November 27, 2008

iCycle$9.99 from TJWare iCycle

With one button click, always know when your girlfriends / wife have their period. Enjoy peace and quiet in your relationships.

Prevent arguments and unnecessary misunderstandings, save money, plan your dates, vacations, weekend trips, and major discussions within her “best time period” of the month, the Green Zone. iCycle is extremely simple to use and was specifically created for men but can be used by women just as well. If you are dating, married, or simply want to keep track of the important women in your life, iCycle can help improve your relationship(s).

The visual cues show when your women are about to get their period in their current cycle (the Caution Zone), when they are having their period and are highly irritable (the Warning Zone), when they are coming off of their period (the Good Zone), and when they are in the green zone (the Best Zone or Ovulation Period). Improve your relationship and your love life by knowing when your woman is in the “green zone”. Know when her sexual peak period is during the month. Great if you are planning to get pregnant and know when she is most fertile.

1. Visually displays the current zone she is in (Red, Blue, Green, or Yellow)
2. Display the number of days left for the current zone
3. Visually displays the cue for the next zone and the next date
4. Track an unlimited number of women
5. Easy to setup and use


iCycle – Pour toujours connaître le moment dans le cycle menstruel
iCycle est une application payante présente sur l’AppStore (7,99€). Développée par TJWare, elle vous permet de toujours connaître le cycle menstruel de votre conjointe. Elle sera très utile pour les femmes oubliant assez souvent de

App-Tipp: iCycle
Diese kleine/günstige App kann man(n) wohl als kleine “Wunderwaffe” bezeichnen. iCycle von TJWare hilft jedem Mann eine bessere Beziehung zu führen. Wie? Na schauen wir mal auf die Beschreibung der Software…

iCycle iPhone/Touch App
rosenblut360 posted a photo: iCycle iPhone/Touch App. One of the must have apps for the iPhone – especially for men! itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?i…

Call My Bluff Lite

November 27, 2008

Call My Bluff Lite$0.00 from CDE Call My Bluff Lite

Call My Bluff Lite is a free version of Call My Bluff. If you like this FREE version, the full version Call My Bluff is available at the App Store for just US$0.99!

The handiest dice cup has finally arrived at App Store!

Call My Bluff Lite is a multi-purpose yet easy to use electronic dice cup. It supports up to 4 dice cups to allow more players at the same time. Automatic calculation of dice results also makes this application very convenient and user friendly.

With Call My Bluff Lite, you can easily have fun with almost all kind of games with dice rolling. Download it immediately!


– support up to 4 players
– automatic calculation of dice results
– three 6 faces dice
– 10 dice tables

Call My Bluff LiteCall My Bluff Lite

SUPER SPIKE – Volley Ball

November 27, 2008

SUPER SPIKE -  Volley Ball$0.99 from DumbGames.net SUPER SPIKE -  Volley Ball

v2.0 is here!

Super Spike Volley Ball brought to you by DumbGames.net

This could be the most addicting game you’ll play! The rules are simple, and remarkably similar to volleyball (go figure). The gameplay is easy and fun, and optimized for playing on your iPhone/iPod Touch. It incorporates two control types:

TOUCH CONTROL : Use the touch screen to control your paddle and bump-set-spike!


MOTION CONTROL : Tilt the iPhone/iPod to control your paddle for a more challenging gaming experience.

Go to the options menu (revealed when paused) to change options real time!

Play against a friend or against your iPhone/iPod (computer player).

Three difficulty levels make both single and two player modes even more challenging.

The Real Physics Game Engine ensures that your volley ball experience is as real as the beach, minus the sun burn and seagulls!

Buy now at the introductory price of $0.99

Send your inputs to support@dumbgames.net to make Super Spike Volley Ball better.

Visit http://www.DumbGames.net for more detailed instructions and videos on how to play. Just another dumb game created by DumbGames.net… you will enjoy this one!

