iCabSG (Taxi in Singapore)

October 24, 2008

iCabSG (Taxi in Singapore)$0.00 from BAK2u Pte Ltd iCabSG (Taxi in Singapore)

With iCabSG, you don’t need to remember the number to dial nor to search high and low to get a cab in Singapore.

Just launch iCabSG and tap on any taxi company in Singapore. iCabSG will immediately dial for a Singapore taxi for you all from a single tap!

Simple, convenient and free!

“I think these apps are simple and yet so very useful for both Singaporeans and travelers to Singapore. Something that I would totally recommend everyone I know with an iPhone to load up, because you never know when you are gonna need them, until you do.” From NTT of Tech65.org

*Suitable for any users traveling to Singapore.

Video demo:


iCabSG (Taxi in Singapore)

10 useful Singapore iPhone Apps
Developer : BAK2u Pte Ltd. Category : Travel. Price : Free iCabSG. Need to hail a cab but do not have the cab company’s contact numbers on hand? With this app, you can just tap on icon of the cab company and it will immediately dial for

iPhone Phone Home? No can do
Paddy Tan wants to return your iPhone back to you. A software development firm in Singapore has developed an app that will help you recover your lost or stolen iPhone, but it may never see the light of day.

iCam Bilbao

October 24, 2008

iCam Bilbao$0.00 from PhoneSoftware iCam Bilbao

Información real de las carreteras de Bilbao.

– Imagen recogida de cada cámara y mostrada informando de la dirección de ambos sentidos.
– 36 cámaras aproximadamente.
– Posibilidad de guardar las cámaras favoritas de nuestro trayecto habitual.

iCam BilbaoiCam BilbaoiCam Bilbao


October 24, 2008

Hexterity$3.99 from Wooji Juice Hexterity

“This is a game that could easily get passed over on the App Store, but trust me, it deserves your attention” — iPhone Games Network

“Hexterity is the perfect example of a straightforward idea well executed, resulting in the kind of addictive play that’s become the iPhone’s foodstuff of late” — Pocket Gamer

“The game’s stunning presentation is unlike many puzzlers on the App Store, and frankly it’s the sort of style we’d love to see more often.” — We Play iPhone

Looking for a captivating new puzzle game? Simple to pick up, difficult to put down? Try out Hexterity!

Your aim is to capture glowing gems, by making paths out of hexagon-shaped tiles. Each path must form a closed loop, and pass through at least one gem.

The longer the path, the more points you score. But be careful: take too long, and the gems will overload in a ball of fire — lose three, and it’s game over!

• Fast loading — dive straight into the action
• Clean, clear graphics
• Gorgeous, sparkling special effects
• Special bonus and hazard tiles introduced later in the game
• Built-in tutorial and tips
• Online video introduction (requires net connection)
• Automatically saves your game if you’re interrupted by a call, or switch applications. Resume exactly where you left off!
• Personal Best high score table
• World-Wide online high scores
• Engaging sound effects (or mute them if you prefer)
• Won’t stop your iPod music playing
• Suitable for colourblind players

Hexterity: Get Your Hexag On!


Some iPhone games
I’ve downloaded 100 iPhone apps in the five months or so since I got my iPhone 3G. Been meaning for quite some time to post thoughts about them. To avoid an overwhelmingly long list, I’m going to break this up into several posts (and I

Hexterity Now In App Store
We just got an email from indie dev Wooji Juice about Hexterity, another entry in the popular pipe puzzle genre, along with Paradox 3000 and Rainbow Ruffle. Hexterity is played on a board full of hexagons, each inlaid with a piece of

Hexterity, Bix, Meteor, Flash Memory Quick Reviews
Reviews by Matt Dunn. All four of these games are simple enough, and solid in their respective game genres. I can say right now that I had fun with all of them, so I definitely recommend checking out the reviews and giving them a look!


October 24, 2008

iTasteWine$4.99 from Code Puppets iTasteWine

Do you remember the last great wine you tasted? The colors? The aromas? The flavors? Did you want to share the experience with your friends?

