PopUp$0.00 from iDev2.com PopUp

PopUp is a fun prank app to surprise and amuse people who play with your phone.

Basically the phone will look like normal but when anything on the screen is touched a clown will appear along with vibration and a boiiiiing sound. It gives you the Jack-In-The-iPhone functionality.

Fun for the whole family ; )

This works on the 1st Gen iPod touch but really is not as much fun without the speakers.

INSTRUCTIONS (also show within app)

1) Close the app and from your main iPhone / iPod screen, hold the HOME button and press and release the POWER button. This will cause the screen to flash and store a screenshot of your homescreen.

2) Run the app and from the clownscreen choose Select Main Picture and choose your screenshot.

3) Make sure the mute switch (on the side of your phone) is not set.

As always, if you have questions, problems, or suggestions please drop me an email at aaron@iDev2.com


Offerte del giorno su AppStore (17/01)
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