Margins (book notes)

December 10, 2008

Margins (book notes)$3.99 from Architechies Margins (book notes)

If you keep notes on your reading, Margins is for you. With Margins you’ll never forget an insight, lose a citation, or leave behind a notebook again.

Margins keeps your notes organized by book and page number. Each note can contain a quote and a comment, so you know exactly what caught your attention and precisely what you thought about it. You can even search for keywords in your notes. Try doing that with paper!

Margins keeps bibliographic information right beside your notes, and if your book has an ISBN it can even look it all up for you. And since it’s all stored on your iPhone or iPod touch—a device you probably keep with you all the time—you’ll never leave your notes on your desk or in the library.

Stop thinking about your notes and start thinking about your ideas with Margins.

Margins (book notes)Margins (book notes)Margins (book notes)Margins (book notes)Margins (book notes)

Funny Soccer

December 10, 2008

Funny Soccer$0.99 from AppsCode Funny Soccer

For all you soccer lovers, this has to be the funniest collection of soccer images ever! Simply the most absurd moments captured on camera which will make you curl up in laughter!

* Over 60 hilarious images
* Easy swiping from image to image
* Accelerometer aware – Rotate your iPod/iPhone to portrait or landscape for fullscreen viewing

Future updates
* More images – More laughs!

Please feel free to submit public domain images to our support email and you will most likely see them in future versions.

Funny SoccerFunny SoccerFunny SoccerFunny SoccerFunny Soccer

TrackMyShipments – Lite

December 10, 2008

TrackMyShipments - Lite$0.00 from TrackMyShipments Inc TrackMyShipments - Lite

+++ We really wanted you to be able to try out the award-winning TrackMyShipments, so we’ve made this FREE Lite version – you can only track ONE shipment at any one time, but all the other award-winning features of TrackMyShipments are included. When you upgrade to the Paid version of TrackMyShipments (which is also on the App Store), all your shipments are copied over +++

Simply forward your ‘We Have Shipped Your Order’ emails to and TrackMyShipments automatically tracks your shipments with all the major shipping companies and keeps you up to date on each shipment’s status, location and any delays via the iPhone App, and email. (SMS Updates are also available with our PRO account). It’s as simple as that!

– No more tracking number cut&paste!
– No typing in tracking numbers (unless you want to)
– View the original email to see what’s in each shipment
– iPhone app account also lets you use our award-winning website service
– Email updates about each shipment’s status
– Works with most of your suppliers
– Supports shipments sent via Fedex, SmartPost, UPS, DHL and USPS
– US and Worldwide shipments
– No more Tracking headaches
– Automatically loads 3 Demo shipments into your account (these are not tracked, just to show you how the user interface works)
– Track ONE shipment at any one time with this LITE version

“With TrackMyShipments, keeping track of all your various packages is as simple as forwarding an email.” (Lifehacker)

“If you place orders often via web or phone, here’s a great site for you” (PC World magazine – May 2008)

“Kim Komamdo Cool Site Of The Day” – Kim Komando Radio Show

TrackMyShipments means no more shipment worries. You can sit back and relax – safe in the knowledge that your shipments are being tracked – you’re always up to date with their status.

You can log on at any time to see your shipments in one place, their status and location.

TrackMyShipments - LiteTrackMyShipments - LiteTrackMyShipments - Lite

100+ FREE iPhone Applications you gotta have on your iPhone/iPod Touch
Image via CrunchBase. Everyone knows there are thousands of thousands of iPhone application in iTunes and lots more new keep coming every day. Ultimately it has become really very tough to decide which one to use and which one to let go

Hey Companies, Where Are Your iPhone Apps?
A funny thing happened on the way to the airport. I searched through the iTunes App Store on my iPhone for a Southwest app that allowed for flight check-ins, only to find that it didn’t exist. I don’t know why I expected it to be there,

Geiger Counter – Radiation gag

December 10, 2008

Geiger Counter - Radiation gag$0.99 from Geiger Counter - Radiation gag

This is a great gag app.

Tilt it very slightly left and right to control the amount of “radiation” your geiger counter reads.

Mess with your friends, tell them they are radio-active! The amount of tilt required is unnoticeable to your friends.

This is not a game, just a simple sight gag. You get what you get with this.

Geiger Counter - Radiation gag

WordFreak Free

December 10, 2008

WordFreak Free$0.00 from Hackosphere WordFreak Free

You think you are a master of words? A word freak? Then, this is the game you should be playing. The game will pick a five letter word and you have to guess it. For every guess, the game will show which letters match with the chosen word. If the matching letter is in the same position as the chosen word, it will be marked with red color and otherwise, with yellow color.