Do you want to learn more about wine? The varieties? The regions? The styles? The appellations?

With iTasteWine, you can do all that and more.

– Personal Tasting Notes
— Color, Aroma, Flavor and Textures can be stored specifically
— Additional review notes can be taken
– Friend Tasting Notes
— Find out which wines your friends are drinking
– Global reference data (think wine wiki)
— Access all the great reference data (wineries, wines, appellations, regions, styles). You can even view the picture of the wine label.
— If missing, contribute new wines, wineries, etc. to the database. Your additions will be visible to everyone using the application.
– All data is saved both locally and remotely. This means you don’t have to be on a network to see or edit tasting notes. This also means your data is backed up in case something happens to your iPhone.

Coming soon
– recent network-wide tasting info


Liquidação Black Friday na AppStore US – Apps
Na sexta feira depois do feriado de Ação de Graças, ou Thanksgiving, acontece uma enorme liquidação chamada de “Black Friday” e vários aplicativos estão com preço reduzido na App Store. Fiz uma seleção com alguns dos programas com

Conference Call

October 24, 2008

Conference Call$0.00 from Ifbyphone, Inc. Conference Call

Ifbyphone’s Conference Call application enables you to schedule outbound conference calls right on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You’re scheduling outbound phone calls to contacts, rather than waiting for them to dial in. You just select contacts and schedule a time. Selected contacts will receive a call and, upon answering, they will be connected to the conference call.

Groups of contacts you create in this application and account minutes are shared with Ifbyphone’s other iPhone app, Voice Broadcast.

Example Uses:
* A sales manager could schedule a conference with sales team members.
* Teachers can schedule a conference with parents
* Schedule a weekly conference with friends around the country

Existing Ifbyphone customers only need to download the application, as it will work with their current package. If you are new to Ifbyphone, visit http://www.ifbyphone.com/iphone to signup for your FREE account with 100 minutes per month. If you sign up for the free account, without a credit card, your conferences will be limited to 5 attendees. Free minutes are shared with both Conference Call and Voice Broadcast apps by Ifbyphone.

Conference Call

Ifbyphone To Present At iDev on March 2-4
The iDev conference brings together the best and brightest of the iPhone development community! This 3-day event will take place March 2 to 4, 2009 @ eBay’s Headquarters in San Jose, CA. This time around, Ifbyphone’s CEO Irv Shapiro


October 24, 2008

Daze$0.99 from Maplewoods Associates Ltd. Daze


Daze is a self-hypnosis tool that will saturate your senses and rejuvenate your mind.

Daze uses the Eye Fixation technique as a visual mantra. As you focus on the Daze video imagery, your mind will become so absorbed that your suggestions for relaxation can go straight to your unconscious.

In this special edition of Daze you can experience a handful of visual potpourri. The next version will include many more choices.

Benefits of Daze:

– Develop your intuitive powers
– Promote good health and well-being.
– Feel worthwhile, self-confident, zestful.
– Become happier at home. Develop patience.
– Acquire the ability to become calm in any situation.
– Make better decisions
– Improve concentration
– Overcome procrastination
– Become more in touch with your emotions
– Reduce conflict and stress
– Sleep easily and soundly
– Sell and present yourself with dynamic confidence & enthusiasm.
– Increase your income.
– Attract others. Develop successful relationships
– Eliminate negative thoughts at will..
– Free yourself from anger. Get over your fear of rejection.
– Achieve your goals. Chart the course you deserve.
– Program your mind for success.
– Develop the ability to visualize and implement the future you want
– Overcome boredom.

Warning: Daze may cause motion sickness or eye blurriness. None of the above benefits are guaranteed.

We encourage you to submit suggestions for new usages and any new features you would like. Any feedback is also welcome.


IPS NearMe

October 24, 2008

IPS NearMe$1.99 from PhoneSoftware IPS NearMe

Localiza tus lugares de interés de entre más de 90 categorías y personaliza tu aplicación según tus preferencias. Irás recibiendo actualizaciones de dichas categorías continuamente, sin necesidad de instalar nada.

