November 22, 2008

OnDeck$0.00 from TeamUnify, Inc OnDeck

TeamUnify introduces OnDeck, a revolutionary new coaching tool specifically developed for swimming.

OnDeck REQUIRES THAT YOU USE THE TEAMUNIFY SWIM TEAM MANAGEMENT PLATFORM and will dramatically improve how coaches and teams can manage their swim meets far better than ever.

Coaches will now be able to view previous swim meet results, manage upcoming meets and when at the meet, see entered swimmers and times with previous split history. Then time 1-3 swimmers per race and gather splits that will automatically calculate new splits vs prior splits and show delta’s.

When the race is finished, you can add voice notes to the race and then sync the data back to the main TeamUnify platform for all administrators and families to see and hear!

OnDeck will help any swim coach that desires to spend more time watching their athletes race and less time writing down splits and notes during each race.


100+ Free Sports Apps for the iPhone
The iPhone and iPod Touch have numerous applications for just about every hobby and desire, especially when it comes to sports apps. There are tools for tracking scores in baseball, hockey, football, and even fencing; playing fantasy



November 22, 2008

ZugInfo$0.00 from ifoi ware ZugInfo

ZugInfo allows to query the internet timetable of the German railway system through the comfortable and fast interface of an IPhone application.

+ Fast access to the mobile internet platform of the Deutsche Bahn mobile.bahn.de
+ Easy to use interface with native IPhone elements (lists, choosers)
+ Detailed information for individual connections
+ Select arrival/departure time and train type
+ Fare information
+ Location history
+ Nearby stations
+ Save connections for offline viewing
+ Mail connections
+ Customizable (in the general IPhone settings application)

BUGS: Please send detailed bug reports to bugs@ifoi-ware.net. Thanks.

DONATION WARE: If you enjoy ZugInfo, why not support its further development an buy the donation ware version “ZugInfo Donation”? Available in every App Store.

DISCLAIMER: ZugInfo is not an official product of the Deutsche Bahn AG. It retrieves timetable informations from the internet pages of the Bahn AG. No guarantee can be given for the correctness or completeness of the displayed information. The internet pages might be subject to change which could render the application inoperable. ZugInfo is not intended to be used for railway timetables in other countries than Germany. An international English version is offered for travelers and non-German speaking persons.


GPS-Apps: Wenn das iPhone den Weg kennt
Ausgestattet mit einem dem GPS-Modul bietet das iPhone eine fantastische Spielwiese für diverse Location Based Services. Ob es nur darum geht, den Weg, Blitzeranlagen oder auch das eigene Auto zu finden: alles scheint möglich.

My Top 10 iPhone Applications
Right now I have 54 apps on my iPhone—including Apple’s pre-installed ones like SMS, Calendar, Safari and Mail. 27 more are stored on my computer, but iTunes is configured to not sync these ones as I don’t want them to clutter up my

Kleine App-Parade (Teil 2)
Mittlerweile ist auch das Business-Netzwerk »Xing« (iTunes-Link) auf dem iPhone angekommen und bietet seinen Mitgliedern ein eigenständiges Programm für den Zugriff auf die Community an. Mehr machen als seine Kontakte, Nachrichten und


November 22, 2008

DuckDuckDuck$0.00 from Majic Jungle Software DuckDuckDuck

From the developer of Chopper, comes something completely different.

Most who try DuckDuckDuck love it, but so few have had a chance to give it a go. So spread the bird, DuckDuckDuck is free for a limited time!

Rubber duckies are floating in a pond with beautiful interactive water, rain and snow showers, sunsets, clouds and sounds.

It’s a simple zen-like game. Swim all the ducks to matching whirl pools. Kind of similar to the toys where you roll balls into holes. DuckDuckDuck is way more fun and pretty, with an ever growing number of ducks – up to thirty, and those cute and beautiful graphics and sounds.

Watch out for the goose.

– Insanely realistic water simulation.
– Clouds drift by with occasional showers of rain or snow.
– Two modes of play – time challenge or just for fun.
– Many options for graphics and game play.
– Multi-touch water interaction.
– Every duck, whirl pool, rain drop, or touch makes ripples in the surface of the water.
– Relaxing ambient sound effects with bird songs, water, wind chimes and rainfall sounds.


Developer On Effect Of Low Prices On App Popularity, Sustainability
David Frampton, the developer of Chopper [App Store] and Duck Duck Duck [App Store], recently published a post about his observations about how changes he makes to the price of his apps effects sales and it’s popularity.

Free Games Recommendations
Ever since I got my iPod touch , I have been scouring the iTunes App Store, looking for stuff to download and try. I currently have about 120 application titles in iTunes (not all are synced into the iPod touch) and about 25% of them

Cash-In on New Year's App Store deals
Filed under: Deals, iPhone, App Store. Update: most of these deals end soon, so act fast in order to get them! Some iPhone developers have come together to offer you discounts on some App Store applications, just in time for the New

App Store-Sammelsurium: Crayon Physics Deluxe, RjDj Shake, 7
Frisch zum neuen Jahr wird seit heute Crayon Physics Deluxe für 4 Euro im App Store (iTunes-Affiliate-Link) angeboten. Die iPhone-Umsetzung umfasst 50 Level und hinterlässt einen sehr ausgereiften ersten Eindruck.

