November 20, 2008

Gangsa$0.99 from Masayuki Akamatsu Gangsa

“Gangsa” is a musical insturment which is used in Balinese Gamelan, an Indonesian traditional performing art. This application has very beautiful sounds which were sampled from a real instrument. Just by tapping the screen, you can easily enjoy a musical performance and the atmosphere of Gamelan. You can also try using advanced play techniques such as muting and sliding.

– Play a long beautiful sound by tapping a metal bar.
– Play a striking sound by tapping a wooden sidebar, although it is not usually used.
– Play successive sounds by sliding your finder over metal bars and wooden bars.
– Mute a playing sound by pressing the bottom end of a metal bar.
– Play a muted sound by tapping while holding down the bottom end of a metal bar.
– Hold playing a muted sound by pressing the top end of a metal bar.
– Each metal bar and side wood have two sound samples to provide a natural sound.
– All sound sources are optimized for an iPhone/iPod touch speaker.
– Play stereo sound by using headphones or stereo speakers.
– Images and animation are used to provide visual feedback while playing.
– Play together with other iPod music.
– A “Visual Effects” switch, a “Auto Mute” switch and a “Master Volume” slider.



AllowMe – Allowance Assistant

November 20, 2008

AllowMe - Allowance Assistant$4.99 from Stephen Ryan AllowMe - Allowance Assistant

AllowMe – Allowance Assistant

If you’ve ever heard the words ‘I never got my allowance last week!’ you will like this tool. If you’ve ever heard several kids proclaiming it simultaneously then you need this tool!

AllowMe is a program for monitoring and managing children’s allowances. It allows a parent to set up an account for each child based on a weekly allowance amount. Each account contains three sub-accounts: Sharing, Saving, and Spending. AllowMe automatically records allowance distribution and provides quick and easily recording and review of a child’s spending.

AllowMe features:
♦ Record and manage weekly allowance automatically for multiple children
♦ Divide allowance between saving, sharing and spending sub-accounts based on predefined percentages
♦ View balances
♦ Record distributions of money
♦ Review and edit transactions
♦ Accrue optional interest on savings
♦ Email transactions and balances
♦ Secure with optional password protection
♦ Make deposits using negative amounts

AllowMe - Allowance AssistantAllowMe - Allowance AssistantAllowMe - Allowance AssistantAllowMe - Allowance AssistantAllowMe - Allowance Assistant

Dot – Design by Touch

November 20, 2008

Dot - Design by Touch$0.99 from Toughturtle Dot - Design by Touch

Dot lets you be an artist by creating pictures with multi-colored dots on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Select a dot from the color panel and simply touch the screen to fill in one of over 800 holes. It’s that simple!

Three design options for endless possibilities…
1. Invent your own design on the blank screen.
2. Import an image from your photo album to use as a pattern.
3. Choose one of the included patterns to help you create your masterpiece.

Save your work! By touching the “save” icon and naming your design, every dot is automatically saved from then on. Access and load your previously saved design by touching the “saved” button.

Capture and share it! By pressing the “Capture” icon, a photo of your design will be saved to your device’s Photo Album folder. From there you can email them to friends or set as your device’s wallpaper.

Dot is a modern take on a 1960’s-1970’s childhood classic. It differs from related games available on the app store by featuring smaller peg holes that permit more intricate designs, allowing for your own photos to be used as a pattern guide, and permitting your designs to be saved, stored and emailed to friends!

Dot - Design by TouchDot - Design by TouchDot - Design by TouchDot - Design by Touch


November 20, 2008

TrackMyShipments$1.99 from TrackMyShipments Inc TrackMyShipments

Simply forward all your ‘We Have Shipped Your Order’ emails to and TrackMyShipments automatically tracks your shipments with all the major shipping companies and keeps you up to date on each shipment’s status, location and any delays via the iPhone App, and email. (SMS Updates are also available with our PRO account). It’s as simple as that!

+++ We know you’ll love ‘no more cut & paste of tracking numbers’ +++

– No more tracking number cut&paste!
– No typing in tracking numbers (unless you want to)
– View the original email to see what’s in each shipment
– iPhone app account also lets you use our award-winning website service
– Email updates about each shipment’s status
– Works with most of your suppliers
– Supports shipments sent via Fedex, SmartPost, UPS, DHL and USPS
– US and Worldwide shipments
– Automatically loads 3 Demo shipments into your account (these are not tracked, just to show you how the user interface works)
– No more Tracking headaches

“With TrackMyShipments, keeping track of all your various packages is as simple as forwarding an email.” (Lifehacker)

“If you place orders often via web or phone, here’s a great site for you” (PC World magazine – May 2008)

“Kim Komamdo Cool Site Of The Day” – Kim Komando Radio Show

TrackMyShipments means no more shipment worries. You can sit back and relax – safe in the knowledge that your shipments are being tracked – you’re always up to date with their status.

You can log on at any time to see all your shipments in one place, their status and location.



November 20, 2008

iTODAY$0.00 from MediaCorp Pte Ltd iTODAY

With iTODAY, you will be able to read TODAY’s news articles on the go – both online and offline. Frequent updates throughout the day will allow you to be in touch with the latest news and happenings at home and around the globe.

TODAY, Singapore’s 2nd most read newspaper with a readership of 621,000*, prides itself in delivering quality content that sets our readers thinking. An award-winning paper which took top honours at the Securities Investors Association of Singapore (SIAS) Award 2008 for the Best Financial Story of the Year and Best Financial Journalist of the Year, TODAY offers busy working professionals quality content in a convenient, compact format.

Each day, readers find in TODAY an unrivalled package of the top local and international news and views as well as news reports on key issues through insightful and often provocative commentaries.

For Feedback or Buq Request, please email:


Tie-a-Tie Lite

November 20, 2008

Tie-a-Tie Lite$0.99 from AppsCode Tie-a-Tie Lite


Need to tie that tie? Tie-a-Tie Lite is the ultimate Windsor tie assistant. A step-by-step guide to getting a perfect Windsor knot.

Count on both diagrams and photos to make sure you can easily learn to make the perfect knot. Just double-tap the screen to switch between photos and diagrams.

– Diagrams for every step for each knot
– Photos for every step for each knot

Tie-a-Tie LiteTie-a-Tie LiteTie-a-Tie Lite

Stress Toy

November 20, 2008

Stress Toy$0.00 from oeFun, Inc. Stress Toy

Need to take a break? Then take a spin with Stress Toy. Stress Toy comes with seven different boards. Each board is a a grid of 5 x 7 blocks which can be spun using a finger “flick” gesture. You can spin them left, right, up or down. Each board is themed differently to give you different play possibilities. Make a doodle or solve a picture puzzle, it’s all up to you how you play.

Stress Toy combines the accelerometer and 3D technologies of your device to provide an entertaining interactive experience. Using our new software technology (first seen in Tilt Me) we allow you to “look” into your device and see the cubes from different angles by just tilting your device as you would a real physical object.

Lastly did we say it comes at the stress free price of free? Yeah, that’s right it’s FREE. Enjoy!

– Use a finger “flick” gesture to turn the blocks in different directions.
– Shake the device for a second or so to switch to a different board.

Stress ToyStress ToyStress ToyStress Toy