November 16, 2008

iChessClock$2.99 from Eidetic Software, LLC iChessClock

A simple and attractive chess clock costing a fraction of what a real chess clock would cost. Plus, you’re already carrying your iPhone or iPod touch, so there’s nothing extra to lug around. Dual timer settings allow for handicapping.



Parenting Preschoolers

November 16, 2008

Parenting Preschoolers$0.99 from Parent’s Primer Parenting Preschoolers

Holiday Sale Price!

** Updated with additional topics for the holidays: how to help your child deal with relatives and friends, whether at home or traveling away **

Designed for busy parents, Parenting Preschoolers provides effective parenting and discipline techniques in a concise, cookbook format.

This app focuses on children ages 2 to 5. Without proper guidance, it is common for children at this age to act out and start developing bad habits and behaviors that can last a lifetime. NOW is the time to act when it’s easiest to make a difference!

Parenting Preschoolers is lead by Dr. Maria Su, PsyD., an experienced child psychologist who regularly consults for parents. Numerous parenting techniques are contributed by the community of Parent’s Primer and selected for this app. Many examples show you precisely how to deal with specific situations.

– Introduction
– General guidelines
– Parenting tools

Specific problems:
– Bedtime
– Biting and hitting
– Cleaning up toys
– Fussy eater
– Interrupting
– Morning madness
– Playing with others
– Potty training
– Separation
– Swearing
– Tantrums and whining
– Won’t sit still

Holiday topics:
– Away from home
– Manners
– Visitors

Free future updates will cover additional topics based on your feedback and the community of Parent’s Primer. Please join us at http://parentsprimer.com

Parenting Preschoolers

BodyFat Calc

November 16, 2008

BodyFat Calc$0.99 from Hiratte Software Solution BodyFat Calc

Want to know your body fat percentage?

BodyFat Calc is a body fat percentage calculation based on a person’s gender, waist and weight. Body Fat Percentage is the fraction of the total body mass that is adipose tissue. This index is often used as a means to monitor progress during a diet or as a measure of physical fitness for certain sports, such as body building.

BodyFat Calc uses iPhone GUI (Graphical User Interface) to create an intuitive interface and number input easily. It allows input metrics of inches or centimeters for waist, and input metrics of pounds or kilograms for weight. It allows mix of metrics eg. centimeters/pounds, inches/kilograms, centimeters/kilograms, or inches/pounds. All information input will be retained for next usage.

You may also check on our other health calculators – BMI Calc, and BMR Calc.

Please visit our support site if you have any question, suggestion or feedback.

BodyFat CalcBodyFat CalcBodyFat CalcBodyFat CalcBodyFat Calc

BMR Calc

November 16, 2008

BMR Calc$0.99 from Hiratte Software Solution BMR Calc

Want to know your daily calories needed?

BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) Calc is a measurement of energy required to keep the body functioning at rest. Or measurement of the number of calories you’d burn at rest. BMR Calc calculates from a person’s gender, age, weight and height.

The Harris Benedict Equation is a formula that uses your BMR and then applies an activity factor to determine your total daily energy expenditure (calories). Therefore, apply an activity factor at Result page to know your total daily calories needed.

BMR Calc uses iPhone GUI (Graphical User Interface) to create an intuitive interface and number input easily. It allows input metrics of inches or centimeters for height, and input metrics of pounds or kilograms for weight. It allows mix of metrics eg. centimeters/pounds, inches/kilograms, centimeters/kilograms, or inches/pounds. All information input will be retained for next usage.

Please visit our support site if you have any question, suggestion or feedback.

BMR CalcBMR CalcBMR CalcBMR CalcBMR Calc

Magic Card

November 16, 2008

Magic Card$4.99 from Renditions Design Magic Card

— Introductory price: $4.99! —

With this application you can perform an astonishing card trick using only your iPhone’s camera and a standard deck of playing cards. It’s easy to perform, and when done properly absolutely astonishes even the most jaded spectator. Have fun doing a trick that exploits the unique power of your iPhone in a clever way. Requires no sleight of hand skills!

(Note this is a very unconventional application, and doesn’t have an interface we can show here without giving away secrets… We’ve instead included an example of how the screen might look while performing the trick).

–What the trick looks like–
Ask your spectator to cut a deck of cards into two piles of roughly equal height. You mark their place by putting the second pile sideways across the first (so that they resemble a + sign). Then, you explain that magic is a dying art and modern technology is making sleight of hand obsolete. For instance your iPhone can determine which card they have cut to without any help from you. You demonstrate by peeling off their card while observing, “You could have cut the deck anywhere, but you picked this card.” Place the card face down in the middle of a table and use your iPhone to snap a picture of the unknown card from directly overhead (if you wish, have the spectator place their watch or jewelry beside the card to prove the picture wasn’t taken in advance). Turn the phone directly towards the spectator to show the photo, “I know, you’ve seen cell phone cameras before but watch what this one can do!” Begin slowly waving the phone in front of the spectator with the screen towards him, gradually increasing the speed of your shaking until the photo changes before their eyes to appear as if the card had been face up when you took the image! You look at the screen yourself and read the card, “Hmm… looks like you cut to the… Queen of Hearts.” (or another card if that’s what it shows) Gesture for the spectator to flip over the card as confirmation!

Magic Card

Magic Touch

November 16, 2008

Magic Touch$0.99 from Nick Drabovich Magic Touch

***NEW*** search AppStore for a new photo editing app iRetouch:
5x more features (crop, rotate, resize, any type of “color splashing”)
5x more stable
5x faster
High resolution support!

Magic Touch is a photo retouching application for iPhone and iPod Touch.