SUPER SPIKE -  Volley BallSUPER SPIKE -  Volley Ball

Motion Pool

November 27, 2008

Motion Pool$0.99 from DumbGames.net Motion Pool

NEW UPDATE v2.1 is here!
* Fixed minor bug with fast balls going through the rails
* Can select ball size via the difficulty option


Motion Pool combines stunning graphics and real sound with awesome gameplay. This isn’t you normal pool game… this one is fun!

There are two control types (really three):

TOUCH CONTROL : Use the touch screen to shoot! The faster you swipe your finger, the faster you shoot!


MOTION CONTROL : Use the iPhone/iPod as the cue itself. Hold the device level (or lay it on a table) and move it like a pool cue in the direction you want the cue ball to go. The graphical pointing display shows where you are shooting. When you are warmed up, release your finger to take your final shot! This is a CHALLENGING way to play, and takes some practice! (It is just like that console game system with motion controllers that we can’t name!)


TILT CONTROL: is another way of playing the MOTION CONTROL MODE. You can aim simply by tilting the device, fine tuning a perfect shot with the graphical pointing display.

Choose 8-ball or 9-ball

Play: 1 Player
2 Player
Against the iPhone itself (computer player)!

Three computer difficulty levels.

The Real Physics Game Engine ensures that your experience is as real as the pool hall down the street, minus the smoke and cougars!

Buy now at the introductory price of $0.99 — Updates are free!

Visit DumbGames.net for more detailed instructions on how to play or to learn about our other dumb games! Give us your feedback to make this game better.

NOTE: If your device is cracked or ‘jail broken’ this game will not work.

Motion PoolMotion PoolMotion PoolMotion PoolMotion Pool

Have More CowBell – Virtual Cow Bell

November 27, 2008

Have More CowBell - Virtual Cow Bell$0.99 from DumbGames.net Have More CowBell - Virtual Cow Bell

– Better Graphics
– Better Animation
– Better Sound
– Better Motion Control

Tap the bell to play along with your favorite song


Shake your iPhone/iPod when you gotta have more cow bell!

Now with realistic animation and better sound!

brought to you by DumbGames.net

I gotta have it!

Have More CowBell - Virtual Cow Bell


November 27, 2008

GUIDEYOU New York$2.99 from Comma Publications GmbH & Co. KG GUIDEYOU New York


GUIDEYOU – The first, always up-to-date city guide! GUIDEYOU lets you know, which are the most delicious restaurants, the hippest bars and clubs, the best hotels, the most outstanding shopping and the most breathtaking sights. GUIDEYOU will show you only the best each city has to offer, not the most. GUIDEYOU offers the Top-150 places, which are updated and extended regularly. It is the perfect companion when visiting your favorite city. GUIDEYOU is a collection of information from authors, who live and work in each of the respective cities. Best of all: you won’t even need a city map! GUIDEYOU always leads you down the path to the best spots and sights! Enjoy your new favourite city!

GUIDEYOU is available for all of your favorite cities:

– New York
– London
– Paris
– Berlin
– Munich
– Rome
– Madrid
– Barcelona
– Amsterdam
– Los Angeles
– San Francisco
– Miami
– Istanbul
– Vienna
– Prague
– Zurich
– Copenhagen
– Stockholm
– Lisboa
– Sydney
– Shanghai
– Mumbai

GUIDEYOU will be updated and extended regularly.
GUIDEYOU is available in english and german language. French and spanish will follow soon.



November 27, 2008

IOU$0.99 from Derek Ting IOU

Have you ever owed someone money or had someone owe you money that you don’t remember?

With the IOU application you can:

-Easily keep track of who you owe money or who owes you money on your iPhone or iPod Touch
-Keep track of the amount, the date, and the purpose of the IOU
-When the IOU has been paid back, it can be swiped off and deleted
-View in the summary tab, the total amount you owe to other people and the total amount other people owe you