November 10, 2008

sniff_jazzbox$0.00 from la1n sniff_jazzbox

sniff_jazzbox creates an audible city. it converts wlan-waves into sound waves. Try it out! Walk through your neighbourhood or any town and hear the wireless and invisble communication around you! There is music everywhere- even in the empty streets.

the wlan conversion uses a streamsearch algorithm which was also used in and-or’s former works streamfishing and searchsongs. the iphone version will let the user control instruments and speed of the melodies.

sniff_jazzbox captures the wlans in the immediate area like a wardrive-tool and produces a stream of wlan-names. this stream of words might be understood as a subconscious expression of the presently existing communication networks. sniff_jazzbox renders private data visible, translates it and makes it audible as a melody of yearning for contact and exchange.

the names of the captured hotspots contain playable tones of the musical notation system (c, d, e, f, g, a, h, c …). as you walk, ride or drive through town you will inevitably encounter loads of hotspots which are accessible for your little machine. sniff_jazzbox.audible_city is made for the iphone, it registers all the hotspots and turns them into music. through a set of instruments and different speeds for the tunes the user can interact with the tunes and adapt the music. Try it out! Walk through your neighbourhood or any town – preferably in the evening – and hear the wireless and invisble communication around you!

concept by (rené bauer, beat suter) & johannes auer


こんばんは。明日香です。 今日はマニアックなマンガネタです。あらかじめご了承ください。 ひとつ前のユリイカが諸星大二郎先生の特集だったので、 つい買ってしまいました。 詩と批評の雑誌、『ユリイカ』。。 はじめてまともに読みましたが、ほんとに

sniff_jazzbox App Name: sniff_jazzbox Developer: la1n Category: Music. Well here’s something … different. What happens when you cross a WiFi sniffer with a music app? The answer seems to be sniff_jazzbox, which is to say, I still don’t

無線LANスポットを音楽に変換 – sniff_jazzbox
操作方法/楽しみ方. 複雑な設定はありません。 適当にテーマや楽器を選択して移動してみましょう。 現実世界が音楽に変換される感覚を楽しんでくださいませ。 「おでこのメガネでデコデコデコリーン」(ノンタック)

f:id:donglin:20081112000719p:image. 【sniff_jazzbox】は新しいカテゴリーのアプリです。 >iTunes Store. 日常にあふれている情報(信号)を視聴覚に変換し、. 新しい感覚またはコミュニティーをつくりだしていく。 【sniff_jazzbox】は街全体を音楽に


Case Logs: An Anesthesia Logbook

November 10, 2008

Case Logs: An Anesthesia Logbook$19.99 from iAnesthesia LLC Case Logs: An Anesthesia Logbook

From the developers of “Instant ECG” the electrocardiogram interpretation guide and “Drug Infusion” an intravenous medication drip rate calculator, “Case Logs” is an anesthesia logbook.

*** Case Logs is currently underdevelopment of a major software update. We have gathered user feedback for the last 4 months and are optimizing data collection, retrieval and analysis.

Whether you’re a Consultant, Community Anesthesiologist, Academic Attending, Fellow, Resident, CRNA, SRNA, or AA, you will fall in love with the simplicity, functionality and ease of use you’ll experience with iAnesthesia: Case Logs. Make anesthesia case log tracking easier than ever by downloading this exceptional and affordable iPhone app today.

Case Logs: An Anesthesia Logbook
• Create new case logs on the fly
• Browse your log history
• Reflect on your Totals for cases/procedures
• Customize data entry

Case Logs: An Anesthesia Logbook

theNextTrain LIRR

November 10, 2008

theNextTrain LIRR$4.99 from theNextTrain theNextTrain LIRR

Fast, simple to use, and readily available, theNextTrain Schedules are a commuters’ best friend.

Contains schedule data effective March 30th.

* Offline Schedules (up to 14 days in advance)
* Individual Station Schedules (all stops at a station)
* Trip Schedules (between two stations) including trip duration and arrival time
* Free Schedule Updates (as necessary)
* Interactive System Map
* Easy access to Favorite Stations/Favorite Trips

Contains information for all Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) published schedules.

LIRR is the busiest commuter railroad in North America, servicing Manhattan and the length of Long Island, New York

This application is not affiliated with, or endorsed by the LIRR.

To learn more about theNextTrain visit

For support email

theNextTrain LIRRtheNextTrain LIRRtheNextTrain LIRRtheNextTrain LIRR


November 10, 2008

TWSS$0.00 from Bert Aguilar TWSS

The original “That’s What She Said App!”

With multiple voice for different occasions

A simple app that is guaranteed to make you laugh.

When your with your friends and there is an akward silence, just open up this app and press a button.


New Features Coming Soon!



