mFavorites – Photo Dialer/Email/Text Messaging

November 26, 2008

mFavorites - Photo Dialer/Email/Text Messaging$0.99 from mSeven Software LLC mFavorites - Photo Dialer/Email/Text Messaging

New low price of $.99!

mFavorites allows for quick and easy access for making phone calls, text messaging and emailing to your frequently needed contacts. Within minutes, set up mFavorites by choosing from your existing contacts or create new ones. Further customize mFavorites by using a special picture from your Photo Albums or take a new picture on the go. Use mFavorites to conveniently contact friends, families and even often called restaurants.

Some of mFavorites features are:

– Native iPhone and iPod touch look and feel
– Concise interface designed for ease of use
– Uses existing contact information allowing for quick set up
– Customizable up to 60 of your favorite contacts
– Allows convenient way to email group of people

Also check out mSecure for safe storage of your most important data from web logins to frequent flyer numbers.

Note: mFavorites works on the iPod touch but cannot be used for making phone calls or text messaging since the iPod touch isn’t a phone.

mFavorites - Photo Dialer/Email/Text MessagingmFavorites - Photo Dialer/Email/Text MessagingmFavorites - Photo Dialer/Email/Text MessagingmFavorites - Photo Dialer/Email/Text MessagingmFavorites - Photo Dialer/Email/Text Messaging


November 26, 2008

BreathPacer$2.99 from Larva Labs Ltd. BreathPacer

Rated 9/10 by AppCraver! – “BreathPacer is a great app for anyone looking to relax or to get into the habit of breathing better for increased health.”

BreathPacer is a powerful breathing guide that can help you reduce stress and experience deep relaxation. Andrew Weil, a leader in the integrative health field, states, “If I had to limit my advice on healthier living to just one tip, it would be simply to learn how to breathe correctly.”

Research has shown that practicing therapeutic breathing creates profound mental and physiological changes in the body. It is an extremely effective treatment and/or adjunctive treatment for numerous disorders such as depression, insomnia, IBS, hypertension just to name a few. Use BreathPacer for 10-20 minutes a day and see what happens. For the price of a good cup of coffee, you can reduce stress and stress related illness while achieving a deeply relaxed state.

Practicing slow breathing is not as easy as it seems. BreathPacer helps you practice proper therapeutic breathing with the following features:

– Smoothly animated visual breathing cues.
– Soothing rain sounds direct your in and exhales.
– Flexibility in choosing your own inhale, exhale and hold pace.
– Individualized therapeutic breathing algorithm based on your height.
– Option to gradually reduce your breathing rate over the course of a session to your target therapeutic rate.
– The ability to play your own music while using the program.
– NEW: Breathing Timer. Set how long you want to breath for and the program will stop at the appropriate time.

WARNING: If you have a medical condition which makes it difficult to breathe slowly, have difficulty breathing slowly or hyperventilate easily, consult your physician before purchasing BreathPacer. BreathPacer is a guide. It is not a medical device. The user is responsible for determining whether BreathPacer is right for them. Improper slow breathing can cause temporary dizziness or lightheadedness. If you feel any discomfort, stop using BreathPacer immediately. The company holds no fiscal responsibly for people who do not follow the instructions of BreathPacer.


7 Chords

November 26, 2008

7 Chords$1.99 from Wunderwerk 7 Chords

“Nowhere can you find [the chords] laid out in a simpler, more straight-forward way than with 7 Chords. Plus, it’s only a buck ninety-nine.” – Georges Papas,

“I am not a professional musician, but there is nothing I could imagine to make this app better. Perfect.” – Supraspinatus, User Review

“I have just reveived my bachelor’s degree in jazz performance. I have used many other chord finders over the years and none have really been this good.” – Stringsalive20, User Review

“I’ve been playing for 20 years. This is by far the best learning aid I have ever used. Great job!” – Freddy47, User Review

7 Chords is a comprehensive library of guitar chords for your iPhone that is suited for beginners as well as for intermediate guitar players.

Unlike most other programs 7 Chords uses the clear and understandable tab notation you already know from your guitar book / fingering chart. Picking a chord is very easy: just pick the base tone and variety of the chord on the pick-wheel, then select the voicing by sliding through the chord pages.

7 Chords shows chord name, the frets to play, the fingers to use (including information like barré) and also the actual tones played. The chord dictionary contains more than 1500 of the most common guitar chords for your electrical or acoustic guitar.

Supported chord varieties are: sus2, sus4, 5, +, 6, 7, 7sus4, o7, 7b5, 7+5, 7b9, 7#9, maj7, 9, 11, 13, m, m6, m7, m7b5, mMaj7, m9, +9, maj9, Cmaj7b5.

