October 28, 2008

Contractions$0.99 from Cliff Maier Contractions

Designed for women in labor, this application allows you to time your contractions. Simply fire up Contractions and press the icon once when a contraction starts, and once when it ends (better yet – have the baby’s father do it!)

This program keeps track of the interval between contractions as well as the duration of each contraction. Just tap the blue area on the top of the screen at the start and end of each contraction. (Note: versions before version 1.2 require that you instead tap the on-screen button).

If you leave the program and come back, all your data is still there. You can even exit mid-contraction and return.

Also, an email button allows you send your data to yourself (for posterity!), the father, or to your medical practitioner.

Important note:

This software is not intended to substitute in any way for the care of a medical practitioner. You should always consult with a doctor or other medical caregiver.


8 iPhone apps that could save your life
Everyone raves about how great the iPhone is, but did you know the Apple device could actually save your life? I don’t mean you should use it as a buoyancy aid or some kind of makeshift splint, but rather install one of the many


Call Me Back!

October 28, 2008

Call Me Back!$7.99 from NLP Technologies Call Me Back!

Ever think to yourself “Get me out of this meeting!”
or “This guy is a whacko, get me out of this date!”

Call Me Back gives you control over your life by allowing you to schedule a rescue call to yourself. You can schedule the call in the future so your colleague doesn’t see you fiddling with your phone, or you can demand a call back immediately, all at the press of a button.

The price includes up to 90 rescue calls. The application is only available in the USA and Canada iTunes stores and is meant to be used to call phones in the USA and Canada.

Because we all have those moments we wish to escape!

Call Me Back!Call Me Back!

Virtual Zippo® Lighter

October 28, 2008

Virtual Zippo® Lighter$0.00 from Moderati Virtual Zippo® Lighter

The Virtual Zippo Lighter opens with a flick of your wrist and lights with a turn of your thumb. The windproof flame sways as you move your iPhone or iPod Touch and reacts when you try to blow it out. Choose from a variety of Zippo Lighter images and customize a handful selected lighters too.

Virtual Zippo® LighterVirtual Zippo® LighterVirtual Zippo® LighterVirtual Zippo® LighterVirtual Zippo® Lighter

Top 20 Apps (paid and free)
Along with Apple’s one billion applications download announcement they have a list of the top 20 apps, both paid and free. Here they are below so start downloading! There’s only about 55 million left before the contest ends!

iphone-app-store-contest. 如果你对水果店极大的成功还有任何疑问的话,或许你应该看看这个数据:iPhone应用的下载已经将近10亿次了。苹果为庆祝那一时刻的到来,给第10亿次的下载者一份大礼:包括一张1万刀的iTunes礼品卡,一部iPod Touch,一台Time

Apple: Almost 1 Billion iPhone Apps Served, and counting…
iphone app store contest Apple: Almost 1 Billion iPhone Apps Served, and counting. If you had any doubts about the iPhone AppStore’s furious success over the past year, you should know that Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) is well on its way to its 1

Zippo iPhone app hits 3 million download mark!
Talk about good marketing. Zippo and Moderati announced that their free iPhone app, the Virtual Zippo Lighter, has been downloaded over three million times since its launch last October! The press release goes further adding that this

Mac Roundtable 2009.1.30 Episode #57
Episode #57 was hosted by: Katie Floyd – The MacCore David Sparks – Mac Sparky Steve Stanger – The Mac Attack Tim Verpoorten – Mac Reviewcast. Topics for this episode: Are iLife and iWork worthwhile upgrades? Our experiences so far with

Mac Roundtable 2009.1.30 Episode #57
Mac Roundtable 2009.1.30 Episode #57. via Mac Roundtable Podcast by take2 on 1/30/09. Episode #57 was hosted by: Katie Floyd – The MacCore David Sparks – Mac Sparky Steve Stanger – The Mac Attack Tim Verpoorten – Mac Reviewcast

For Gen Y, Mobile Phones Are the New Lighter
Given the ubiquity of the mobile phone among Gen Y, this development isn’t that much of a surprise: “This year, thousands of punters will whip out their mobile phones or digital cameras to take a picture of their favourite band at gigs.

App Attack!
I recently upgraded to a 16GB 3G iPhone and I thought it was about time I posted up what has been keeping me busy on my phone. UTILITIES. AIM – while Beejive is much better, this is also free and I don’t spend a lot of time on instant

Flashlight Applications RoundUp
Flashlight applications may come in handy at the very odd timing. I was at the cinema the other day and had to find my way in the darkness. I had my iPod touch with me, but it barely helps as the brightness was not set appropriately.

CSI: Miami Video Game Lets You Put David Caruso in Your Pocket
Do you gingerphiles ever find yourself wishing that you had more opportunities to interact with David Caruso? Not quite sure what to get The Soup’s Joel McHale for the holidays? Will you be stranded at home with nothing to do tonight


October 28, 2008

Ambush$0.00 from FOX Broadcasting Ambush

The Terminator Ambush application is part of a multi-platform battle that pits Man vs. Machine. Players can register online at or through the application. Please note, Ambush is not a standalone game, but part of the overall Terminator Ambush gameplay experience.

