December 3, 2008

Devils$0.00 from Alan Braun Devils

2008 – 2009 New Jersey Devils Schedule.


100+ Free Sports Apps for the iPhone
The iPhone and iPod Touch have numerous applications for just about every hobby and desire, especially when it comes to sports apps. There are tools for tracking scores in baseball, hockey, football, and even fencing; playing fantasy

Hot 97 RadioVoodoo

December 3, 2008

Hot 97 RadioVoodoo$0.00 from VoodooVox Inc. Hot 97 RadioVoodoo

Want to know what’s happening at New York’s number one spot for Hip Hop and R&B? Hot 97 is now available on your iPhone – for free! Find out the latest and greatest, the maddest and baddest, the highest and most righteous from Hot 97 in New York City. You can see what’s happening at your favorite radio station, right from your iPhone.

– See the currently-playing song
– See what’s been played on-air over the last few hours
– Get lyrics of your favorite Hot 97 songs
– Buy Hot 97 songs from iTunes
– Search Hot 97’s playlist
– Check out upcoming Hot 97 events. Hot 97 RadioVoodoo has the latest happenings in New York and surrounding areas with integrated maps to the event venue
– Vote and leave audio feedback on important topics in Polls
– Use the Free411 feature to get phone numbers, news and information from your phone.
– One-touch direct station call-in song requests

Download this Hot radio application for your iPhone for free and get all the latest from Hot 97, New York’s number one for Hip Hop and R&B.

NOTICE: Hot 97 does not stream internet audio, as of yet. We will send you an update when you can listen to the station via your iPhone.

Hot 97 RadioVoodooHot 97 RadioVoodooHot 97 RadioVoodooHot 97 RadioVoodooHot 97 RadioVoodoo

[DOWNLOAD HERE] おおおおー!これはナイス!プレイリストも出るし、歌詞も出る!日本のiTunes STOREで売ってるものにもちゃんとリンクする!しかも無料!アプリ自体も軽い!iPhoneユーザーのB-BOY, B-GIRLはマストですよー!ちなみにKISS FMやPOWER 106

Evil Oven

December 3, 2008

Evil Oven$0.99 from Roman Pfneudl Evil Oven

Vertex4 proudly presents this groundbreaking NOVELTY:

EVIL OVEN, the first mobile ceramic stovetop for your iPhone.
Impress your friends with this elegant cooking and baking solution.

– Two stovetops with digital panel.
– Timer function.
– Burns everything – Meat, Vegetables, Fingertips.
– Even delights your BARBEQUE PARTY!
– Malicious OVEN-DEMON, who dwells underneath the stovetop.
(It can only be soothed through ferocious human sacrifices or CONSOLING STROKING.)

CAUTION: Touching the stovetop might cause pain, uncontrollable laughter or spontaneous massive existence failure.

DISCLAIMER: To provide you with this unbeatable low price we had to build our factory on the remains of an occult Indian burial ground.
We feel sure you will understand that we did not have the budget to complete a full exorcism on the whole product line.

***** FUN TIP: Leave a lasting IMPRESSION! Press your fingertips onto the stovetop for as long as possible.

Evil OvenEvil OvenEvil OvenEvil Oven

Spanish Vocab: Food

December 3, 2008

Spanish Vocab: Food$3.99 from 24/7 Tutor Spanish Vocab: Food

Learn or refresh your Spanish, anytime and anywhere with your own personal language lab.

The FUN way to learn a language!

24/7 Tutor Spanish goes beyond the simple talking phrasebook or flashcard programs, providing a set of engaging, interactive study tools that help you really learn the language. Spanish Vocab: Food contains essential vocabulary in the categories of Meat, Seafood, Dairy, Veggies, Grains, Fruit, Dessert, Drinks, Dining, and more.

– NATIVE SPEAKER audio for all words
– Priority based optimization system
– Entertaining PUZZLE GAME
– WRITE IN quiz to test language recall
– Manual & automated FLASH CARD mechanism
– Self contained, network access not required

Spanish Vocab: FoodSpanish Vocab: FoodSpanish Vocab: FoodSpanish Vocab: FoodSpanish Vocab: Food

iPhone でスペイン語
Web アプリ. 20 アプリ)スペインのニュース。 iConjugator!(Web アプリ)動詞活用データベース。オランダ語英語フランス語ドイツ語もあり。 Spanish Flash Cards(Web アプリ)スペイン語単語のフラッシュカード。Indiana 大学。

ABC Words

December 3, 2008

ABC Words$1.99 from ABC Words

ABC Words is a fun program for children or people new to reading. A word is spoken aloud and the user can choose one of three written words. The player can choose until the correct word is selected. A reward sound is played and the user can move to the next word.

There are 2 speaker voices and 100 two and three letter words.

You can select to see words in all uppercase, all lowercase or a mixture of both.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this program!

If you have suggestions or problems, please contact me directly.

You can see a video of this program in action at:

ABC WordsABC WordsABC WordsABC Words

Phone Tree Navigator – Direct Line

December 3, 2008

Phone Tree Navigator - Direct Line$0.99 from Michael Schneider Phone Tree Navigator - Direct Line

Direct Line is a directory of customer service numbers for major corporations, with an added benefit. When you tap a company name, Direct Line dial the number and automatically presses all the buttons needed to get you to a live person.

A couple tips for using the program: Some of the numbers require the user to wait through voice prompts without responding. Even if the voice prompts ask for information, just don’t respond. Silence is golden, and in this case, the key to getting to a person.

Check out the other HiveBrain apps on the App Store: Private-I, TouchType, and SMS Touch.

Phone Tree Navigator - Direct Line

Bible Verse KJV

December 3, 2008

Bible Verse KJV$0.99 from MobilityWare Bible Verse KJV

Bible Verse allows you to have the entire King James version of the Bible on your iPhone or iPod touch for quick access. No internet connection is required the entire Bible is conveniently stored on your device.

Bible Verse allows you to easily go to any book/chapter/verse that you want. Bookmarks are supported and a Concordance is also included.

Bible Verse supports both portrait and landscape modes of your device.

Bible Verse KJVBible Verse KJVBible Verse KJVBible Verse KJVBible Verse KJV