November 18, 2008

WordSearch2$0.99 from Post Imagineering, Inc. WordSearch2

Word Search #2 is the second of several in the series, is a fun and exciting game of finding words amongst scrambled characters. Locate the word in the grid and then selecting by touching the screen and dragging from the first to last character. Do it in a timely manner to try and get the fastest time. Enjoy!

Interested in learning English or Spanish? If so, then Word Search is a fun way to learn.

Note: Word Search #2 is in English or Spanish only.

Audio and Background Color options can be changed in the iPhone “Settings” section.



Pirate Glossary

November 18, 2008

Pirate Glossary$1.99 from Double Encore, Inc. Pirate Glossary

Arr! The Pirate Glossary is the comprehensive resource for learning to talk like a pirate! The application comes loaded with hundreds of pirate terms, phrases, definitions, and historical context. Use the “Blimey!” button to let Pirate Glossary provide you with a random term. You can even save or share your favorites (pirate booty!) with your friends with the touch of a button.

Pirate GlossaryPirate GlossaryPirate Glossary


November 18, 2008

iNumerology$1.99 from ibuiltthis iNumerology

This application provides an easy to use numerology tool for performing digit summing and numerology reporting.


– iNumerology Report : Lucky Numbers, Birthday, LifePath, Destiny, Soul Desire, and Personality
– iNumerology Calculator : Dates, Numbers, Words and Names
– Compatibility and Numerology Information
– Address and Phone Number Reporting


18 Puzzle

November 18, 2008

18 Puzzle$1.99 from Magiecom 18 Puzzle

18 Puzzle is a variation of classic 15 Puzzle game. Not only does 18 Puzzle has 18 tiles to move (vs. 15 in classic Fifteen puzzle) but also 18 Puzzle uses hexagonal board making the game more challenging.

18 Puzzle

Internet Translator

November 18, 2008

Internet Translator$1.99 from Alvise Susmel Internet Translator

Internet translator is a powerful modular translator.
By now it uses Apple and Google translation servers
(like the server of MacOS Translator Widget),
to give you the best translations.
With Internet Translator you can send your translations through email.
– Embedded Web translator: With web translator you can translate sites and surf the web with automatic translator engine (based on Google engine)
– Translations through Apple and Google servers and in future with other servers.
– Language Auto-Detection (only with Google server)
– Intuitive translation, selecting the flag of the language in which you want to translate,
translation will be launched.
– Automatic saving of translations, you can enable/disable the saving engine
in the settings menu
– Possibility to view and reuse saved translations
– Possibility to send translations through email
– CoreGraphic Animations
– Internet status: permits you to force EDGE/3G internet connection and
check the status.
– Technical support through http://www.gecosoftware.com,
where you can make reports of bugs and doing requests for future versions.

Available languages:
Auto detection, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Croatian, Czech,
Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean,
Norwegian, Polish, Portoguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Catalan, Filipino, Hebrew, Indonesian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

Internet TranslatorInternet TranslatorInternet TranslatorInternet TranslatorInternet Translator

InquisitorMobile per iPhone presto disponibile
Grazie allo sviluppatore italiano Alvise Susmel tra pochi giorni sarà disponibile su AppStore l’applicazione Inquisitor, che gli utenti Mac già conosceranno. Inquisitor, infatti, è un plugin disponibile per Leopard che migliora e

Le offerte del giorno su AppStore
Ecco le migliori offerte presenti attualmente su AppStore. World Countries (informazioni sulle varie nazioni): 0,79 euro (prezzo pieno 2,79 euro); MovieQuotes (quiz sul cinema): gratis; XpenseTracker (gestione spese): 7,99 euro (prezzo

Prossimo aggiornamento per Internet Translator
Tra pochi giorni verrà rilasciato un nuovo ed importante aggiornamento per Internet Translator, creato da uno sviluppatore italiano e al momento uno dei migliori traduttori presenti su AppStore. L’aggiornamento apporterà molte migliorie


November 18, 2008

Münzwurf$0.99 from Magiecom Münzwurf

Münzwurf is a modern way to flip a coin. Shake your iPhone/iPod touch to begin the animation. Shake to see which side the coin would land.


WebApps: 1800+

November 18, 2008

WebApps: 1800+$0.99 from Super Art Software WebApps: 1800+


If you have tried iKits, you may find it’s helpful to have several WebApps within one software. And now you get WebApps.


Powerful, yet extremely easy to use.

And more…

– 1800+ WebApps in 11 categories from Apple.
– 1 touch to find and launch your favorite WebApp in most cases.
– You can add WebApps in the “Favorite” as many as you want – only 2 touch.
– Easy usage history checking.
– Detailed data of each WebApp: description, online screenshot, etc.
– Instant search (from names).
– Full search (from descriptions).
– Support French as an interface language (contents are in English, though, and sorry for the poor translation…)

WebApps: 1800+WebApps: 1800+WebApps: 1800+WebApps: 1800+WebApps: 1800+