Addiction Solitaire

November 24, 2008

Addiction Solitaire$0.99 from Spooky Logic Games Addiction Solitaire

Addiction, also known to some as Montana, is a delightful solitaire game where your goal is to arrange the cards in a deck into their respective suits from the 2 through the king. The game is played on a grid comprised of 13 columns by 4 rows. The cards are randomly dealt and the aces are removed, leaving 4 spaces. Double tap a card to move it to an empty spot, but you can only move a card if it is the same suit and one higher in rank of the card to the left of the space. Spaces next to kings may not be populated.

There are no more moves once all spaces are next to kings. In this case you may reshuffle the deck (up to 3 or 5 times, set in the options panel). Once you sort all the cards, you win. Sounds easy but once you start playing you might find yourself…Addicted!


* Turn off the sound effects and listen to your own music
* Alternate card graphics with larger images
* Auto-save / restore

Addiction SolitaireAddiction SolitaireAddiction Solitaire