Sports History

November 10, 2008

Sports History$0.99 from E.E. Flobes Sports History

Sports History is a fun, educational application that lets you view historical and memorable events in the sports world for any day of the year! When it loads it automatically pulls up historcal events that happened on Today’s date, so it can be used as a “this day in sports history”. But you aren’t limited to only one day, you can check events from any day of the year. And with the touch of a button, you can go back to Today’s date at any time. Also comes with over 20 different sport related backgrounds. Check it out to keep up with your sports history, learn something new every day, or quiz your friends on sports trivia!

If you like Sports History, or have some ideas to add, please leave us a comment, or show your support by checking out some other apps by E.E. Flobes!

Sports HistorySports HistorySports History

Amazing Sudoku Lite

November 10, 2008

Amazing Sudoku Lite$0.00 from DAVA Consulting Amazing Sudoku Lite

We are proud to bring you Lite version of Amazing Sudoku on your iPhone.

Lite version is limited to easy level games. Buy full version of Amazing Sudoku to access full game and play unlimited number of higher difficulty level games each with unique solution.

You will not only find Amazing Sudoku challenging, but its cool graphics and game experience would want you to play this game over and over again!

The main features of Amazing Sudoku are:

– Two flavors of Sudoku – Classic or Magic Sudoku with 3 levels of complexity in each mode.

– Infinite number of levels with unique solution.

– Online ratings systems lets you find how you are doing in respect to other Sudoku players.
Your rating goes up if you solve more puzzles with higher difficulty level.

– Excellent quality of images and graphics which are aligned with classic tones generally found in Japanese paintings.
Saturated red, violet and purple tones create a wonderful world of mystery and numbers.

– Incoming calls, SMS and other alerts can be received during the game. The game returns to its current state after the user has ended the call.

– With our superb help feature, you can easily learn to play if you have not played this game before. Our help content describes strategies and tricks using those you will be able to solve even hard puzzles.

– Other features such as: Hints, Timer, Help, Undo & Redo functions, Statistics, Replays.

We believe that Amazing Sudoku will give you a pleasant experience in a mind challenging game environment. Please provide us feedback on this game and visit our website for other new exciting products coming to your iPhone.

Amazing Sudoku LiteAmazing Sudoku LiteAmazing Sudoku LiteAmazing Sudoku LiteAmazing Sudoku Lite

Amazing Sudoku: A New Twist On a Classic Game
Like ever ubiquitous flashlight apps, Sudoku games in the App Store are a dime a dozen. However, while the game play between them is roughly the same, there is a staggering difference between the graphics and what they offer in terms of

Cosmic One

November 10, 2008

Cosmic One$1.99 from oeFun, Inc. Cosmic One

Cosmic One! The puzzle game genre distilled into a pure, insanely addictive form. Simple intuitive controls and fiendishly addictive gameplay that takes full advantage of your device.

Use your catcher at the bottom of the screen to capture the falling tiles. Simply move the catcher by turning it with your thumb to match the symbol of the falling tile. If you want to drop the tile faster for more points, tap the top of the screen.

Cosmic One features an integrated online leader-board for high scoring and a scoring system that rewards quick and accurate play.

Do you have what it takes to be the Cosmic One?

– Easy to pick up and play.
– Addictive casual gameplay.
– Intuitive touch interface and controls.
– Pause / resume function for interrupted games.
– Integrated online high-score table. Shows your position and the top ten players in the world.
– Compete with people from around the globe.
– Supports left or right handed play.
– Unique space themed ambient score.
– Work up a musical beat as you try to keep up to the games ever quickening pace.
– OpenGL ES / OpenAL for smooth graphics and sound.

Cosmic OneCosmic OneCosmic OneCosmic OneCosmic One

Cosmic One, Free for a Limited Time
oeFun has made their fast-paced shape-matching puzzle game, Cosmic One (Free), free for a limited time, originally game sells for 99 cents. Cosmic One has the unique distinction of being friendly for both left and right-handed people.

Cosmic One Free
cosmic_one_free.jpg App Name: Cosmic One Free Developer: oeFun, Inc. Category: Logic & Puzzle Games Another match-the-colour-or-shape-to-its-container game, this one eschewing complicated concepts for its core essential gameplay in a

AppsOnDiscount – Fingeric, Asphalt 4: Elite Racing, Rolo….
Its been a long while since I added AppsOnDiscount update on my blog. Not many good apps have gone on discount of late. But here are a few good ones that have just gone on discount/temp free: Fingeric – $1.99 – Free – AppStore

Cosmic One Returns to App Store
Ian Dunlop of oeFun dropped us a note to tell us that Cosmic One has reappeared on the App Store, several weeks after the developer pulled it in protest. The iPhone developer caused a stir with his “Good, Bad, and Ugly” blog post

Announcing Cosmic One for the iPhone…291335221&mt=8 AUSTIN, TX, Monday, November 10, 2008 – oeFun, Inc., an interactive entertainment development company, has now released Cosmic One for the iPhone and the iPod touch.