November 4, 2008

Pantemporal$2.99 from Self Assembling Rabbits Pantemporal

Pantemporal is a simple time tracking application that keeps track of your time even if your iPhone is turned off or doing something else.

All you want or need in a time tracking application is to know when you started, when you finished, and how you spent the time. Avoiding distractions and eliminating screen clutter guarantees you’ll track your time accurately and consistently.

If you use different computers at a client’s office, your office, or home, the common thread will be your iPhone — it’s always nearby.

The goal of Pantemporal is to record your time and email it to you (as a CSV list) for processing into the systems you use to run your business.


Pie In The Face

November 4, 2008

Pie In The Face$0.99 from Digital Thought Software Pie In The Face

Throw a “virtual” pie at someone you love (or hate)…

Take a picture or pick one from your libraty.
Tap the screen to throw it.
Save it and email it to all your fiends.

And let them know that they been PIED!

Pie sequence shot with Veescope Live (

Pie In The Face


November 4, 2008

Perilar$4.99 from Mark Damon Hughes Perilar

The kingdom cries out for justice! For centuries, the Temple of Darkness was sealed, guaranteeing peace for the kingdom above, until the treacherous imp Ascaroth crept into the castle, slipped past the guards and the watchful King Minox, and broke the seals! The Temple’s opening spells doom, the kingdom overrun by powerful monsters!

Perilar is a turn-based, classic computer RPG. You create a character with old-school game mechanics, then explore a vast, dangerous world.

As you adventure, you will gain power–or die trying! Fantastic weapons and armor must be found by defeating monsters, until you can return to the castle and face the Harbinger Lord himself!


iPhone向けのRPGのPerilarの無料版なんてものが出てたのか。 Perliar Lite(無料アプリ) : iTunesが起動します Perliar(有料アプリ) : iTunesが起動します

Everyday 24

November 4, 2008

Everyday 24$0.99 from Jing Jin Everyday 24

In 1.03:
[FIXED] app name changed
[FIXED] minor bugs fixed

In 1.02:
[FIXED] minor bugs fixed (thanks again Steve!)

In 1.01:
[FIXED] An arithmetic bug affecting certain localizations (Thanks Michael!)
[FIXED] A calculation precision bug (Thanks Steve!)

“Everyday 24” is a simple and addictive math game: you are given 4 integers (from 1 to 13), and you need to find a way to manipulate them using five arithmetic operations (addition(+), subtraction(-), multiplication (×), division(÷) and power(^)) as well as the parentheses so that the end result is 24.

For example, if you are given “1, 2, 3, 4”, one solution would be: “(1+2+3)×4”. Another solution would be: “2^1*3*4”.

This example sounds simple, but there are 1339 solvable problems in this game. The system will keep track of your problem-solving history, so that you know exactly which problems are unsolved/solved. You are also free to pick any problem you want to solve/resolve.

The game interface is clean and intuitive. Every task, such as moving numbers, changing operators, or adding/removing parentheses, is easily done by your fingers.

This is not a competitive game. Just relax and take a few minutes playing it everyday. I am sure it can keep your brain refreshed and active.

I believe you will be very good at it after a few days! Try it and enjoy 🙂

Everyday 24Everyday 24Everyday 24

QuickBank Lite

November 4, 2008

QuickBank Lite$0.00 from Ractor QuickBank Lite

QuickBank Lite is a free lightweight version of QuickBank. QuickBank Lite allows you balance an account with a limit on categories and transactions.

QuickBank Lite Features:

– Rapid Transaction Entry: With QuickBank you can quickly add multiple transactions one after another all from the account summary screen. More detailed information can be entered at any time with the detail view, including photos of your receipts.

– Recurring Transactions: Create transactions that will repeat based on the frequency you choose.

– Customizable Categories: Keep track of where your money is going with categories.

– Support for 14 currencies including the Dollar, Euro, Pound, Yen

– Password protection. You can set a password and lock QuickBank to keep your information private.

– Online user guides and information. Plus news about upcoming features!

What is included should you decide to purchase the full version of QuickBank for only $1.99:

– Unlimited accounts, transactions and categories.

– WiFi and Email Account exporting for use with Quicken and Microsoft Money.

– Photograph your receipts and store them with transactions.

– Generate reports based on your account data.

QuickBank LiteQuickBank LiteQuickBank LiteQuickBank LiteQuickBank Lite

MServ Client

November 4, 2008

MServ Client$4.99 from Andrew Bednarz MServ Client

MServ Client is a client for the MServ ( jukebox music server.

If you use MServ in a common area this app will be useful to you.

If you don’t know what MServ is, or don’t use it, this app won’t be useful.

MServ Client allows you simply see what is currently playing and to play, stop or skip to the next track, and adjust the volume (on a supported server).

The client supports the latest stable mserv (0.35) only.

MServ ClientMServ Client

Dragon Bane II

November 4, 2008

Dragon Bane II$2.99 from MythoLogical Software Dragon Bane II

A classic RPG dungeon crawl featuring 100 monsters, 150 spells, 8 character classes, hundreds of objects, and 30 levels filled with traps, puzzles, treasures, and monsters.

Ever since Raamtha’s apprentice was elected to lead the Wizard’s Council, the King’s Secret Guard have noted suspicious activity in New Treleon. There are rumors that Kra’an could be revived and shadowy figures have been seen frequenting murky taverns at night. Are the townsfolk fears misplaced, or is there a nefarious scheme in the works to bring Kra’an’s revenge to the kingdom?

A free Adventure Construction Kit allows users to create and publish their own adventures running on the Dragon Bane II engine.

Dallas Morning News: “A worthy successor to the original Dragon Bane, as well as the old Bard’s Tale and early Ultima series.”

Tucows: 5 cows (out of 5)

Pocket Goddess: 10 Goddesses (out of 10)

Handango Champion Awards: “Best Games” Category

PDAGold: 4.5 stars (out of 5) “I have to say that Dragon Bane II does exactly what I was asking for”

PocketPC Magazine: Best Software Awards: Run/Jump/Simulation Games Category

Dragon Bane II

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みなさん、こんにちは。 iPhoneでRPGをしてみたくて検索したら、正規のお店ではあまりヒットしませんでした。 そのうち Dragon Bane II というのを購入し、インストールしてみたのですが、かなり大変です。 もう、飽きました。 まず、移動が大変です。