Kana Quiz

October 21, 2008

Kana Quiz$4.99 from Wolfguard Software Kana Quiz

If you are learning Japanese it is considered essential to be able to read the Hiragana and Katakana character sets. Kana Quiz allows you to learn and test yourself anywhere in a quick and easy way. Fully configurable allowing control over which symbols you are testing on and includes audio sample of all symbols spoken by a native Japanese speaker to help in recognition. Kana Quiz keeps track of your success rate as you go. Intelligent testing mode focuses testing on those you have a lower success rate and automatically adds new symbols as you learn on the currently selected set. If you want to quickly learn to read Hiragana and Katakana symbols this is the program for you.

Kana QuizKana QuizKana Quiz

DialAWord (was sdDialAWord)

October 21, 2008

DialAWord (was sdDialAWord)$0.00 from SchroederDev DialAWord (was sdDialAWord)

DialAWord (formerly sdDialAWord) lets you easily translate and call alpha-numeric telephone numbers using a standard keyboard and simple interface. For example, enter 1800GOOG411, and click Call! DialAWord then launches the Phone app and places the call for you. You can then easily add that to your contacts from within the Phone app.

Be sure to check out our other applications such as Holidays+ (formerly sdHolidays) at http://www.schroederdev.com!

DialAWord (was sdDialAWord)

Hot Box

October 21, 2008

Hot Box$0.99 from Platinum Coded LLC Hot Box

Hot Box is a number grid puzzle game in the family of sudoku, however it is a completely different game. The goal is to use the numbers from 1 to 16 to reduce the target sums for each row and column to zero. Each puzzle has one unique solution. Hot Box is inspired by magic squares, which have been studied for milleniums.

Features Include:
-5 levels of difficulty
-250 puzzles
-Statistics by level for best/worst/avg time to complete
-Email a puzzle to a friend
-Shake to reset puzzle (sums recalc after screen tap)

Hot Box


October 21, 2008

WordSearch1$0.99 from Post Imagineering, Inc. WordSearch1

Word Search #1 is the first of several in the series, is a fun and exciting game of finding words amongst scrambled characters.

Locate the word in the grid and then selecting by touching the screen and dragging from the first to last character. Do it in a timely manner to try and get the fastest time.


Interested in learning English or Spanish? If so, then Word Search is a fun way to learn.

Note: Word Search #1 is in English or Spanish only.



October 21, 2008

onSale!$0.99 from Jakub Koter onSale!

Featured in the December issue of inStyle magazine!

With OnSale! you’ll never be stuck trying to figure out what the sale price of an item is again.

Simply enter the original price, and any discount and/or additional savings percentages to find out your total savings.

OnSale! goes one step further to calculate the final price, including tax! You can set your region’s tax rate in the program settings, or change it on-the-fly if shopping in another state, province or country.

OnSale! is the perfect companion for the globe-trotting shopper!


Dr.Betotte TC

October 21, 2008

Dr.Betotte TC$9.99 from S’s Works Dr.Betotte TC

Multi divisions metronome program.

• 5 volume sliders and mute buttons to control quarter, 8th, 16th, triplet and beat note sounds.
• Tap tempo.
• Half time feel.
• Adjustable swing feel functions.
• Multi beat mode. (you can set up to 16 beats per cycle with the beat sound on any desired beats to create complicated rhythms).
• All your settings ,including tempo, can be saved for later recall.
• Alarm timer that syncs with the metronome.
• Quarter note triplet.
• Automatic tempo increment/decrement function.

* Works fine on both 1st & 2nd generations iPod touch.

* 1st generation iPod touch, use double clicking home button trick to set the device’s output volume.

Dr.Betotte TCDr.Betotte TCDr.Betotte TCDr.Betotte TCDr.Betotte TC


October 21, 2008

Cram$9.99 from SimpleLeap Software, LLC Cram

Cram is a personal study tool that helps you create, study, & share custom tests on your phone. Tests can be easily created online via the Cram web portal, on your desktop in any text editor, or directly in Cram on your mobile device. The power of Cram allows you to tailor test material specifically to your needs.


-Create new test on your phone
-Create new test online – FREE
-Create test offline via a text document and upload
-Study Mode mimics flash card learning
-Multiple Choice mode mimics multiple choice test
-Set to randomize questions
-Automatically randomizes answers
-Ideal for long question & answers
-Free Access to test library
-Ability to delete individual questions from tests
-Keeps detailed test reports, including score and how each question was answered
-Share tests with friends, colleagues, or specific users by creating a private username & password
-Limit who can download test by making test private.
-Works offline once downloaded to device.
-No internet connection required for testing
-Around the clock support
-One-touch access to built in support

Make sure you check out the video… see Cram in action for yourself at:


“Testmaster…Cram has the makings of being a great help for those who like to squeeze study time into moments of lull.”

Getting Started with Cram

Follow these easy steps to begin using Cram now!

1.) Download Cram to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

2.) Create your FREE Cram web portal account, online or on your phone.

3.) Now just download or create tests and start learning!

Within Cram on your device, tap the “Download Test” button to get tests.


Common Questions:

Q) How do I delete a test?
A) On the main screen swipe the test you want to delete from left to right and a delete button should appear. Tap the delete button, and the test will be removed from your test list.

Q) Can Cram generate incorrect answers automatically?
A) Yes. We have created an online feature (Answer Pool) that generates the incorrect answer choices for each question for you to save you time and limit redundancy.


Support and Cram Member Information

Manage your tests at: http://www.simpleleap.com/appLogin.htm

View Cram FAQ at: http://www.simpleleap.com/faq.htm#cramiP