iTool Calc Suite

iTool Calc Suite$2.99 from Eide Interactive Corporation iTool Calc Suite

6 in 1 Calculator Suite

1st and only Calculator Suite to offer all these calculators in 1 affordable package. Combines 6 Different Calculators in 1 easy to use package.

Don’t clutter up your home screen with many different calculators when you can have 1 icon to access all of your tools.

Custom Data Entry Screens make inputing numbers a snap with no fumbling through the letters and unnecessary characters in the standard iPhone keyboard.

Why buy 1 calculator when you can buy 6 for the same price!

Calculators included:
*Tip Calculator – Calculates a tip based on tip percent and bill amount.
*Discount Price – Calculates a discount price of an item based on original amount and discount percent.
*Simple Loan – Quickly calculate monthly payment of a simple loan.
*Home Loan – Calculate a Home Mortgage monthly payment
*Car Loan – Calculates a monthly payment for a auto loan.
*Car Lease – Calculates monthly payment for an auto lease.

All Loan Calculations include amortization tables (Lease does not have an amort table).

We will also be adding a unit conversion section and several other calculators.

If you have any questions before making your purchase visit our support link below which will take you to our forums. We are constantly monitoring them and will answer any questions you may have in a timely manner.

iTool Calc SuiteiTool Calc SuiteiTool Calc SuiteiTool Calc SuiteiTool Calc Suite


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