Return of ShadowHawk

October 22, 2008

Return of ShadowHawk$0.00 from iVerse Media Return of ShadowHawk

written, art and cover by: JIM VALENTINO

105 screens | Full Color

iVerse Media is proud to bring this Image Comics icon to the iPhone and iPod Touch!

THIS ISSUE: By popular demand Jim Valentino returns to ShadowHawk! But, this is a whole NEW ShadowHawk, one who will unlock not only the mysteries of the past, but forge a whole new beginning as he learns the secrets of the costume and his own.

THIS COMICS IS FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!!! Also look for ShadowHawk #1 and other digital comic applications from iVerse Media in the App Store!

***Application Instructions***

The iVerse Comic Reader Software is easy to use. Simply slide your finger across the screen to move through the story. You can also tap the screen to bring up an options icon that will allow you to quickly slide through all the screens, and select from 3 transitions. Slide, Fade, or Curl – try them all to determine the best reading experience for you.

Return of ShadowHawkReturn of ShadowHawkReturn of ShadowHawkReturn of ShadowHawkReturn of ShadowHawk


OurStage Radio

October 22, 2008

OurStage Radio$0.00 from OurStage, Inc. OurStage Radio

OurStage Radio offers an exciting way to discover new music through your iPhone. Featuring the best music from NEW artists in country, rap, rock, pop and many other music genres, OurStage Radio is your mobile window to the monthly OurStage battle of the bands where artists compete and music fans decide who is the best. IMPORTANT NOTE: This App does not play music from the historical catalogues of the major labels. It is dedicated to the very best NEW music from artists of all types: unsigned, independent, and major label. Unfortunately, many users have downloaded the app looking for major label hits of yesteryear – and end up deleting the app – complaining that they cannot find them. OurStage is all about the hits of tomorrow – not the hits of yesterday.

Pandora dictates what songs you should like, doesn’t give indie artists a big enough spotlight and AOL radio feeds you the same music you can find anywhere else. OurStage Radio changes everything about how you find music on the go. OurStage hosts thousands of fresh new artists so you can be the first to find the next Sarah Bareilles or Eric Hutchinson.

To get started, pick your favorite music genre in the discover tab and start listening! As OurStage feeds you new music, use the thumbs-up and thumbs-down feature to tell us what you like. As you start to identify your favorites, OurStage will start to develop personalized recommendations, just for you. Look in the recommended tab to find your personal recommendations and further specialize your list by identifying your genre preferences.

What’s OurStage?
OurStage is a music discovery destination dedicated to new artist and new music discovery. On OurStage, artists, fans and industry professionals all come together – to discover, judge, & enjoy the best new music and the best new artists online – as ranked by the fans – in the company’s proprietary, game-proof judging engine. Users are able to discover top ranked, categorized music without having to search through thousands of songs. Top-ranked artists receive significant career-building promotion and support from established artists, industry professionals, and a broad assortment of partners, including AOL Music, Bonnaroo, Bumbershoot, PLUG Awards, Newport Folk Festival, JVC Jazz Festival Newport, Paste Magazine, CMJ, Noise Pop, and many others.

OurStage RadioOurStage RadioOurStage RadioOurStage Radio

iPhone 3G: Escuchando la radio
Si, si el iPhone no dispone de sintonizador de “arradio” como otros muchos teléfonos que hay en el mercado, pero a diferencia de los sintonizadores normales, con el iPhone podemos escuchar la radio a través de internet o la conexión 3G.

Social Music: 5 of the Best Free iPhone Apps
The Social Music series is supported by BLive Share, a platform for online music sharing and host of the Groove Armada mini album. By now you know where to find the best sites to build a playlist, get great music recommendations,

Listado de aplicaciones de radios en la App Store
Listado de aplicaciones gratuitas para escuchar la radio disponible en la App Store. RNE Radio – Descargar; iDeejay – Descargar; Cadena 100 – Descargar; COPE – Descargar; Virgin Radio – Descargar; Ibiza Sonica Radio – Descargar

30+ iPhone Music Application
95.8 Capital Radio – Hit music station broadcasting out of London, England. Ö3 iRadio – Austrian radio streamed directly to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Classical Philippines Radio – Plays an endless stream of classical Philippines

40+ FREE Music Apps for iPhone
There are now thousands and thousands of applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and sorting through all of them can be an absolute nightmare. Did you know about all of the wonderful free music out there that’s just waiting for you?

[iPhone/iPod touch][おすすめサイト][音楽]Oatmeal Music for iPhone last.fmや、の機能を使ったマッシュアップタイプの音楽提案型検索サービスのiPhone対応版ページ。 こんな感じの検索窓に、お好みのアーチスト名を入れてやると、


October 22, 2008

Sumcession$0.99 from 1026 Development Sumcession

Sumcession is a puzzle application which will keep your mind thinking for hours. This initial release offers 25 levels which equals about 5-6 hours of non-stop play for the average player. There will be updates provided often with more and more levels.

The goal of the game is to get from the start dot (encompassed with a green circle) to the end dot (encompassed with a red circle.) The hard part of the game comes in with matching the target total. Every link added to the chain adds that total to the current score. Once the end dot is reached the chain’s total must equal the target score.

Good luck!


Quick Graph

October 22, 2008

Quick Graph$0.00 from Colombiamug Quick Graph

Yet another graphic calculator!

