Mardo’s Music Trivia

October 15, 2008

Mardo's Music Trivia$0.99 from Intersphere Communications, LTD. Mardo's Music Trivia

So you think you know music? Test your chops with Lord Mardo’s Ultimate Music Trivia! The game contains hundreds of very clever music trivia questions across multiple music genres. This edition lets you play 10 rounds plus a chance to answer the “Ultimate Music Trivia Question” for all the glory!

Lord Mardo is the worldwide self appointed guru of music trivia. he has created the coolest trivia game interface ever with amazing graphics and functionality! The game always displays your player name, your rank, round number, and question number. You have 20 seconds to answer each question! The faster you answer correctly, the more points you are awarded. Answer incorrectly and have points taken away. Climb the music industry ladder as you work your way up from Roadie all the way to Rock God!

Features available in the Full Version:
• 10 Rounds + Bonus Round
• Hundreds of Questions. Unique to each round.
• Player Ranks – from a Roadie to the Ultimate Rock Lord!
• Top Player Scores
• Questions from over 10 Genres in Music
– Classics
– Top 40
– Metal
– Hip Hop
– Punk
– R & B
– Country
– Alternative
– 80’s
– 90’s

Mardo's Music TriviaMardo's Music TriviaMardo's Music TriviaMardo's Music TriviaMardo's Music Trivia



October 15, 2008

Catholic$0.99 from Wim Tanudjaja Catholic

In rapid movement of this world, in any conditions of life, human seek peace, strength and most of the times, they seek the purpose of life. Many efforts have been done. Many actions have been made. But, sometimes people forget the simplest solution and yet the most powerful acts, Prayers.…

I created this simple application, so people can practice this belief through your iphone, in anytime, anywhere and any conditions. This is the first version in English language and other languages will be developed soon..

Praying is the most essential in any believers. However there is a specific prayers in Catholic belief. This application is a basic fundamental of Catholic prayers. Prayers have more power than any physical actions. Just like what Mother Theresa said “When she crossed the Gaza check point and the soldier asked her whether she was carrying a weapons and then she replied “Oh yes, I am carrying my prayer books.”

Believing and exercising the power of Novena and prayers, will give the Divine strength , peaceful mind and understand the purpose of life. Novena, it comes from Latin word “Novem” and it means “nine.” This is a private or a public devotion and special intention in Catholic church. Novena has been exercising since the beginning of catholic church. Mother Mary and the Apostles prayed in a period nine days from Jesus’s Ascension to the Pentecost.

Be conscientious…know God’s Presence and feel Him in every moment, in every step you make and in every time…

If you have any suggestions please email me at


More Catholic iPhone Apps
I did a little searching in the iTunes Apps Store and found a few more apps you might be interested in. VerseWise Bible Douay-Rheims: $3.99 NAB Bible For BibleReader: $27.99 The Holy Bible: Douay-Rheims: $4.99 Universalis: $32.99


October 15, 2008


“Beauty of a dynamic curved line”
“Well-designed, high-quality interior”
“Comfortable driving with excellent maneuverability”

All of which are in Nissan Murano, the premium sports utility vehicle.

This application provides you with a movie that conveys the charm of the all-new Murano.
In addition, you can view a special movie “Birth“ that tells evolution
of Murano when you clear the game.

“How to play the game”

Control 3 icons expressing “Exterior”, “Interior“ or “Performance“ and gather them up in the center hollow.
Your playing time will be recorded on each trial, so try as many as you wish and beat the record.

Enjoy watching this sophisticated special movie, and experience and feel the Nissan Murano.


暇つぶしの王道と言えばiPhoneでの動画閲覧?! そろそろYouTubeにも飽きてきたころだと思いますので、動画アプリ・動画サイトをまとめておきます。他に良アプリや良サイトをご存じでしたら、是非お教え下さいませ。


October 15, 2008

ABGroups$0.99 from Radko Gecik ABGroups

Simple utility that manage groups of contacts in your address book. You can create, delete, rename groups and manage members of group without using your computer.


Election PR 08

October 15, 2008

Election PR 08$0.00 from HUGO CHACALTANA Election PR 08

This program was prepared to show in the IPhone the information of the Puerto Rico political candidates for Governor, Resident Commissioner and Mayor of San Juan.
Also you can know where it is your assigned vote recint .When you go in to the program you can see the main respective political parties and through this program it is possible to access their WebSite also you can send an e-mail through this program.

Election PR 08Election PR 08Election PR 08Election PR 08

Gift Diary

October 15, 2008

Gift Diary$3.99 from Plamann Apps Gift Diary

This Gift Diary app allows you to record the gifts you give to your friends, family, teachers, co-workers, secret-pals – everyone! Do you remember what you gave to your niece or nephew last year for their birthday? What idea did you use for last year’s teacher gifts? Don’t want to get your boss the same thing as last year? Gift Diary can help!

This user-friendly app keeps your gift-giving history organized and at your fingertips. It also allows you to review the great gift ideas you’ve had in the past, perhaps to reuse the idea for someone else.

Managing your gift giving has never been easier. Simply enter the names of people for whom you buy gifts. There is room to include their date of birth, the age of a person when the gift was given, where the gift was purchased, cost of the gift, the occasion or reason for the gift, and extra space for notes, if needed.

Don’t remember the date of someone’s birthday? No problem! After you input people’s birthdays, Gift Diary will remember that too. So if you
are out shopping and need to know who you need to buy for, Gift Diary will allow you to search the calendar for birthdays.

Gift Diary – a must-have for all gift-givers!

Gift DiaryGift DiaryGift DiaryGift DiaryGift Diary


October 15, 2008

キク★英単語【初級】$9.99 from Ninas Inc. キク★英単語【初級】

* 英単語学習ソフトの決定版が、いよいよiPhoneに登場!

・語学教材で定評のあるアルクの『キクタン Basic 4000』の内容を収録した、暗記アプリケーション「単語帳」です
・書籍と同じ 1120単語の意味と例文、さらに単語の発音音声についてもすべて収録しています
・さらに、CD 2枚分のチャンツ音楽も収録しており、リズムにあわせて英単語を覚えることができます




※詳しくは ニーニャス 製品サイトでご確認ください