Aircraft G-Meter

October 4, 2008

Aircraft G-Meter$0.99 from Prototechnical Solutions, Inc Aircraft G-Meter

Aircraft G-Meter accurately models a traditional mechanical accelerometer (or “G-Meter”) found in aerobatic aircraft.

This instrument registers “G” forces acting on the airframe during turbulence or aerobatic maneuvers. One pointer gives a continuous reading, the other two indicate maximum positive and negative loads. A reset knob is provided. In smooth, level flight the instrument indicates +1 “G”.

For best results, ensure the iPhone/iPod is vertical relative to the direction of flight.

Aircraft G-Meter


October 4, 2008

BucksMe$0.99 from zuLabs BucksMe

BucksMe is the fastest way to find the nearest white chocolate mocha frappuccino! It leads you to the closest cup of Starbucks coffee using your device’s built-in geo-location or by selecting a location manually.

Why Buy BucksMe? BucksMe’s data is the most accurate available! Data is derived from multiple sources and goes through a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure you get to the nearest cup of Starbucks coffee locally and internationally.

– Choose number of locations displayed between 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 and in miles or kilometers.
– Notes view lets you type in orders to remember them easily.
– Manual location input. Best for when built-in geo-location isn’t accurate enough.

– You can request features in the About BucksMe screen!
– Map view shows the nearest locations on a map instead of in a list.
– Offline Support


My Top 10 iPhone Apps
Colleen Diamond is contemplating the iPhone switch. She asked me today what my favourite applications were. Here are my current top 10. 10.TimmyMe (Free) If you are Canadian, Tim Horton’s is an institution. TimmyMe is a free locator

Saskatoon Developers Direct Craving Coffee Fans
Two Saskatoon developers are helping Canadian iPhone users find their caffeine fix. Blaine Korte and Cory Jacobsen of communications in Saskatoon had an early iPhone hit in July with TimmyMe , a free app that locates the nearest

Doomsday Clock

October 4, 2008

Doomsday Clock$0.99 from YaroDev Doomsday Clock

Thank you very much for taking interest in our app. If you have any questions or concerns about our app please send us an email at…

Many believe when the Mayan Calendar ends on December 21, 2012, the world, as we know it will end too. This program was created for those of us who believe in the Mayan Calendar Prophecy and want to know how long they have left on this earth.

Doomsday Clock is a unique clock; it keeps track of time until the end of the world in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds as told by the Mayan prophecy.

December 21, 2012 marks the end of the Long Count and Precession Cycle. A fascinating astronomical occurrence will take place that day. The sun will be seen in a conjunction with the crossing point of the galactic equator and the ecliptic, which is referred by the Mayans as the Sacred Tree.

***Future Updates***
The next version of this software will include real time countdown clock to the end of the world. Other feature will be added as feature are requested by you by emailing us at …

Doomsday ClockDoomsday Clock

Random Facts

October 4, 2008

Random Facts$0.99 from Adam Debreczeni Random Facts

*Featured on TUAW’s Twitter!*
Update 1.1 is coming soon, new features and facts!

Random Facts contains a database of hundreds of bizarre and interesting facts. Just tap on “Random Fact!” and you’ll be presented one randomly. Did you know karaoke means “buy this app” in Japanese? That’s not true, but with this app you’ll learn what karaoke really translates too. For less than a dollar Random Facts will provide entertainment for you and your friends for hours.

Random Facts

iPhone/iTouch App of the day – Random Facts
A fun little app that supplies you what the title says, Random Facts! Impress your boss, friends, family or a girl with these fun random facts! In the video I mentioned it was free, which it WAS, it is now .99. Well worth the buck!


October 4, 2008

Philosopher$0.99 from Champion Software Philosopher

Can’t decide what to do? Ask your own personal philosopher for advice.

Philosopher is more than just a magic eight ball, it uses a sophisticated agent-relative deontological approach to determine whether or not an action is morally permissible. Philosopher applies a rule utilitarianism format to deontology values, and after taking several factors into account determines if an action should be done.



October 4, 2008

VolleyPong$0.99 from JRP App AZ VolleyPong

Addictive and fun!

Keep the tennis ball on the air, hitting it as many times as possible.

But it is not going to be that easy… an annoying bee will fly by when you are doing good… try to hit the bee with the ball as it flies by, to scare it away and add additional points.




October 4, 2008

iSimon$0.99 from carmat iSimon

Like old famous game press the buttons in the same sequence