It allows you to plot equations and can be useful for students taking math classes such as calculus or physics.

It can plot 2D and 3D equations, using all of the standard graphic coordinates: cartesian, polar, spherical and cylindrical.

Up to 3 equations can be visualized simultaneously, in both 2D and 3D modes.

It also includes an “evaulate” feature, to evaluate equations at specific points, as well as a library where you can store commonly used equations.

This version features:
– 2D – 3D equation plotting.
– Library for commonly used equations.
– Wireframe, solid and vertex visualization.
– Support for cartesian, polar, cylindrical and spherical coordinate systems.
– Pinch to zoom.
– Drag to rotate – move.
– Shake to reset view to original state, or to clear entry fields.
– Double tap to change visualization modes.

Please visit the website for more details.

Quick GraphQuick GraphQuick GraphQuick GraphQuick Graph


October 22, 2008

AroundMe$0.00 from Tweakersoft AroundMe

AroundMe allows you to quickly find out information about your surroundings.

How many times have you found yourself in need of finding the closest Gas Station?

AroundMe quickly identifies your position and allows you to choose the nearest Bank, Bar, Gas Station, Hospital, Hotel, Movie Theatre, Restaurant, Supermarket, Theatre and Taxi.
AroundMe shows you a complete list of all the businesses in the category you have tapped on along with the distance from where you are.

For every listing you can choose to see its location on a Map, view the route from where you are, add the information to your contact list or even email the information to a friend.
The Nearby listing allows you to find information using Wikipedia about what is around you.

Fast, easy and accurate. AroundMe is your ideal day to day companion.

PLEASE NOTE: If you own an iPod touch remember that it doesn’t have a built in GPS and therefore it cannot locate your position accurately.


Op weg naar apps
Apple telt af naar de miljardste (!) download in hun iTunes App Store. Wanneer je nu een app downloadt (gratis of betaald) maak je kans op een prijzenpakket met oa een iTunes digitale tegoedbon van $10.000, een iPod Touch en een MacBook

iPhone applications
My iPhone recently had to go back to Vodacom for an issue with the vibrate button. The thing broke off after only 2 months out the box. Something that’s completely unacceptable. Unfortunately the only thing to do was to book it in at

AroundMe sur iPhone
Photos par ianjacobs (et non, ce n’est pas mon petit déjeuner…) 9h du matin, comme chaque jour, je prends mon petit déjeuner aux Recettes des Copines, pile en face de mon bureau. Au menu : viennoiserie, café et jus d’orange pressé.

7 applicazioni utili per fronteggiare i terremoti con l’iPhone
In questo giorno di tragedia indescrivibile a causa del terremoto in Abruzzo (Lo staff di iPhoneland si stringe unito e commosso intorno ai connazionali colpiti dal sisma) ecco una lista di applicazioni che potrebbe tornare utile a

Quella sera eravamo a cena nel ristorante del Riccio che ospitava per qualche giorno un cuoco jappo che cucinava il sushi originale. Quella sera eravamo già abbronzati, era estate da 2 mesi qui a genova.

10 best iPhone applications
It seems like a mandatory thing – own an iPhone, download a ton of apps (mostly free) and write about them on your blog. My turn. My Top Ten (this one goes to Eleven!) Evernote (free) – truly one of the best apps, Evernote is an

12 Essential iPhone Applications for Travelers
Traveling has become an increasingly hi-tech affair in the past few years. iPhone applications cover a range of travel-conscious programs, some useful some not. Here is a list of the best apps available for travelers looking to get some

AroundMe updates, improves
Filed under: Software, Internet Tools. AroundMe [App Store link] has always been a must have app for my iPhone. Now it has been updated to make it even better. Since it’s free, having it on your phone is a no-brainer.

Top 10 SXSW iPhone Essentials + Battery Saving Tips
10. AroundMe (FREE). There are plenty of apps that do what AroundMe does, but in my experience it seems to be the cleanest and has the most accurate results. Basically this app will let you easily find certain types of

5 high ranking iPhone apps
Originally published at You can comment here or there. I came upon this site that listed their top 5 favourite iphone apps and I came away pretty impressed. The top 5 apps in summary are:

BAC Calc

October 22, 2008

BAC Calc$0.00 from Ronny Pflug BAC Calc

BAC Calc – Blood Alcohol Concentration Calculator

This is just a simple application which allows the user to determine his estimated blood alcohol concentration by providing information about his weight, the volume and the volume percent of his drink.

Your real blood alcohol concentration can only be measured by analyzing your blood.

Have fun with this little app!

Important Note:

I‘m amenable to suggestions and comments about my application.
Just write me an e-Mail.
You‘ll find my address on the website of this programm on the lower right.

BAC CalcBAC CalcBAC Calc

Brain Toot

October 22, 2008

Brain Toot$0.99 from Vertical Moon Brain Toot

Exercise helps keep the body healthy and fit, and your brain works in a similar manner. As you get older, you lose muscle mass, and your brain function begins to decrease as well. “Brain Toot” is a brain game that will give you a simple and fun way to help challenge and stimulate your brain.

“Brain Toot” includes 16 brain training games to give you a mental exercise to test your memory, math, visual and thinking skills.

In just a few minutes, you can have a daily brain age exercise.

To enable an extra option, please visit

Brain TootBrain TootBrain TootBrain TootBrain Toot