October 1, 2008

DVRPics$0.99 from Chris Lundie DVRPics

DVRPics lets you display photos from your iPhone or iPod touch on your TV, with the help of a TiVo® DVR.

Your friends & family will love seeing your pictures on the big screen, and it’s all done without cables. You can even snap pics with the iPhone’s camera and see them on the TV immediately.

– A TiVo DVR, Series2™ or later
– The DVR and the iPhone or iPod touch must both be connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network.

A forthcoming free update will allow you to create and save slideshows, so you won’t have to select photos one at a time.

TiVo and Series2 are trademarks or registered trademarks of TiVo Inc. or its subsidiaries worldwide.


Teach your iPhone five cool TiVo tricks
i.TV can set up TiVo recordings on the run. TiVo and iPhone, the gadget superpowers of home and pocket. Don’t you think it’s time they joined forces? As it happens, your iPhone can perform all kinds of nifty TiVo tricks.

Got a TiVo? Your iPhone is your friend
Click the image to open in full size. If you have a TiVo, there are several apps in the App Store that can make recording and playing your favorite shows just a little easier. While none of them allow playback on the iPhone or iPod

Got a TiVo? Your iPhone Is Your Friend
If you have a TiVo, there are several apps in the App Store that can make recording and playing your favorite shows just a little easier. While none of them allow playback on the iPhone or iPod touch themselves, they’re still useful

Got a TiVo? Your iPhone is your friend
Filed under: Software, App Store. If you have a TiVo, there are several apps in the App Store that can make recording and playing your favorite shows just a little easier. While none of them allow playback on the iPhone or iPod touch


Shanghai Taxi Guide 2009

October 1, 2008

Shanghai Taxi Guide 2009$4.99 from HoodHot Travel Shanghai Taxi Guide 2009

Lost in Shanghai? Well, you’re not alone – we speak Mandarin and we still find it hard to get around! Taxi drivers don’t speak English, and you don’t know the Chinese address for the restaurant you wanted to go to. Add on the fact that Shanghai is constantly changing and you soon realize—you’re lost!

That’s why we created the Taxi Guide series – directories filled with big, bold-faced addresses in Chinese that show the driver exactly where you want to go.

It’s easy to browse through the categories to find venues. Want to find a specific place? Search for it! With over 2000 locations and hundreds of hotels, it’s probably in here! If not, let us know, and we’ll include it in the next release.

And don’t worry; it doesn’t need an internet connection, so you won’t get dinged with roaming fees. We’ll be providing constant updates, since the app is offline and Shanghai changes so quickly, so stay tuned and enjoy Shanghai!

See the demo by accessing our website below.

HoodHot Travel: The hottest venues in neighborhoods around the world.

Shanghai Taxi Guide 2009Shanghai Taxi Guide 2009Shanghai Taxi Guide 2009Shanghai Taxi Guide 2009

KQED Daily Schedule

October 1, 2008

KQED Daily Schedule$0.00 from Doug Diego KQED Daily Schedule

This application is not affiliated with KQED. It uses RSS feeds provided by KQED ( and NPR ( to create an iPhone experience.

Access daily schedules from KQED Public Radio and KQED Public Television. See what time your favorite program is airing and description of the program.

KQED Daily ScheduleKQED Daily ScheduleKQED Daily ScheduleKQED Daily ScheduleKQED Daily Schedule


October 1, 2008

WXBrief$5.99 from PunkStar Studios WXBrief

WXBrief is made especially for the pilot.
During flight planning, in flight, or brushing up on your aviation weather knowledge, this app will come in handy.

The main menu functions :
– WXCode (see the HUGE list of codes for TAF/Metars)
-Beuford Wind Scales
– Significant Weather Codes
– Cloud Codes
– Chart Symbols
– Adiabatic Process (see how temps change after air travels over a mountain)
– Air stability chart will let you visually see the condensation line and judge how stable the air is.
– Wind correction. The wind correction computer that every pilot needs.
– IFR Cold Weather Correction. IFR approaches in cold weather MUST had their heights corrected.
– Stable v. Unstable air weather attributes.
– Front Passage… data on how the weather changes with the passage of cold/warm/occluded fronts.

“I personally use several of the PunkStar Studio iPhone/iPod applications. Some, like the Cold Air Calculator, are incredibly useful for even the most advanced pilot, while others, like the Hold Pattern Calculator, are perfect for demonstrations with my students (who are thrilled when they see it for the first time). I’m a loyal customer/user of several of the PunkStar Studio apps (even non-aviation related) and look forward to their future releases. I highly recommend their products to all aviators, from the professional airline pilot and flight instructor to the casual pilot.”
– Ed Pasquale ATPL
Transport Canada Pilot Examiner and Seneca College Flight Instructor

And now for the legal stuff:
As always… you should always refer to the approved/official documention for all elements of flight planning. This program is to be used to reference only.



October 1, 2008

iNNT$0.99 from Perception Health iNNT

iNNT helps physicians and other health professionals sense of medical statistics through visualization. They can use iNNT to help patients make higher quality decisions about treatments.

Calculate NNT (number needed to treat), or NNH (number needed to harm) iNNT takes baseline estimates of risk and treatment effectiveness to construct graphical displays of risk and and treatment effectiveness. Physicians, other medical practitioners, and even patients can use this application to make better decisions about treatments.



October 1, 2008

SpinDice$1.99 from Terminal Core Games SpinDice

**Watch a video:

Who doesn’t love a wall of Dice! SpinDice puts a new spin on puzzle gaming and adds a bit of luck!

The object is to find Sets within the 5×5 wall of Dice. A Set is 3 or more dice that match (such as 4-4-4 or 2-2-2-2-2) or are in sequence (such as 2-3-4 or 6-5-4-3-2). Make a Set by simply sliding your finger along the row or column to highlight the set.

But wait, when the numbers don’t add up, how do you make a Set? Spin baby, Spin. Simply Tap a Die to send it spinning around, its pips in a whirl. But don’t just Spin one dice; Spin two, Spin three, Spin them all! You’ll need to as the levels increase and time starts to dwindle.

You can chain Sets together. Highlight multiple sets back to back to back for bonus time and points. Go for the Hi Score!

SpinDice has two Game Play Modes each with 3 difficulty levels:

– Timed: Race against the clock. Every Set made gives you back time. Soon you will realize you have to spin, spin, spin to create enough sets to keep you going!

– Casual: Sit back. Relax. Take some time to think it over. In this mode, you have a limited number of Spins. Each Set pays off with more Spins.

So, get SpinDice today–it’s SpinTastic*!

*Note: SpinDice’s SpinTasticness has not been scientifically tested. In fact, SpinTastic is not actually a word. The marketing department made us say it.



October 1, 2008

FieldMinistry$4.99 from iDo Technology, Inc. FieldMinistry

This app (written specifically for Witnesses), let’s you keep track of your time, literature placements and return visits for each month. It automatically keeps track of your progress through the service year. You can start a timer at the start of your work and add your placements directly in the main screen. No need to keep the app open. It will keep tracking time even when it is off. Entries can always be added or changed. At the end of the month a single click on the month’s report will generate an email addressed to you as well as one more person (optional).
Always keep track of your time… anywhere !