RjDj$0.00 from Reality Jockey Ltd. RjDj


“RjDj Continues To Be The Most Trippy App On The iPhone (And I Love It)”
Jason Kincaid, Techcrunch,

“It might be the coolest thing ever”

“Hey, it’s mushrooms without the mushrooms!”
John Mahoney, best iPhone apps 2008, Gizmodo

Connect your headphones and enjoy the RjDj mind twisting hearing sensation. RjDj brings a new twist to walkmans or mp3 players.

RjDj works with the iphone and ipod touch 2g with headset mic.

The world around you will sound different or suddenly become part of a song. Some scenes sound best in certain situations like walking through the city, being alone or making music with your friends.
You can also record your mind twisting hearing sensations and listen to them later just like a normal music title.

RjDj affects the perception of your reality. It is the soundtrack to your life.


Weekly App Store Picks: April 11, 2009
It’s time for the very apex of everyone’s Easter weekend, the all important revealing of this week’s picks from the App Store. But it’s not all about the latest fresh pickings from the App Store, before we get in to all that,

The Generative iPhone-iPod Touch: RjDj Updates, Albums, Free Downloads
Dreaming of a future in which music, instead of just being rendered audio files, arrives in fully generative, interactive form? Albums might “listen” to the world around you, and listeners could record their own alternate versions of

RjDj gratis su AppStore
L’applicazione musicale RjDj è ora disponibile gratuitamente su AppStore. RjDj (Reality Jockey DJ) è un’applicazione per sperimentare un nuovo tipo musica, quella che si ottiene dall’elaborazione in tempo reale dei rumori dell’ambiente

ericmortensen: RJDJ, the brilliant interactive music software,…
ericmortensen: RJDJ, the brilliant interactive music software, wasn’t always free. When did that happen? It was always worth the money to me, but now everyone with an iPhone can try it! RJ WHO J? RjDj is a next generation walkman for

… and yet another top 5 free iPhone applications.
Further to Robin’s posts about his favourite free iPhone apps, and now that I have an iPhone of my very own, I thought I’d add my personal top 5: 1. First up, RJDJ. You need to be wearing headphones for this app, which uses the built-in

App Attack!
I recently upgraded to a 16GB 3G iPhone and I thought it was about time I posted up what has been keeping me busy on my phone. UTILITIES. AIM – while Beejive is much better, this is also free and I don’t spend a lot of time on instant

10 Creative Ways to Use the Accelerometer [iPhone]
The iPhone’s built-in accelerometer has created a world of opportunities for developers to create applications that are engaging, creative, innovative and fun. Here we bring you 10 creative ways the accelerometer has been used,

[iPod touch]iPodyouch買って10日目.インストールしたAppをご紹介!
ホーム(ホーム画面1枚目). 10日目のホーム画面. ホームボタン押すとぺらっと出てくる画面,. Y!地図. googlemapsがプリインストール済みでしたがCSC清水氏ご推薦なので入れてみた.どうなんでしょう.まだ使っていません.

RjDj Continues To Be The Most Trippy App On The iPhone (And I Love It)
음악을 들으며 발을 까딱까딱 댄다던지.. 자신의 발걸음에 맞추어 효과를 줄 수 있다니… 정말 음악 듣는 것이 더 즐거워지겠네요… [RjDj Continues To Be The Most Trippy App On The iPhone (And I Love It)] – 출처 : TechCrunch

Твори музыку с Iphone. RjDj
Запись опубликована АРТищев Андрей Борисович, к.э.н.. Пожалуйста, оставляйте комментарии там. Нашёл интересное приложение для Iphone, под названием RjDj Что делает данное приложение? Записывает окружающий шум или ваш голос и миксует его


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