– You can guess upto 25 times. The entire history is always available for you to review with convenient Previous and Next buttons.
– The game shows the disqualified letters (letters that were used but not present in the word) to assist with guessing. Disqualified letters will be highlighted as you keep playing.
– The max score possible for a game is 100 and it reduces by 4 points for every guess that you make. Whenever your total score crosses a 1000 point mark, it will be automatically submitted to our website. This is used to generate the Worldwide Top 100 players, both by total score and average score.
– The game is saved and resumed automatically. So, if your game quits because you got a phone call or you had to leave in the middle, you can always resume from where you left.

This free version is ad-supported. If you don’t want to see ads, please buy the paid version of WordFreak.

WordFreak FreeWordFreak Free

Money winner

December 10, 2008

Money winner$4.99 from GameEra Inc. Money winner

Have you ever dreamed of becoming rich overnight by grabbing the jackpot and winning a fortune at TV Lottery?
You can do that right now in a new exciting game “Money Winner” by Game-Era Studio!
– Buy the lottery tickets, guess the right numbers and win virtual money!
– Shake your iPhone and watch the magic Balls appearing in virtual TV Lottery Show!
– Calculate your Profit and watch your deposit growing!
– Buy everything you ever dreamed of!
– “Crack the Lottery Code” and become a PRO in real lottery games!
– First lottery killer simulator ever!
How about buying a fancy house or a villa on the ocean beach? And a cool sports car? And even a yacht? Oh, you’ve got the point!
Grab your copy of “Money Winner” Game right now and become a pro at Lottery!

Money winnerMoney winnerMoney winnerMoney winnerMoney winner


December 10, 2008

iBreviary$0.99 from Dimitri Giani iBreviary

iBreviary is a Catholic and Christian application that brings the traditional prayer of the Breviary to the iPhone and iPod touch.
The Breviary is the official prayer of all the Catholic faithful, and offers the possibility of meditating on the beautiful texts of the biblical Psalms to all.
iBreviary offers a space for reflection, prayer and meditation.
iBreviary transforms your iPhone and iPod touch into:
– a complete Breviary in 5 languages (Italian – French – Spanish – English – Latin)
– an aid to following the Mass with its daily readings
– a mobile multimedia aid for all Catholics
– an aid to hearing and reading the words of the Holy Father daily and on which you can read the official documents of the Catholic Church


The Vatican on YouTube!
Yeah! I love when evangelization meets technology. So, the Vatican is on YouTube now – Where else might we find technology and media being of service to evangelization? How about iBreviary for you iPhone?

Update on iBreviary App For iPhone
I’ve been using the iBreviary app on my iPhone for a while now and noticed that they’re now adding antiphons and even some songs. This was an initial drawback but I think it was just a matter of time before they developed the app

iPhone Apps I Like
It seems like a growing number of people I run in to have an iPhone. So I’ve been getting some questions about the apps that I’m using. I thought I’d just list them for you and invite you to post your own. These are links to the apps in

iBreviary: dall’Italia la prima applicazione religiosa per l’iPhone
Si chiama ovviamente iBreviary, è disponibile sia in inglese che in italiano, ed è la prima applicazione religiosa per l’iPhone. Negli ultimi anni la Chiesa si è aperta sempre di più alle nuove tecnologie, tanto che di recente abbiamo

Interview: Father Paolo Padrini of "iBreviary", the first Vatican
For several weeks, I have been corresponding with Paolo Padrini, a Catholic priest who has been pitching a new application for the iPhone, called “iBreviary”. (If you ever need a persistent PR man to pitch your new product,

Comme vous le savez je viens d’acquérir un iPhone et bien entendu j’écume l’AppStore pour trouver LE truc indispensable de la mort qui tue. NE CHERCHEZ PLUS … Je viens de mettre le doigt dessus, je ne l’ai pas encore achetée car elle

Will The Congregation Stand And Turn to Track 4?
It’s a little late for Christmas giving, but iCatholics everywhere will be interested in the first iPhone and iPod Touch app approved by the Vatican—iBreviary. It not only includes the Breviary prayer book in Italian, English, Spanish,

iPhone App Approved By The Vatican
Most developers have enough to worry about from just trying to get their app approved by Apple. Father Paolo Padrini, a priest in Italy, was fortunate enough to get his app approved by the Vatican. His app, iBreviary, was approved by

The Vatican Approves an iPhone App
Don’t get worried; it’s not necessary for the Vatican to approve iPhone apps nowadays (it’s tough enough to get through the App Store process without that added hurdle). But on Monday the Vatican approved this app, an electronic version

Das Stundenbuch auf dem iPhone
Die erste Applikation mit offizieller Erlaubnis des Vatikans ist da. Mit dem digitalen Stundenbuch iBreviary liegt die erste Applikation fürs iPhone vor, die mit dem Segen des Vatikans erscheint. IBreviary ist eine iPhone-Version