Remember The Milk

December 12, 2008

Remember The Milk$0.00 from Remember The Milk Remember The Milk


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Remember The Milk (RTM) for iPhone and iPod touch connects with the popular online service of the same name. The RTM service “reinvents the to-do list” [PC World], and has one million users worldwide.

Take your to-do list anywhere with this feature-packed app for iPhone and iPod touch. Never forget the milk (or anything else) again.

Key Features:
– An intuitive interface, available in 18 languages, makes managing tasks fun.
– Sync seamlessly with RTM (access tasks at too).
– Work offline and auto sync when an Internet connection is available.

Task Features:
– Full-featured, with all the fields you need: task name, list, priority, due date/time, repeat, time estimate, tags, location, and URL.
– Organize efficiently by list, Smart List, tag, or location and prioritize your tasks.
– See at a glance how many tasks are due today, tomorrow, and this week.
– Quickly switch between your incomplete and complete tasks.
– Sort by priority, due date, or task name.

Action Features:
– Add and edit tasks with a few taps, and swipe to complete tasks quickly.
– Complete or postpone multiple tasks at once with a special edit mode.
– Save time with add by context: tasks added to your today list will be due today, while tasks added to Smart Lists inherit their criteria.

Note Features:
– Store additional info about tasks in notes for quick reference.
– Email addresses and links conveniently auto-link to Mail and Safari.
– Phone numbers auto-link for handy one-touch calling (iPhone only).

Location Features:
– Detect your current location to see nearby tasks due today, this week, or any time; plan the best way to get things done.
– Add your current location, or search by address to record new locations.

Search Features:
– Powerful search makes it easy to find tasks; supports multiple criteria searches.
– Save your searches as Smart Lists to easily see tasks that match your desired criteria (similar to Smart Playlists in iTunes).

Reminder Features:
– Get reminders via email, SMS, and instant messenger (AIM/iChat, Gadu-Gadu, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN/Windows Live, Skype, and Yahoo!). Set up via the website; see

Bonus Features:
– Customize icons in the tab bar for quick access to your favorite features.
– Landscape mode; type with a larger keyboard.
– Full management of lists, Smart Lists, tags, and locations.
– The RTM service integrates with iCal, OS X Dashboard, Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter, and more. See

Remember The MilkRemember The MilkRemember The MilkRemember The MilkRemember The Milk

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Remember The Milk (kurz RTM), erschienen am 12. Dezember 08, ist eine ToDo-Listen App, die den anderen Überteuerten und Möchtegerns weit vorraus ist. RTM ist kostenlos für 15 Tage, danach kann man auf einen Pro-Account upgraden.

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Baby Animals for Kids

December 12, 2008

Baby Animals for Kids$0.99 from LoL Software Baby Animals for Kids

Baby Animals for Kids – Sounds and Pictures

This simple to use App features pictures and sounds of 18 of the cutest baby animals from around the world.

Touch the icon of your favourite baby animal to see a fun and colorful image, then a cute 4yo girl says eg. “A baby elephant is called a calf.” followed by a real recording of that baby animal’s sound. Ruuuuhhrr!!

Note: Sometimes the cute 4yo girl pronounces the baby animal names a bit like… a cute 4yo 🙂 We decided to use the little girls voice instead of an adults voice because kids usually find it more fun to engage with peers than with adults. Our testing showed that 100% of the kids enjoyed the little girls narration over the adults. We hope your kids do too.

Baby Animals features an easy to use navigation menu built for little fingers to go from the first animal through to the last and back again just by clicking the arrows.

There are also some interesting “Did you know?” facts on each animal for you to read so you can help your kids learn about them. Just scroll the full screen image down a little to reveal them.

We hope you and your kids (children, not baby goats. LoL) enjoy Baby Animals.

Also available:
Reptiles for Kids

Added a sound icon that when tapped plays the animal sound only, as requested via reviews. BTW great idea 🙂 Thanks.