Simply tap or double tap the chord to hear it on your iPhone speaker.

7 Chords7 Chords7 Chords7 Chords7 Chords startet die AppStore Oster-Rabatt-Aktion
Nach dem der Valentinstagsaktion folgt jetzt ein Easter Special: Bei haben sich unter der Schirmherrschaft von Holger Frank und Werner Hoier iPhoneentwickler zusammen getan, die jetzt am 11. und 12.

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November 26, 2008

TCPinger$0.99 from PingySoft TCPinger

TCPinger is a TCP Ping / Port checker for the server administrator who needs to ensure specific TCP ports are open and accepting connections.

– At a glance, ensure all of your hosts are accepting traffic on any given TCP port.
– Specify ping timeouts.
– User adjustable font sizes for ease of viewing.
– TCP Ping works with all 3 networks (WiFi, Edge, and 3G).



November 26, 2008

iBubble$1.99 from Adam Freeman iBubble

With iBubble, you can easily turn your photos into funny comic book creations or impressionist art and then share them via e-mail to your family, friends and co-workers.

With iBubble you can add comic bubbles and text to your photos. These include:
++ speech bubbles
++ thought bubbles
++ exclamation bubbles with 3D text
++ comic book style captions
++ realistic ‘neon sign’ cyan text
++ neon magenta text
++ retro funky 1970’s partridge text

With one finger, you move the bubble or text or stretch the bubble arrow. With two fingers you resize your bubble. Add as many bubbles as you want (up to 10)!!

IBubble also has cool special effects. These include:
++ an antiquing effect that makes your photos look like they are from 1939. It adds a sepia tone, faded edges and randomized wear lines to your photos.
++ an autofixing effect that auto-contrasts and auto-brightens your darker duller photos.
++ an authentic comic book strip effect that makes your photos look like they are straight out of a marvel or DC mag.
++ a watercolor effect that makes your photo look like you painted it yourself.
++ a resizable and moveable bulge effect for making funny faces.
++ and a headhunter pinch effect for making tiny heads!

Once you have applied your bubbles and effects, you can then save your photo creations back to your iPhone at high resolution or e-mail them to family, friends and co-workers. You can also attach your own personal voice message to your e-mailed photo. iBubble uses the built-in iPhone camera to take new photos or photos from your existing photo libraries. iBubble is loads of fun and an essential tool for your iPhone photos. It’s good for your complexion too!

+++++If you enjoy using iBubble, please leave a review.
+++++Check out the comic book, bulge and pinch effects, the neon text and the 1970’s partridge text.
+++++Check out the voice annotation you can add to your e-mail. Very cool!
+++++Read the two page user guide saved to your ‘Camera Roll.’ It tells you how to use iBubble.


8 Aplicaciones para mejorar tus fotos con el iPhone
Existen varias aplicaciones para el iPhone en el Appstore que permiten agregar efectos, crear animaciones y hasta compartirlas con las demás personas, por eso he creado este recopilatorio de aplicaciones que he encontrado interesante y


November 26, 2008

Autumn$1.99 from Autumn

It’s a nice warm autumn day. The sun is shining and leaves are falling from trees, everything is peaceful.
Now imagine you can take this autumn day with you, everywhere you want, wherever you go. In your pocket, on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

To see “Autumn” in action just visit our web site.

– animated falling leaves
– swirl them around by using your fingers

– double tap on your screen to get to the settings:
– customizable number of leaves and size
– choose a predefined background or use a picture from your photo library


Autumn Lite
autumn_lite.jpg App Name: Autumn Lite Developer: Category: Entertainment. What’sa favourite pastime in the fall? I mean besides armchair politics during election years. If you answered “play with the pretty leaves” you


November 26, 2008

FuelCalc$0.99 from Mikmattley Software FuelCalc

Are rising gasoline prices burning your hard earned cash away? Do you get the feeling that you pump more CO2 into the atmosphere than a coal burning steam engine? Well, stop guessing and start calculating. FuelCalc will help you determine the fuel economy of your vehicle. When you first run FuelCalc, it will prompt you for the mileage (Odometer reading) of your vehicle. Enter the data, and fill the fuel tank of your vehicle. When you leave FuelCalc and reopen it the next time, it will enter the previous odometer reading automatically. All you have to do is fill your fuel tank and enter the appropriate fields, and FuelCalc will calculate your current miles per gallon (or kilometers per Liter), as well as your miles per dollar (or a currency of your choosing).
Mikmattley Software is not responsible for any stress related illnesses that result from the realization of how much of your income you spend on fuel.