October 5, 2008

Departement$0.99 from DPC Interactive Departement

Toutes les informations sur les départements français sur un plateau !
À quel département correspond ce code ? Quel est le département français le plus vaste ? le moins peuplé ? À quoi ressemble son blason ? Qui est le président du conseil général ? Autant de questions auxquelles cette application répondra.

Classés par code, par région ou par indicateur (population, superficie et densité) trouvez rapidement les informations essentielles sur tous les départements de France métropolitaine et DOM-TOM : code, région, localisation géographique, préfecture, sous-préfectures, communes, président du conseil général, logo du conseil général, blason du département. À la fin de chaque fiche, cliquez sur le lien « Article Wikipedia » pour en savoir plus sur le département (histoire, politique, géographie, culture…).
Bientôt, une mise à jour vous proposera un Quiz pour tester vos connaissances sur les départements français.


Honda Australia iShowroom

October 5, 2008

Honda Australia iShowroom$0.00 from Honda Australia Honda Australia iShowroom

Honda Australia iShowroomHonda Australia iShowroomHonda Australia iShowroomHonda Australia iShowroomHonda Australia iShowroom

Learn substraction

October 5, 2008

Learn substraction$0.99 from Learn substraction

Learn substraction

Learn substraction

Gas Mileage Calculator

October 5, 2008

Gas Mileage Calculator$0.99 from YaroDev Gas Mileage Calculator

Thank you very much for taking interest in our app. If you have any questions or concerns about our app please send us an email at

Calculate Your Gas Mileage!

This is the Best mileage calculator ever written. Find out the gas mileage of your car by entering the distance and the amount of fuel. Enter the current fuel price as well and you will get the cost per mile at the same time.

***Free Tips***
a. Keeping the speed between 30 and 60 mph when possible lets the engine run at the optimal rate and improves your gas mileage.
b. Avoid idling, especially if you have a large engine.
c. Check the tire pressure regularly. Too low pressure will decrease your fuel mileage.

***Future Updates***
– More tips
– New fields for starting and ending odometer
– Database support (for keeping records)
– Email support (anyone will be able to send records to his or her email account)
– Other features will be added as features are requested by you by emailing us at

Gas Mileage CalculatorGas Mileage Calculator

Checkers Ultimate

October 5, 2008

Checkers Ultimate$0.99 from Trivial Technology Checkers Ultimate

Play against your friends or against the phone with our new version of Checkers. With 3 levels of difficulty, it will keep players of all levels entertained for hours!

With Checkers Ultimate, you can play against the computer in either Easy, Medium or Hard modes as well as against another player on your phone. Coming soon, we will also support playing against your friends over Wi-fi.

– Single and multiplayer games.
– Three levels of difficulty : Easy, Medium and Hard.
– Play against your friends on your phone.
– Game statistics.
– Three beautiful board designs.
– Ability to turn off Mandatory Jumps.
– Play as either the Red or the White Tokens against the computer.
– Coming soon! Play against your friends over Wi-fi.

Checkers UltimateCheckers UltimateCheckers UltimateCheckers Ultimate

Separate Checks

October 5, 2008

Separate Checks$0.99 from TightApps Separate Checks

*** Major Update Coming Soon adding most user suggested features!! ***

How many times have you gone out to dinner with a group of people where someone didn’t pay enough? Someone always ends up overpaying and it’s usually the person taking care of the bill.

I give you Separate Checks….

Separate Checks is not your mom’s tip calculator. In fact, I wouldn’t even call it a tip calculator (although it can do that too).

Most tip calculators take the amount of your bill and divide it evenly by the number of people in your party. Everyone ends up paying the same amount. People end up paying more than they should and others get away with paying far less.

How fair is that?!

Simply enter details about your bill and Separate Checks does the rest. Separate Checks is more about calculating what people owe versus tip calculation, but some people want that too, so Separate Checks does both so that people can either decide to leave their own tip amount based on what they owe or have you tell them what to pay.

Separate Checks will become a vital tool for anyone who goes out to dinner often and will probably pay for itself in one use.

Many features and improvements are in the works to make this tool even more valuable. Be sure to grab your copy early so that you receive all future updates for free!!

Be sure to email me for any feature requests or bug reports as opposed to posting a comment to ensure they don’t get overlooked.

Tip: If one item is ordered, but several people shared that item, you can still choose all the people who shared the item. Separate Checks will still divide properly.

For more tips, check out the support site listed below.


Thanks to all who have submitted suggestions!! I will be implementing most if not all. Separate Checks will just get better and better.

A demo video showing calculation of an actual check can be found at the support site below or on YouTube here:

Separate ChecksSeparate ChecksSeparate ChecksSeparate Checks

Quickflight Flight Status

October 5, 2008

Quickflight Flight Status$6.99 from Verify Flight International Ltd Quickflight Flight Status

A departure and arrival board in your pocket for nearly every airport in the world.

Just simply enter your flight number… as simple as ABC123

The easiest way to know what’s happening with your flight – domestic or international, any airline, anywhere in the world by just entering your flight number.

– No Airport look ups!
– No Airline look ups!

Now there’s no need to look up multiple airlines or airports to check your flights for departure and arrival times. With Quickflight the information comes to your iPhone, straight from the airport. Quickflight receives flight information for both international and domestic flights for over 97% of the world’s airports.

Simply enter the flight number in the cell and Quickflight will report the full status of the flight from departure to arrival. Quickflight gives you information on the whole flight… all sectors.

Special price $US6.99 for Lifetime License for a limited time!

Quickflight Flight Status