Baby Animals for KidsBaby Animals for KidsBaby Animals for KidsBaby Animals for KidsBaby Animals for Kids


December 12, 2008

Help-Me$1.99 from B1 Media Help-Me

Do you have questions about your iPhone, Mobile Me or iPhone Apps? Do you want to be able to ask questions about issues you are having? With the Help-Me application you are one touch away from a complete forum dedicated to issues and questions about the iPhone and related topics.

Help-Me allows users to access our forums with an easy to use streamlined interface, optimized for viewing on the iPhone. With its low bandwidth usage and fast page loads, you will be one quick touch away from issues that you and other iPhone users are having. Help-Me eliminates the need to access Safari, open new pages, and spend valuable time searching for forums relating to your issues.


Optical Wonders

December 12, 2008

Optical Wonders$0.99 from Mendoho Optical Wonders

Optical Wonders displays neat optical illusions that are fun and entertaining for all ages. A great application for curing boredom. Share your love of illusions with your friends or family. Children will learn; teens will be entertained; adults will be amazed.

Illusions are your old favorites plus some new trippy art created for this application. Included are animations and timed automations. The muted menu page will give your eyes some relief as you switch between crazy illusions. Each optical illusion is displayed full screen to deliver the maximum effect on an iPhone or iPod.

This awesome and cool application can be educational and an amusing diversion to kill time. Buy this now if you are bored.

Optical WondersOptical Wonders


December 12, 2008

Picassolino$1.99 from – software & service Picassolino

Simply administration of your pictures and album at Picasa Web Albums.
That’s how taken pictures makes real fun.

– Administration of picture albums
– Upload of pictures from the library to picasa
– upload of pictures directly from the iphone camera to picasa
– view pictures
– import images to iPhone library
– browse images in landscape mode

Features of the next version:
– send picture via email
– Add comments to images


iPooted – The Original iPhone Whoopie Cushion

December 12, 2008

iPooted - The Original iPhone Whoopie Cushion$0.99 from Jimco iPooted - The Original iPhone Whoopie Cushion

The original whoopee cushion made for the iPhone, and the first woopie cushion app accepted by Apple.

Tired of being a mature adult? Think farts are funny? iPooted is the app for you.

Just open iPooted and tap the screen to let one rip! iPooted contains 10 different fart sounds to keep you (or your 3-year old) laughing; latest statistics show amusement of children and adults for a minimum of 3 minutes (maximum 35).

Caution: sitting on your iPhone is not recommended.

Repeated use may cause people to lose respect for you.

iPooted - The Original iPhone Whoopie Cushion


December 12, 2008

iClover$0.99 from Kwan Suk Kim iClover

Here is a clover field.

There are hundreds of clovers but only one 4-leaf clover.

If you find the 4-leaf clover, you will be in clover.

The 4-leaf clover is hidden between other 3-leaf clovers.

To search for it, you can push other clovers, and blow them.
You can push other clovers by your fingers. You can few of your fingers to push them. However, you release them, they will get back to their own places. If you think pushing is annoying you, you can blow clovers. To blow clovers, all you have to do is giving your iPhone/iPod touch tilt. If you tilt your iPhone , the clovers will shake.

If you find out 4-leaf clover, press it for a while. Then the 4-leaf clover will be pulled out and will be your good luck!
You will have 5 pulling chances. If you fail to pull it 5 times, you have to move to other fields.

When you find your 4-leaf clover, you will notice that your iPhone become clean because you wiped your iPhone. :->

1. push clovers
You can push other clovers by dragging them

2. blow clovers
If you give your iPhone/iPod touch tilt, the clovers will fluctuate. If you lay down you iPhone/iPod touch, they will not move

3. Pull out 4-leaf clover
If you keep pressing 4-leaf clover, Red bar will appear. When red bar reaches top of the screen, the 4-leaf clover will be pulled out. But you have only 5 chance to pull. If you fail 5 times, the 4-leaf clover hidden will be shown, and you will be moved other fields.

4. Configuration
while you are searching for 4-leaf clover, if you double-tap (push your iPhone/iPod touch twice) configuration window will appear