使用されているiPhoneアプリをまとめてみました
先日、以下のエントリーでiPhoneアプリに関する質問をしてみました。 総額0ポイントで。あなたが長期間使用しているiPhoneアプリを教えてください。 ようやくまとめることが出来たので、以下に紹介します。 ★の数はアプリ名が出た時点ではカウントせ

Lux DLX is on Discount Mode for next 2 days – Down to $3.99
This is amazing. All Lux Touch fans out there, you have something to cheer about. The advance version of Lux Touch, Lux DLX is down from $7.99 to $3.99. I loved this Tower Defense (TD) game a lot, but dint want to spend $7.99 to get Lux

Game para iPhone lembra o jogo War
O Lux DLX é um game para iPhone que lembra bastante o clássico jogo War, jogo mundialmente famoso e que chegou no Brasil em 1977 e que até hoje é diversão garantida para muitos. O objetivo do Lux é dominar o mundo; a forma de jogar é

iPhoneアプリメモ: 戦略系ゲーム『Lux Touch』
Lux Touch (Get). 青が自軍。兵を配置・補充しながら、戦略を練り、いかに征服するか。最初はルールがわからず、すぐに自滅ばかりしていたが、なれると、10分から20分くらいで全世界を青色で統一できるようになる。ルールについては、下記がとても参考に


September 30, 2008

HandSpeak$0.99 from Imagine Software HandSpeak

HandSpeak is a learning program that teaches you how to Sign the Alphabet by using pictures and/or cartoon images that represent each letter of the alphabet. You can enter your name, a word or a phrase and then tap the Play Button to view the Sign images automatically. You can set the time delay during the play mode, for example if you want to increase the time between image displays you slide the bar to the right or slide it to the left to decrease the time delay. You can also step through the name, word or phrase at your own pace by tapping the Step Button.


– Enter Names, Words or Phrases
– Change Image Display (Chose Pictures or Cartoons)
– Play Mode to automatically cycle through letters
– Step Mode to manually cycle through letters
– Press ABC Mode to cycle though the Alphabet
– Change Time Delay for Play Mode
– Info Button flips screen to App Instructions