November 29, 2008

GUIDEYOU London$2.99 from Comma Publications GmbH & Co. KG GUIDEYOU London


GUIDEYOU – The first, always up-to-date city guide! GUIDEYOU lets you know, which are the most delicious restaurants, the hippest bars and clubs, the best hotels, the most outstanding shopping and the most breathtaking sights. GUIDEYOU will show you only the best each city has to offer, not the most. GUIDEYOU offers the Top-150 places, which are updated and extended regularly. It is the perfect companion when visiting your favorite city. GUIDEYOU is a collection of information from authors, who live and work in each of the respective cities. Best of all: you won’t even need a city map! GUIDEYOU always leads you down the path to the best spots and sights! Enjoy your new favourite city!

GUIDEYOU is available for all of your favorite cities:

– New York
– Paris
– Berlin
– Munich
– Rome
– Madrid
– Barcelona
– Amsterdam
– Los Angeles
– San Francisco
– Miami
– Istanbul
– Vienna
– Prague
– Zurich
– Lisboa
– Copenhagen
– Stockholm
– Shanghai
– Sydney

GUIDEYOU will be updated and extended regularly.
GUIDEYOU is available in english and german language. French and spanish will follow soon.



SAT Word Lite

November 29, 2008

SAT Word Lite$0.00 from Boost Academics SAT Word Lite

SAT* Word Lite is the trial version of SAT* Word Boost.

This trial has the same features as the full version and includes a sample set of 26 SAT* words.

The full version of SAT* Word Boost teaches you 500 absolutely essential SAT* words.


-Teaches you absolutely essential SAT* vocabulary. Don’t waste time and energy studying thousands of words you will never be tested on.

-Each word has an example sentence using the word in context.

-Use swipe gestures in “Study Mode” to review and learn new words and definitions.

-Attach notes to yourself on the back of word cards.

-Reinforce your retention with flashcards in “Quiz Mode”. Test by word or by definition.

-Test yourself with multiple choice questions in “Test Mode”.

-Easily sort and organize the words into lists with one tap.

-No need to input any data. Download and start boosting your SAT* score immediately.

Comments? Suggestions? Please visit:

*SAT is a registered trademark of the College Entrance Examination Board, which was not involved in the production of this software and neither endorses nor sponsors it.

SAT Word LiteSAT Word LiteSAT Word LiteSAT Word LiteSAT Word Lite

Recorder Pro

November 29, 2008

Recorder Pro$0.99 from DAVA Consulting Recorder Pro

We are happy to let our customers know that iDicto has been declared one of the most professional recorders:

From now we change the name of our product to help new users find it in AppStore. Recorder Pro – is a new name, which the top-class product really deserves!
We’ll go on keeping the quality of our clients service at a high level, making the opportunities of Recorder Pro ample.
Thank you for choosing our product!!!


iDicto it is a the most simple and easy-to-use powerful sound and voice recorder. Now for a great low price, you can get a rich set of functionality and an excellent user interface.

iDicto provides the users with the utmost flexibility when it comes to arranging voice recordings on the iPhone. Each voice recording is assigned date, time and length by the application. In addition, the user can further assign:

* Name
* Icon to group recordings together
* Priority (low, medium or high)

The voice recordings can then be sorted based on any of the above attributes including date and time. Therefore, now users can group the items based on icons, name, priority or length.

iDicto has been designed so that its intuitive user interface is ideal for business and personal use. The easy Sync function copies the voice files to your Mac/PC over Wi-Fi with single touch of a button. There is no size limitation for moving files between iPhone and the Mac/PC.

Other features supported by iDicto are:

* Record, replay your ideas, notes, reminders on-the-go
* Sending recordings via e-mail
* Wi-Fi sync
* Adjustable recording quality
* Old files recording can be resumed
* Supported formats (AIFF, CAF)
* Unlimited record time
* Rewind during playback
* Pause and continue during playback or recording
* Rename recordings at any time
* Group and sort your recordings
* Resume playback or recording after a call interruption or in sleep mode
* Playback slider, elapsed time and time remaining
* Show the date, time, recording length directly in the recordings list
* Supports ear plugs and microphone
* Delete recordings in case you don’t need them anymore
* Auto saving
* Rotates upside down for easy speaker use

We look forward to your comments after you have had a chance to use it. We are working on next release of the recorder and will love to hear from you.

NOTE: Clients of iPod Touch 2nd Generation should use Apple headset with microphone!

Thank you for using iDicto!!!

Recorder ProRecorder ProRecorder ProRecorder ProRecorder Pro

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iPhone Fanを購入して2週間。毎日毎日読んでエアiPhoneを脳内で展開してましたがそろそろアウトプットしておかないと我慢の限界がきそうです。というわけで手元にiPhoneが戻ってきたときの防備録を兼ねてまとめてみます。

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『iDicto Recorder』 App Store価格:115円(価格は記事掲載時点のものです) iPhoneは常に持ち歩いているのに、会議やインタビュー時にICレコーダーを別途用意するのはもったいない。iPhone 3Gは大容量のメモリーとマイクを搭載しているから、録音アプリ

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