December 1, 2008

oxygen$0.99 from Jakub Koter oxygen

Oxygen: Fixed for the 2.2 bug!
Ever feel tired or out of ideas and need a mental refresh?

This session of binaural beats/tones stimulates mostly Alpha/Theta waves taking you to a receptive/inspired state of mind. If you are unsure about binaural beats please check out wikipedia to get an indepth explanation.

Please check out my other application if you want more binaural tones. If you have any questions please email jakub@mediahead.com


NOTE: Must be used with headphones or earphones in order to have effect.

Binaural beats are formed inside the brain by canceling out two high frequency tones (500Hz Left ear, 510Hz Right ear) causing a 10Hz difference. This 10Hz frequency thats formed inside the brain and causes your brain waves to synchronize with it.



December 1, 2008

PhotoFrame$0.00 from MK HQ PhotoFrame

This application makes your iPhone to Digital Photo Frame. It rotates the interesting photos from the internet every day.
It does not need any configuration. Just download and excute it! You can enjoy fascinating photos instantly.

** Features **

– Update the photos by photostream of mine, my friends or certain tag at flickr.
– Provides Portrait and Landscape mode.
– Enable to change the number of frames and speed of slide show at ‘Settings’ Application.
– Allows to move to the webpage(flickr) of relevant photo.
– Enable to save the photo to ‘Saved Photo album’ of ‘Photos’ Applicaiton.

** If you like a photoFrame, Please leave a review.


PhotoFrame” 写真好きにはどうしてもほしいデジタルフォトフレーム。しかも、SDカードではなく、Flickrなどのフォトストレージから自動で読み込むwi-fi経由のやつ。結構な値段がするので、なかなか手が出せないですよね。

아이팟 터치를 온라인 디지털 액자로 – PhotoFrame
아이팟 터치의 활용 방법은 아주 다양하다. App Store를 둘러보면 아이팟 터치를 이런 식으로도 쓸 수 있구나 하는 작은 놀라움을 느끼게 될 때가 많다. 직접 손에 들고 이용하지 않을 때라도 마치 인테리어 소품처럼 사용할 수도 있는데,

iPhoneアプリの話ですけど、PhotoFrameというアプリがフリーだけどいい感じ。 iTunesストアへのリンク http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=293125183&mt=8. このアプリは、Flickrから画像を取ってきて、iPhoneをデジタル


December 1, 2008

ShopNotes$0.99 from Marco Jacovone ShopNotes

ShopNotes assist you in keeping track of your purchases,
in a innovative and attractive manner. Compose your list with a surprisingly easy and fast, then pass in SHOP mode and enjoy the simplicity with which you can check the list!
The application uses templates already present (and completely definable) to allow the rapid integration of the elements to buy.

You can manage the units of measure, as well as individual item, you can save an unlimited number of lists and re-load them later.

When you tap an element in SHOP mode, the application warns you with a beep and a vibration, and executes a nice animation.

The icon indicates you how many items not yet purchased, even when the application is not running.
For all of the time, the sleep mode is suspended, and the proximity sensor prevents inadvertent taps.


– Simple and innovative integration of the elements in the list with automatic association of the unit and default amount
– Complete management of the units of measurement
– Complete management models of elements
– All things can be reordered as you want
– Animated check of items
– Vibrating acustic feedback on check (configurable)
– Purchased items percentage bar
– Load / Save of arbitrary number of lists
– Great User Interface!

LANGUAGES: English, Italian


なんだかiPhoneは主婦の味方って記事にたくさんアクセスいただいてるみたいでありがとうございます〜。 そんな目を引くような記事だったのかな?とおもったりもしますが。iPhone買ってすでに半年以上経つのに毎日が「iPhoneと一緒」な大阪班あべのべる

Intervista a Marco Jacovone creatore di ShopNotes e VFCaller per
Marco Jacovone si presenta agli users di iPhone and Go. Un imprenditore Romano, che della sua passione ne ha fatto una professione. Se dovessi definirlo mi verrebbe da dire semplice: semplice come molti di noi potremmo essere,


December 1, 2008

Navizon$9.99 from Mexens Technology Inc Navizon

Navizon is a positioning system that combines WiFi and Cellular triangulations to locate your iPhone in many places where the iPhone’s built-in mechanism cannot locate you. Navizon relies on a community of thousands of users contributing WiFi and Cellular towers locations.

Before buying, try Navizon Lite.

Compared to the Lite version the full version has:
– Unlimited rewards.
– Trail Logging to keep track of the places you go.
– Unlimited buddy location alerts.

– Locate yourself using a combined GPS, WiFi and Cell tower powered positioning system.
– Buddy Finder to locate your loved ones at any time.
– Navizon Groups that let you see the position of users sharing the same interests.
– Navizon Alerts that let you trigger an event such as receiving an email or calling a URL where you or one of your buddies enter a location of interest. You can receive up to 5 alerts per months with the Free version and an unlimited number of alerts with the Premium version.
* Configure these additional features at http://www.navizon.com by logging in
with the account created on your iPhone.

