Beijing Taxi Cards

October 13, 2008

Beijing Taxi Cards$9.99 from AvenueMac Beijing Taxi Cards

Traveling to Beijing?

Beijing Taxi Cards are the ideal way to communicate where you want to go in Beijing. Whether on a long vacation, a short trip or on business, the city’s abundant taxi cabs are the most convenient way to get around.

Why do you need this?

Because taxi drivers and Beijing citizens in general do not speak English and cannot understand western characters – they need to be given directions in Chinese.

Beijing taxi cards provide place names and localized directions clearly written in Chinese – an absolute necessity for getting around.

Included is a compilation of the best and most popular destinations in Beijing with a few local secrets thrown in.

How to use?

Easily navigate the main category menu of places:

Touring spots, Restaurants / Bars & Nightclubs, Shopping locations, venues around the Olympic Village. Included in the main menu are information lists on: Hotels, Embassies and useful Words.

Simply select the location you’d like to visit and flash the information to your driver.

All main cards come with photographs and audio as well as phonetic pronunciation of place names for fun practice of your Mandarin. On the ‘flip’ side of the main cards is a short description of the place and nearest subway if applicable.

Leave your guidebook back at the hotel and bring your iPhone or iPod Touch instead.


Photographs of place, food, drink or activity
Brief description of places
Integrated phone numbers for quick dialing (roaming charges may apply)
Link to online website or reviews (requires data connection if desired)
Audio of place name and words (so you can practice how to say it!)
Useful Words with audio and written phonetic pronunciation
90+ Hotels: search alphabetically,by cost or by area
All Embassies, main airport, train station
Maps for main cards embedded – no need for data connection
Favorites – store all favorite locations for easy retrieval from main category menu

©2008 Taxi Key to the City, LLC


Compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch v2.0 or higher

Beijing Taxi CardsBeijing Taxi CardsBeijing Taxi CardsBeijing Taxi CardsBeijing Taxi Cards



October 13, 2008

Crude$0.99 from Derek Ting Crude

This simple application provides a delayed quote (by at least 15 min.) of a barrel of light sweet crude oil (future symbol CL) of the earliest delivery month.

-Shows price of last trade
-Shows absolute change and percentage change
-Shows the day’s high and the day’s low

Enjoy the convenience of checking the price of crude oil with a single tap instead of going into Safari to find it.



October 13, 2008

iBall3D$0.00 from StoneTrip iBall3D

iBall3D is a remake of the classic Labyrinth game, but in 3D. You’ll have to guide a ball from a location to another, by orienting your iPhone or iPod touch, avoiding the holes. Once a level is completed, you’ll be able to send your score to the iBall3D server, and consult your world ranking position.

This initial version contains 3 maps and 3 gaming modes, for a total of 9 challenges.

This game is free, enjoy !


25 Most Addictive Free iPhone Games
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25 Most Addictive Free iPhone Games ,25 Most Addictive, Free
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Top 25 Free iPhone Games
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iphone-games. 25個最容易上隱的免費iPhone遊戲:(遊戲畫面請參考原始網站,裡面亦有下載點). Cube; Armado Lite; RhinoBall; Blue Skies Lite; Cannon Challenge; TapDefense; IBasketball; IGolf; Adrenaline Pool Lite; IBall3D; Touch Hockey: FS5

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25 найкращих безкоштовних ігор для iPhone в App Store
В App Store є понад 100 безкоштовних ігор для iPhone. Не всі вони цікаві, деякі занадто примітивні. На сайті блозі Hongkiat вирішили скласти ТОП-25 наявних на даний момент безкоштовних ігор в App Store:


October 13, 2008

AlphaBeta$2.99 from Ronald Bell AlphaBeta

AlphaBeta is a Greek Alphabet study aid with four fun study modes.

– “Flash Card” mode tests your memory of individual characters.

– “Speed Flash” tests your ability to rapidly recognize individual characters.

– “Romanize Words” tests your ability to recognize groups of characters as words/phrases.

– “Reference Chart” displays the full list of characters, for quick reference.

This app requires no network connection, allowing you to study Greek anywhere.


Host LookUp

October 13, 2008

Host LookUp$0.99 from Giovanni Scarrone Host LookUp

The NET utility you can’t miss. Only 0,79€ / 0.99$ for a complete Host Resolver, multiple TCP Ports Scan and IP 2 Country function (Internal Database). Resolve host names over Internet or over Local Area Network, scan TCP Ports (single port or multiple ports).

Complete Features List:

– Resolve Internet Hosts
– Resolve Local Area Network Hosts
– Use Resolved Host for TCP Ports Scan
– Single Port / Multple Ports Scan
– Show all scanned Ports or open Ports only
– Quick Access to Last Ports Scan
– IP 2 Country (internal database. No Connection needed)
– Device Connections Info (Wi-Fi Status, Internet Conncetion Status and Active Connection, current IP Address)

Download it now and the new features (available soon as update) will be free for you.

Host LookUpHost LookUpHost LookUpHost LookUpHost LookUp

Host LookUp: port scan e tanto altro su iPhone
Host LookUp è un’applicazione che ha tre funzioni implementate, tutte inerenti alla gestione network. Titolo: Host LookUp. Prezzo: 0,79€. Dimensione: 2.3 Mb. Link AppStore. Le tre funzioni di Host LookUp sono:

20.000 download per il suo “Serie A” è Giovanni Scarrone per
Lo abbiamo conosciuto poco tempo fa, ma di tempo per noi non ne aveva molto in quel momento: stava per inoltrare all’Appstore la sua quarta applicazione “Calcio Quiz!”. Oggi e’ già stata pubblicata ed e’ ufficiale.

LightSword Defense

October 13, 2008

LightSword Defense$0.99 from Excelltech Inc. LightSword Defense

Sharpen your reflexes and light sword skills with LightSword Defense!

This application allows you to practice battling space thugs from the safety of your own home. The LightSword droid will float in front of you and fire lasers from three directions at various distances… Tilt your iPhone in the direction of the laser to deflect it with your LightSword.

Normal mode allows you to see the lasers coming towards you. For an extra challenge, turn on Master Mode, put on a pair of headphones, and try and protect yourself from the sound of the laser firing alone.


– Vivid 3d sound provides an immersive audio experience (Headphones recommended for true 3d experience)

– Full accelerometer support gives the look and feel of actually wielding a light sword

– High Score tracking for each difficulties and master modes

– Three difficulty levels/ two game modes / progressively harder gameplay

****Coming soon: Online Global High Scores

LightSword DefenseLightSword DefenseLightSword Defense

From: 本文将给大家介绍100款iPhone精彩游戏,全部使用iPhone内置的加速传感器进行游戏,其中第一部分将介绍免费游戏,不要认为免费的就不好玩哦,下面有游戏截图,你能够看到它们其实很优秀。第二部分介绍需要付费购买的游戏,如果你看中

100+ iPhone Games That Use the Accelerometer
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October 13, 2008

深淵$0.00 from SG GAME 深淵

This is a game of the response exercise. When the crab butts other marine lives, the game is over. The speed of the game will become higher and higher. Please try to test how long you can hold on.