The iPhone player’s goal is to survive within a virtual city by setting their location through GPS and avoiding traps set by their online opponents.

The Online player’s goal is to predict the movement of their targets in a virtual city and set traps to terminate their iPhone opponents.

Once the application is downloaded the player will need to log in with a username and password obtained by registering at The player will choose to play as a Human or as a Terminator in a fight to protect or eliminate the computer system programmed to destroy the world. The battle therein will determine the future of Skynet and ultimately mankind.

For more information and detailed rules please visit

Developed by: 65 Media (



October 28, 2008

Ledger$3.99 from Gladding Development Ledger

Track your money like an accountant with Ledger for the iPhone and iPod touch. Record purchases, transfers, loans, and more with an easy to use interface.

Ledger is an accounting application designed around basic accounting principles. See below for tips and sample transactions. Please also visit our web site for video tutorials and support forum.


Backing up your data is extremely important. Before updating Ledger, please sync with iTunes and email export your accounts and transactions. Ledger also supports FTP backup and restore.


– Simple interface
– View transactions by account
– Record complex transactions like splits and transfers
– Edit account and transaction details at any time
– Export account balances and transactions journal to CSV
– FTP backup and restore
– Password protection


Ledger is a double-entry accounting application and can be used for both personal finance and small business. It is designed to guide both accountants and non-accountants through recording transactions.

When you first launch Ledger, create accounts for your bank accounts, credit cards, lines of credit, income, and expenses. All transactions should include entries for two or more accounts and must balance debits and credits. Unbalanced transactions are indicated with a warning icon in your transactions lists.

When recording opening balances, an “Earnings” equity account should be created and used for balancing the transaction.

Please note that “debit” and “credit” are not synonymous with “increase” and “decrease”. Debits increase assets and expenses, while credits increase liabilities, equity, and revenue. Debits increase what you bought, while credits increase how you bought it.


Groceries for the week
Checking 150.00 Credit
Groceries 150.00 Debit

Gas for the car
VISA 60.00 Credit
Gas 60.00 Debit

Credit card payment
Checking 500.00 Credit
VISA 500.00 Debit

Checking 150.00 Credit
Phone 80.00 Debit
Internet 70.00 Debit

Transfer between accounts
Savings 1,000.00 Credit
Checking 1,000.00 Debit


Emails exported from Ledger can be saved and renamed with the CSV extension and opened in most spreadsheet applications.



October 28, 2008

iVote$0.00 from InfoMedia, Inc. iVote


“This is where iPhone users make their opinion known. A MUST have app!”

“If you haven’t installed iVote, you are missing out on one of the most addictive apps out there. And it’s free!”

“iPhones Become A Pocket Blog(Plog)With iVote”


Liberal or conservative?

Survivor or The Amazing Race?

Boxers or briefs?

Coke or Pepsi?

These and hundreds more questions are waiting to be answered by you in the iPhones most popular voting app!

Vote in simple opinion polls and
compare and contrast results from
across the globe! Participate in
discussions centered around the hottest
contemporary topics with iVote users
across the globe and in your local area!
You can even vote on comments!

iVote uses the revolutionary location
awareness system in the iPhone to relate
poll data and discussions to geographic location.

iVote collects no personally identifying information.

iVote. It’s your iPhone. It’s your voice.


GoLearn Fitness: Home Edition

October 28, 2008

GoLearn Fitness: Home Edition$2.99 from Whagaa GoLearn Fitness: Home Edition

——————UPDATE !!—————–

We have corrected the bug that forces users back to the home screen after viewing videos!

We have added a tracking button to the navigation allowing users to track exercises more easily.

We are committed to offering you quality products. If you are dissatisfied, please contact us before leaving a negative review. Thank you!


GoLearn Fitness™ acts as a personal fitness trainer that is available for you wherever and whenever you need it.

• Video demonstrations of proper exercise form using free weights, mat, exercise ball, and resistance bands to strengthen upper and lower body, abs, and more.
• Option to choose exercise by body group or from a prescribed workout.
• Sport Psychology – Get tips to inspire you to reach your goals.
• Nutrition and Hydration Guidelines
• Progress Tracking and Logs
• App includes 36 videos.

Why Use GLF?
• Save money on training costs.
• Certified trainers assure a safe and effective workout.
• No need to be in front of a PC or TV like other training videos.
• Great supplement to your existing training program.

Users will receive software enhancements over time.

*Requires Internet access

GoLearn Fitness: Home EditionGoLearn Fitness: Home EditionGoLearn Fitness: Home EditionGoLearn Fitness: Home EditionGoLearn Fitness: Home Edition