New Year’s App Blowout Drops Prices on 30 Titles
Several iPhone developers have dropped the App Store prices of their games and applications in celebration of the new year. 30 titles in all will be available at a discounted rate (some are even free!) over the course of today and

[iPhone][App Store] 今日の期間限定無料アプリ「DuckDuckDuck」
f:id:moto_maka:20081225051120p:image. 次に紹介するのは、クリスマス限定無料アプリ「DuckDuckDuck」です。 クリスマス限定で無料のようです。お早めにどうぞ! 起動後の画面です。 「チャレンジ」「メモリ」「遊びモード」という3つのモードで遊べ

React React 期間限定の無料配布。 反射神経ゲームです。指示に従って画面を操作します。 全部英語ですが直感的に遊べます! 軽快な音楽とともにいつまでも遊んでしまいそうなゲームです。 個人的には満点★★★★★ DuckDuckDuck DuckDuckDuck

News Mix: AppStore Apps
Im AppStore tut sich grade einiges, darunter auch Preisänderungen und neue Apps. Was gibts alles? • Clusterball Arcade kostet für einige Tage nur noch 5,49€ statt 7,99€ • DuckDuckDuck von Majic Jungle wird auf 2.0 geupdatet


November 22, 2008

TipOver$0.99 from Jossware TipOver

TipOver is a simple utility for your iPhone™ or iPod touch that makes tipping fun.

– Unique TipOver mode.
– Exact calculation mode.
– Easy data entry with a large, ATM-style numeric keypad. – Don’t worry about that decimal place. TipOver will add it for you!
– Remembers your settings between sessions. Or not. You can turn this feature off if you like.
– If desired, you can enter the tax rate for your location and – TipOver will calculate the tip based on the pre-tax subtotal.
– Uses the currency symbol for your region.
– Easy to read totals
– Easy to use and fun interface

TipOver differs from the (many) other tip calculators with its TipOver mode. TipOver mode is designed to keep things simple with nice, even round numbers for everyone in your party. When TipOver mode is on, simply choose your minimum tip percentage and TipOver will round up the after-tip total to the nearest whole dollar (or applicable currency) that is evenly divisible by the number of people in your party. No more deciding which people pay the extra dollar and no more credit card statements with restaurant charges like $35.13 or €21.45. TipOver mode encourages the practice of over-tipping. As anyone who has ever worked in the service industry knows, it can be a tedious, thankless job and (at least in the U.S.) service workers depend on their tips for their livelihood. So, make your server’s day and give them a tip that will make them smile. Of course, if you are excessively frugal, TipOver does have an exact calculation mode.


TipOver 1.12 Now Available on the App Store
TipOver 1.12 has been approved by Apple and is now available on the App Store. The new release increases the maximum bill amount that can be entered. In previous versions, 999.99 was the maximum but this was too low of a value to be

TipOver 1.11 Now Available on the App Store
TipOver 1.11 has been approved by Apple and is now available on the App Store. It is a minor update that improves performance in low-memory situations.

Tie-a-Tie Deluxe

November 22, 2008

Tie-a-Tie Deluxe$1.99 from AppsCode Tie-a-Tie Deluxe

Be prepared for any occasion! Tie-a-Tie Deluxe is the ultimate tie assistant. A step-by-step guide to getting that perfect tie knot!

Count on both diagrams and photos to make sure you can easily learn to make the perfect knot. Just double-tap the screen to switch between photos and diagrams.

– 7 Different Knots: Windsor, Half-Windsor, Four-in-Hand, Small knot, Cross knot, Pratt knot and Bow Tie.
– Diagrams for every step for each knot
– Photos for every step for each knot
– Descriptions of appropriate use for each type of knot

Tie-a-Tie DeluxeTie-a-Tie DeluxeTie-a-Tie DeluxeTie-a-Tie Deluxe

Etat Piste

November 22, 2008

Etat Piste$0.00 from Serge Ostrowsky Etat Piste

“Runway Ops” is a simple application for all pilots flying in or out of France. It decodes into plain language the 8 character code at the end of the french Aeronautical Observation message (METAR) that describes the condition of the runway (contaminated, iced-over etc…).

Etat PisteEtat Piste


November 22, 2008

LotsaLights!$1.99 from My Edge Software, LLC LotsaLights!

LotsaLights (formerly called “Lights!”) by My Edge Software is not just a flashlight. LotsaLights is a multipurpose light tool with an imaginative twist. LotsaLights displays various light videos for the light-hearted and more serious user. For the concert goer, an animated lighter to sway with the mellow tunes; for the romantic, a mesmerizing candle flame or an animated twinkle to place in the portrait of that certain special someone. On the practical side, an indispensable flashlight with color-changing lenses for much needed illumination in dimly lit surroundings like classical concerts or bedside. And at $1.99 the price is light, too. Watch for even more LotsaLights lights in the future from My Edge Software.