Restaurantes, Bares, Moda, Farmacias, Hospitales, etc…

Cada localización consta de:

– Ficha informativa con acceso a llamada de teléfono.
– Posibilidad de añadir a nuestra agenda de contactos.
– Mapa de situación del lugar localizado.
– Acceso a Google Maps para indicar la ruta hasta el lugar localizado.

Gracias a la personalización de IPS, tu aplicación mostrará, a un paso de un click, aquellas 3 categorías que más te interesan, y todos los lugares que pertenecen a esas categorías y se encuentran cerca del punto donde te encuentras.


Locate your interest places from over 90 categories and personalize your application by your preferences. you will receive updates of these categories continuously,
without installing anything.

Restaurants, Bars, Fashion, pharmacies, hospitals, etc. …

Each location includes:

— Factsheet with access to phone call.
— Ability to add to our address book.
— Location map of the site located.
— Access to Google Maps indicating the route to the venue located.

Thanks to the personalization IPS, your application will show, a step in a click, those 3 categories you’re interested, and all places that belong to these categories and are near the point where you are.

IPS NearMeIPS NearMeIPS NearMeIPS NearMeIPS NearMe

iPhone/iPod Touch hasta donde hemos llegado con este Gadget
Continuación del post anterior: Música.-Existen diferentes tipos de reproductores de audio, editores y creadores de música, el iPhone/iPod Touch se puede convertir en un instrumento musical, incluso, soplando en el iPhone,

10 aplicaciones para sacarle el máximo provecho al GPS del iPhone 3G
El GPS del iPhone 3g muchas veces no es valorado como se debería, esta nueva opción abre un sinfín de aplicaciones que hacen uso de él, no solo sirve para ubicarse en un punto exacto del planeta también sirve para geolocalizar imágenes,


October 24, 2008

StepTrakLite$0.00 from AWare Technologies StepTrakLite

The most popular software pedometer for the iPhone is now available for the iPod Touch and non-US users!

Why download StepTrakLite?

– StepTrakLite is accurate
StepTrakLite is a very accurate pedometer. Whether you are strolling, walking or running, STL will count each step.

– StepTrakLite is specific
StepTrakLite distinguishes between running and walking steps, making it great for run-walk interval training or those who combine walking and running in a workout.

– StepTrakLite is connected
Upload your exercise journal directly to MapMyWalk or post your steps to Twitter. StepTrakLite makes it easy to record your workouts and share them with friends.

– StepTrakLite measures more than just steps
If your workout program includes more than just steps, we can handle that too. StepTrakLite will measure the duration of your workout and tell you how much moderate and vigorous exercise you’ve gotten.

– StepTrakLite works almost anywhere on your body
Just about anywhere you wear your iPhone or iPod Touch, StepTrakLite will work: In your pocket, on your belt, on your upper arm — even in a purse or backpack. In most cases you won’t even have to adjust your settings.

– StepTrakLite is free
Why pay $1.99 for another pedometer when you can get this one and still be two-thirds of the way to a latte? Mmm, latte.

Got more questions? We have an extensive FAQ and manual, and an online support community at StepTrakLite.ning.com

Download StepTrakLite today and start tracking your exercise!

NOTE: Due to Apple policy, StepTrakLite only runs in the foreground. (iPhone OS disables the accelerometer when the device is locked.) You can play your music by starting your iPod application first.

Yes, there are other applications that run with the device locked. They don’t require the accelerometer.

There is absolutely nothing we can do to fix this problem without violating our developer agreement. Please, no more negative reviews about this limitation — we would fix it if we could.


PunchPunch Revolution

October 24, 2008

PunchPunch Revolution$0.99 from Pyrofer’s Projects PunchPunch Revolution

Play a game that uses the iPhone control system instead of fight against it. Actually, you still fight!!
Defend yourself against a line of opponents and time your punches to hit/block and defeat each one in turn.
Make use of Multi-touch in a way you wont have seen before, block multiple punches as you work your way around the world defeating opponents.
Better reactions equal better scores!
Rank yourself against other players on the internet by entering a username for the online score chart.

PunchPunch Revolution