“loaded to the gills with functionality ” – iLounge.com
“cheaper alternative than Photoshop ” – blogherald.com

See video tutorial/demo at iMapl.com


– TOUCH UP TOOLS (use your fingers!):
Clone Stamp, Smudge, Paintbrush, Color, Hue, Black & White, Brightness+/-, Lightness+/-, Multiply, Screen, Overlay, Darken, Lighten, Color Dodge, Color Burn, Soft Light, Hard Light, Difference, Exclusion, Saturation, Luminosity, Plus Darker, Plus Lighter, Eraser, Paint in Erased, Behind Erased, XOR.

Antique White, Azure, Bisque, etc.

canvas size: 80×60…1024×768
output size: 80×60…2048×1536 (3MP with upsampling)

– ROTATE IPHOHE/IPOD and enjoy automatically generated BEFORE/AFTER pictures.


Typical applications (for more, see video on iMapl.com):

DECOLORIZE colored objects:
– open photo (Image > Open), press Start Editing > Zoom In to position the image;
– press Tools, select Black&White brush. Press Done, touch and move over an object.
– To save an image, press Tools > Misc set output size to 640×480, press Done. After that, press Image > Save.

– open photo (Image > Open), press Start Editing > Zoom In to position the image;
– press Tools, select Hue brush, size 20, opacity 30%, color green. Press Done, touch and move over an eye (or lips).

– press Tools, select Smudge tool, size 50, opacity 50%;
– press Done, touch and move (very slowly) in the desired direction.

– press Tools, select Brightness+, size 10;
– press Done, touch and move precisely over the teeth. If necessary, press Undo and repeat with different brush size.

– use Black & White tool (size full, opacity 100%);
– Difference tool (color white, opacity 100%);
– Paintbrush tool (color green, opacity 30%).

– open image, press Tools, select brush mode Multiply, set size: full, opacity 20%.
– select color – Orange, press Done and touch and image (once or twice).

PLUS trivial features: Brightness adjustments (full screen), full screen Black&White mode.

Do you like this version? Leave a review!

Magic TouchMagic TouchMagic TouchMagic TouchMagic Touch

Ciekawe programy z AppStore – Część 30
Tym razem okrągła 30 stuknęła cyklowi o ciekawych aplikacjach z AppStore. monopoly iPhone Zacznę nietypowo bo od gry. Dzisiejsza gra to Monopoly. Długo się zastanawiałem czy opisać tę nie najnowszą już grę. Przeważyło to, że jest to

免费的iphone/touch 软件
Below are a few App Store apps that are currently on sale that you may want to check out. Magic Touch – “Magic Touch is a photo retouching application for iPhone and iPod Touch.” Magic Touch App Store Link

50 aplicaciones para iPhone dedicadas a fotografía y video
Se vienen las vacaciones y seguramente los usuarios de iPhone van a querer sacar fotos por todos lados. Ya sabemos que su cámara de 2 megapíxeles no es lo mejor del mundo por eso para sacarle todo el jugo es necesario darse una vuelta

iPhone Photos & Videos, what should you know?
We know you’re obsessed with your iPhone, and chances are you’ve been taking a lot more photos – perhaps even recording videos – over the holidays. To satisfy aspiring iPhone photographers and videographers, we’ve assembled a collection

Useful Iphone Video/Photo Apps
Photo Sharing PixelPipe – Media Gallery – PixelPipe is a free and fully loaded photo sharing app that lets users easily send and geotag their photos to any of 50 supported destination sites including Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Seesmic,


November 16, 2008

Locations$0.99 from Well Built Software, Llc. Locations

Locations is an enhanced bookmark database for maps on your iPhone. Locations works with the built-in maps application on the iPhone, but provides several important features. Locations allows you to create lists of locations, letting you organize by categories such as Family, Work, Vacation, etc. Locations allows you add new items to the list easily. Locations uses the built-in GPS functionality of your phone to store your current position when you add an entry. This is helpful when you are driving by something and want to remember exactly where it is. Locations allows you to store the physical address, or the latitude/longitude coordinates of the location. In addition, Locations allows you to store notes for each location, giving you the ability to fully describe the location for future reference. Locations also allows you to associate a picture with each location. Integrating with the camera and the photo library on the iPhone, adding pictures to each location is easy. Locations also allows for launching the maps application with exact coordinates of the stored location. Locations allows for you to email an entire list or a single location. The email contains the details for the location, and a link to google maps for that location.

Some common uses for Locations would be:
– Store the location of all your friends homes. When you need directions on how to get to their house from wherever you are, just hit the maps link and the built-in maps application can tell you how to get there.
– Plan a vacation by entering the addresses of places you want to visit. While on your vacation, you can quickly find your way to the next destination.
– Quickly capture the location of interesting things while you are driving. Yard sales, thrift stores, interesting shops, etc. Add a note and a picture so you will remember exactly what was interesting about the place. Never forget where that cool store was again.
– Plan a geo-caching trip. Enter the coordinates of the caches you want to visit, and enter some notes about the cache. When you find the cache, take a picture to remember your find.
– Go house hunting. Capture the address, coordinates of homes you are interested in. Enter some notes and take a picture. No more writing down on a notepad and then forgetting what the place looked like. Using Locations is a great way to capture all the information you need to later make some decisions on homes you want to see with your real estate agent.
– Create a wish list of places you would like to visit. Email the list to your family, friends or significant other as a subtle hint.
– Maintain a list of restaurants, including notes about your favorite dishes, their hours, and their phone number. Include a picture to remember the outside of the building.

Locations works with any version of the iPhone or iPod touch. More accurate locations can be captured using the iPhone 3G due to its built-in GPS hardware.