If you have an iPhone 3G you can be a contributing user and start earning money with the Navizon reward program. Every WiFi access point that you pass by, every cell tower that you log mean points on your account. Once you have 10,000 points, $10 will be wired to your Paypal account. All you have to do is to have Navizon running on your iPhone while you’re on the move. Navizon rewards are not available on first-generation iPhones.


Navizon Released For The iPhone, Allows You To Make Money
Jack-of-all-trades location application Navizon is now available for the iPhone –either in a premium version with full features or in a pared down Lite version. The premium application uses assisted GPS to accomplish a variety of things

Navizon pays users to help build location database
Pub_navizon I thought news from The Apple Blog was interesting this morning, considering we were were just talking about Skyhook Wireless and location-based systems. You can use the $9.95 Navizon application on your iPhone 3G and

Navizon now on the iPhone AppStore
Navizion just released a version of their App for the iPhone via the AppStore. It has most of the features of the previous versions that was available to jailbroken phones via Installer such as: – display your position on a map even in

Navizon now on the AppStore
Remember Navizon? They were the ones who brought us the first GPS application on the iPhone. They just released their application on the AppStore. It has all the features of the previous versions such as

Navizon now on the AppStore
Appstore_snap We just released a version of Navizon for the iPhone. It has most of the features of the previous versions such as: – display your position on a map even in places where you wouldn’t get your location otherwise


December 1, 2008

WebMessenger$0.00 from CallWave WebMessenger

Business IM for the iPhone – no other chat application gives you safe, secure, professional instant messaging and presence (status) to and from the iPhone or iPod Touch. Stay connected real time with colleagues, associates, family, and friends on AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, Google Talk, Cisco’s Jabber, and Reuters.

If you use MS Office Communications Server (OCS), IBM Lotus Sametime, or other corporate IM solution, contact an enterprise consultant at WMiphone-info@callwave.com or 866-470-1901 for more information about our iPhone corporate IM integration.

WebMessenger Gives You These Features/Benefits:
– Business-Grade Security – keep chat messages private with SSL-encryption and your password secure with RSA asymmetric encryption.
– Sustained IM Signin – close WebMessenger and stay signed in to your IM networks using built-in background IM. Queue up messages even when FUZE Messenger is closed.
– Public IM Import Wizard – populate your IM contact list quickly and easily.
– Contact Search – go directly to the contact you want without scrolling.
– Automatic Reconnection – reconnect automatically to WebMessenger if your data connection drops.
– Hyperlink Support – follow links in IM messages and still stay logged in to IM.
– International and Non-English Character Support – send and receive chats in other languages.

Once you install WebMessenger, follow the on-screen instructions for setting up an account. The account gives you one convenient connection point to all your IM networks, rather than multiple points, saving you valuable time and maximizing battery life. Log in, import your contacts and you’re ready to IM.


Apps On Sale In The App Store on 01/30/2009
This is your daily serving of iPhone and iPod Touch applications on sale. Today, iPhone Download Blog is bringing you the latest apps that are currently on sale in the App Store. Some of them are even free! If you were hesitating about

[App Store] Работаем с сервисами Google на iPhone
Реклама: Z-store: Новогодние скидки на iMac. Бренд Google присутствует везде, где только можно. Чтобы не замечать “гугловые” вещи “выгугленные” “гуглом” нужно очень постараться. Но есть один парадокс: некоторые очень полезные приложения

Great Google iPhone Apps Not Made by Google
The Google brand is ubiquitous. You’d have to make a concerted effort to avoid all the Googley things that Google has Googled. But what if some of the most useful Google iPhone apps…weren’t made by Google at all?


December 1, 2008

Tasks$1.99 from UnitConvertr Tasks

Tasks is a Task Management application for iPhone and iPod Touch. This application let you create tasks, define its importance and due date along with other information and then presents in an easy to use summary screens automatically segregating them based on due date.

The application segregates the tasks based on the due date. All important tasks are displayed on the home screen of your iPhone or iPod Touch as a badge. Once you open the application, the screen gives you a complete snapshot of tasks you have pending today, tomorrow and future.

All the things to do can effortlessly be tracked by this simple and intuitive application.

If you have any feedback/suggestions/issues, please email us at support@touchmeme.com



December 1, 2008

Roulette$2.99 from Mecrave Media Roulette

Bring the fun of the casino to your iPhone/iPod Touch. Win big playing your favorite numbers or testing out your winning strategies.

Tap to place chips on the board and then swipe to spin the wheel.

Features: * ALL possible roulette bets can be played – street, line, top line, 0-1-2, 0-00, etc. * Fast gameplay * auto save – resume your game from where you left it * listen to your ipod music while you play