October 12, 2008

Timetable$0.99 from Kaseus Timetable

Never be late for the Bus or Train again!

At a glance Timetable will display how long until your next Bus or Train is due to depart.

After entering the timetables of your local services Timetable will dynamically display the next four departure times for all services.

With Timetable you’ll never have to leave work early again to make sure you catch that Bus!

This app was written for the users of service companies who haven’t yet heard of GPS’s and the internet so unfortunately you do have to enter your own services timetable, but only once and hopefully the timetable entry interface makes it easy.

A few reviews have incorrectly mentioned there is no way to edit the timetable times once they are entered, please see the support page at http://kaseus.com/iphone/timetable for instructions.


iMergency SOS

October 12, 2008

iMergency SOS$0.00 from BAK2u Pte Ltd iMergency SOS

When you need to call the fire brigade, an ambulance or the police, is it always ‘911’? How about your doctor’s number when someone in your family falls ill or is injured? Can’t remember your doctor’s number?

Every second counts… Use iMergency for your ‘single-tap’ quick dial to your local emergency services.

“iPhone apps that could save your life”

You can configure the phone number for each service separately.

Video Demo:


iMergency SOSiMergency SOS

8 iPhone apps that could save your life
Everyone raves about how great the iPhone is, but did you know the Apple device could actually save your life? I don’t mean you should use it as a buoyancy aid or some kind of makeshift splint, but rather install one of the many

iPhone Phone Home? No can do
Paddy Tan wants to return your iPhone back to you. A software development firm in Singapore has developed an app that will help you recover your lost or stolen iPhone, but it may never see the light of day.


October 12, 2008

LoginFON$0.99 from Newton Japan Inc. LoginFON

FON is the largest WiFi community in the world.
FON is a Community of people making WiFi universal and free.
But when you use FON spot, you need to type your email address and password to login everytime.

LoginFON helps you.
All you have to do is launch LoginFON and tap button once !

# Sometimes, it will take time to connect to some FON spot.
# Be patient !


iBinaryClock Lite

October 12, 2008

iBinaryClock Lite$0.00 from Robert Blackburn iBinaryClock Lite

iBinaryClock Lite is a free, reduced functionality version of the iBinaryClock application currently on the App Store. It’s provided mainly as a taster for the full version, however its still cool and useful if you choose not to upgrade!

Now you can impress your friends, colleagues and relatives with your binary skills for free!
In this version you can switch between a Binary Coded Decimal clock, a True Binary clock and a 16 Bit Day clock! This should be enough to keep even the elite geeks happy!

Please note: The clock is displayed in 24 hour format not 12 hour. If you don’t know how to read a binary clock have a look at this site:-

This version doesn’t have the option to keep the device awake whilst its running. To keep the app on screen permanently you will need to disable the Auto-Lock feature under the General tab in the Settings application on the device.


iBinaryClock LiteiBinaryClock LiteiBinaryClock LiteiBinaryClock LiteiBinaryClock Lite


October 12, 2008

Squaresville$0.99 from Rusty Ross Squaresville

Squaresville: The classic picture puzzle game. Unscramble an image by sliding the square tiles around on the grid.

Choose from your own photos, or use one of the colorful built-in game images. Included images are: “Fetch!”, “Alphabet”, “Seurat”, “Pacific”, “Pisa”, and “Shapes”.

If you remember this simple yet challenging toy, or are just looking for a great photo puzzle for your iPhone or iPod touch, you’ve come to the right place.



iSign Lite

October 12, 2008

iSign Lite$0.00 from iDev2.com iSign Lite

iSign Lite is the small and free version of my iSign program. This version has 25 signs and most the functionality of iSign. The full version adds;
800 signs
volume control
the ability to add / remove favorites from the sign play screen,
category quiz mode.

We do have another application “Baby Sign ASL” specifically designed for parents teaching their children to sign that uses video a live signer and has audio.

I appreciate your taking the time to look at this application.

The whole point of the lite version is for people to try out the program without having to invest in the full version. The signs included in this version are;

boil, city,cry, danger, exaggerate, few, Friday, good, grandfather, happy, in, the letter J, muscle, our, shirt, silver, skateboard, soft, teach, telephone, thank you, these, truck, whale and why.

iSign is an ANIMATED phrase book of basic American Sign Language (ASL) gestures. Each of the gestures is modeled with a 3D character and completely animated. The vantage point for each sign was chosen so that the user can see the details of the hand positions.

I chose a diverse range of basic signs in areas such as; feelings, things around the house, numbers, colors, shapes, school, sports, etc.

Signs can be sorted alphabetically or categorically. There are favorites, a search function, and the much requested quiz mode.

You can see a video of the full version of this application in action at:

If you have feedback, problems, or suggestions for this application, please contact me directly. I appreciate your taking the time to look at this application.

If you have other problems, please contact me so that I can help you.

If you are curious, there was an article written about the origin of this application at:


iSign LiteiSign LiteiSign LiteiSign LiteiSign Lite

iSign – Animated ASL dictionary for iPhone and iPod Touch
iSign is a tutorial and reference program for American Sign Languane (ASL) designed specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The program contains an animated phrase book of 800 signs. Each of the gestures is modeled with a 3D

Conversation Robot

October 12, 2008

Conversation Robot$0.99 from AAApplications Conversation Robot

With the Conversation Robot by AAAplications, you can have your very own personality in your pocket! The robot has 20 different sayings for you to generate a conversation with. If you ever have a sore throat, this is your answer. Numerous possibilities are possible with this hilarious app. So have fun and look for other apps by AAAplications!

Conversation Robot