October 14, 2008

iCongress$0.99 from Komitt Technologies, Inc. iCongress

Who needs iCongress? Every American with an iPhone — liberal, conservative or other. Make your voice heard to Congress — put Congress at your fingertips. Remember, Congress is spending your money.

Jeff (Sacramento, CA) wrote
at 11:21am on February 7th, 2009
“Thank You for making it easier to contact my representation. This app is priceless for Americans that care!”

iCongress puts your key government representatives at your finger tips. Dial, email or connect your representatives via the web at the click of a button.

Pick your state and district and iCongress will program your speed buttons for you automatically and you can communicate with your politician by tapping their picture.

You can also thumb (page) through all of the representatives of government and contact them by tapping a button. The current database includes the 111th congress and current state governors.

The full functionality of this application is only available on the iPhone (i.e. making phone calls). But the rest will work fine on the iPod Touch.

NOTE: While it will run on the iPod Touch, the phone feature will not function because the iPod Touch hardware does not support that functionality — only the email/web features will function properly when connected to a wireless network.

NOTE: Not all politicians have regular email addresses available to the public. Many rely on email sent through forms available through their websites. As a result, if your politician uses the latter method, the application will take you to the hyperlink for that web form instead of calling the email application.

Please email support@usa.komitt.com with any support issues. Join us on Facebook under Komitt Technologies, let us know what you think about iCongress. We take your suggestions to heart and try to incorporate as many of them as we can.



ShenZhen Subway Map

October 14, 2008

ShenZhen Subway Map$0.99 from Farawayboy Inc ShenZhen Subway Map

ShenZhen Subway Map app is an iPhone / iPhone 3G or iPod touch app.
It shows the city of Shen Zhen,in mainland China subway map, in Chinese and also in English (pinyin).

Shenzhen is a city of sub-provincial administrative status in southern China’s Guangdong province, situated immediately north of Hong Kong.

You can use two finger pinch to zoom in and zoom out, or drag the image just as the way you play with pictures on your iPhone/iPod touch.

High resolution image and beautifully designed!
Great companion for traveling ! Enjoy it !
If you like this app, you could also search for singapore subway map, beijing subway map, shanghai subway map, hong kong subway map as well.

ShenZhen Subway MapShenZhen Subway Map

OZ: The Manga #1

October 14, 2008

OZ: The Manga #1$0.00 from iVerse Media OZ: The Manga #1

OZ: The Manga #1

Black and White | 89 Screens

From the mind of Dragon Arms and Junction 17 creator David Hutchison comes this remarkable re-imagining of L. Frank Baum’s timeless classic! Presented for the first time as a digital comic for the iPhone and iPod Touch by iVerse Media in conjunction with Antarctic Press!

Dorothy longs for something more than the gray plains of Kansas, but when her wish is granted, she gets both her fondest dreams and her worst nightmares! With stunning art by fan-favorite David Hutchison, this fantasy adventure of Harry Potter caliber is sure to amaze readers of all ages!

THIS COMICS IS FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!!! Also look for OZ: The Manga #2 and other digital comic applications from iVerse Media and Antarctic Press in the App Store!

***Application Instructions***

The iVerse Comic Reader Software is easy to use. Simply slide your finger across the screen to move through the story. You can also tap the screen to bring up an options icon that will allow you to quickly slide through all the screens, and select from 3 transitions. Slide, Fade, or Curl – try them all to determine the best reading experience for you.

OZ: The Manga #1OZ: The Manga #1OZ: The Manga #1OZ: The Manga #1OZ: The Manga #1

Astrology Zone® Premier

October 14, 2008

Astrology Zone® Premier$1.99 from Hands-On Mobile Astrology Zone® Premier

Discover what’s in store for you this year with Astrology Zone® Premier

Receive daily and monthly horoscopes, written exclusively by famed astrologer Susan Miller. Astrology Zone® Premier helps you in every aspect of life. Do you need love advice, guidance to reduce your stress or help picking out the right gift for a friend? Look up your zodiac sign and find the answers. Let Astrology Zone Premier ensure that your stars are always aligned!

Additional Features:

• Matchmaker
• Stress Guide
• Quick Match Lounge Guide
• Astro Car Style Guide
• Cosmic Tools
• Vacation Tips
• Love Advice
• Gift Guide

Have astrology insights at your fingertips – anytime, anywhere and anyplace! Visit AZPmobile.com for more information.

Astrology Zone® PremierAstrology Zone® PremierAstrology Zone® PremierAstrology Zone® Premier

Hot Box Lite

October 14, 2008

Hot Box Lite$0.00 from Platinum Coded LLC Hot Box Lite

Hot Box is a number grid puzzle game in the family of sudoku, however it is a completely different game. The goal is to use the numbers from 1 to 16 to reduce the target sums for each row and column to zero. Each puzzle has one unique solution. Hot Box is inspired by magic squares, which have been studied for milleniums.

Features Include:
-5 levels of difficulty (3 in this Lite version)
-250 puzzles (3 in this Lite version)
-Statistics by level for best/worst/avg time to complete
-Email a puzzle to a friend
-Shake to reset puzzle (sums recalc after screen tap)

Hot Box Lite


October 14, 2008

DGRadar$0.00 from CyberMap Japan Corp. DGRadar

Note:This app can not work indoor and underground, in a place where you can not identify your location with your device.

This radar app allows you to experience various location-based web service contents by matching the contents with your location anywhere in the world.

You will find all the information just around you, such as pictures, articles about well-known landmarks from wikipedia,or information and reviews of restaurants. It promises you more excitement on your trip in a number of ways.

This radar-like interface provides gadget lovers the absolute taste of adventures. Let’s take a walk with it, and go on a journey of location-based contents!


DGRader ドラゴンボールのドラゴンレーダー風ナビゲーションアプリ目的地までの距離と方位を示してくれる。 DGRader レビュー評価平均 ★★★ 購入価格 : 無料 インストールはこちら ⇒ DGRader.


October 14, 2008

iAQUA$0.99 from GClue, Inc. iAQUA

iAqua is a puzzle game with the aim of removing all Aquas by rotating each Aqua. If more than four Aquas in same color are aligned in either vertical or horizontal, or they are aligned in a square, Aquas will pop. You will aim at high score in a worldwide competition by aligning Aquas and making combinations.
Please compete with all worldwide Aqua users for ranking.