December 18, 2008

audioWX$1.99 from BudHuff audioWX

AudioWX gives quick access to the closest NOAA Weather Dial-A-Forecast station in the United States.

AudioWX uses iPhone location services to determine your current location. A self-contained database is searched to find the phone number of the dial up station nearest your current location. The call is made after displaying the city name associated with the number for two seconds.
AudioWX does not require an Internet connection to function. If audioWX fails to make a call, or you wish to override the automatic number selection, and data connectivity is available then tapping a phone number on the NOAA site linked via the WebView in the second tab of the App will result in your iPhone dialing the number.
Note that some of the numbers listed on the NOAA site are defunct or disconnected and have been omitted from the internal database. Also, some of the numbers will require the caller to select from a voice response menu or interact with a live person. Most numbers go immediately to the recorded weather forecast message.

Note, my support web site has a link to a Google Map of the available dial stations.

1.1 Changes:
The WebBack button was changed to be active only if a ‘back’ page is available.
A GoogleMapStations button was added to allow one to view the map of NOAA Dialup Stations from within the iPhone Maps application. This also allows one to dial from Maps.
The documentation available under the NOAA tab was updated.




December 18, 2008

全力案内!地図アプリ$0.00 from UBIQLINK, Ltd. 全力案内!地図アプリ





本格的なナビアプリである「いつもナビ 地図+ルート」が登場していました。 ナビアプリというと「全力案内」が今までメインでしたが、全力案内では詳細的に案内されないという感じでした。 いつもナビ 地図+ルートでは、上の図のように交差点などが表示

『全力案内!地図アプリ』 App Store価格:無料(価格は記事掲載時点のものです) ケータイからiPhone 3Gに乗り換えるとき、もっとも心配だったのは目的地までの道案内(以下、ナビ)ができなくなるのでは? ということ。 筆者は仕事柄、取材や打ち合わせ

<Windows Software> ■「SeeZ Ver2.04」公開(K Lifeさん) ビューワーやアーカイバ、サムネイル表示、タブ化機能などを組み込んだ統合型ファイラー ■「X-Finder RC版 11-4-22」公開(ファイルブラウザ・X-Finderさん) タブ型ファイラー

iFlipClock Plus

December 18, 2008

iFlipClock Plus$1.99 from Exedria iFlipClock Plus

iFlipClock+ is a fashionable and versatile clock designed following the retro style of the first flip clocks. iFlipClock+ has been powered with tons of features to customize the look and feel of the clock with the included possibility to change skin through an original analog-style control panel, accessing all the functions of iFlipClock+.

• Accurate design simulating the look of the first, fashionable flip clocks
• Analog-style control panel to access all the functions
• Landscape and Portrait Mode
• HH:MM:SS / HH:MM (big) Mode
• Flip animation
• Original sound effects for hours, minutes and seconds with independent on/off switch for each section (Please notice that on 1st generation iPod Touch sound effects work only using headphones or external speakers)
• Color of digits for hours, minutes and seconds: classic white, red and acid-green
• 45 Skins preloaded and more added in the next versions (check our website for the full list of skins available)
• 2 independent alarms
• Snooze (9 minutes)
• Dimmed display (2 levels)
• “Auto Dim at Night” function: iFlipClock+ will automatically dim the display at night between 10pm and 7am (22:00-7:00)
• AM/PM – 24Hours Mode
• “Keep Active” mode to avoid the device to go in standby mode (for prolonged use with the display on we strongly suggest to connect the device to an USB source to avoid the batteries to drain)

* After installing the upgrades, if you notice strange behaviors like rotated views, please reboot your device.

Visit our website ( to find out more about iFlipClock+ and to see all the skins included with this version.

iFlipClock PlusiFlipClock PlusiFlipClock PlusiFlipClock PlusiFlipClock Plus

Hot Lips

December 18, 2008

Hot Lips$0.99 from BCD Soft Hot Lips

How hot are your lips? Are you sizzlin’ or a dud?

Find out just how well you measure up. All your friends will want to know how they stack up too. This hilarious game will give you and your friends hours of laughter as you compare each others kiss-appeal. Hone your skills to achieve the highest ranking, and to realize your full potential as a kisser.

Kiss the “Hot Lips” on your screen to find out your ranking. Be sure to give it your best, these lips can detect if your heart is in it or not. Hot lips utilizes iPhone’s/iPod Touch’s touch interface and accelerometer to measure the quality of your kiss. Interactive sounds, and optional vibration (iPhone only), are part of the experience. Your ranking is displayed on the screen when you’re done with your kiss. For an enhanced experience choose female or male voices to tailor Hot Lips to your personal preferences.

Remember, practice makes perfect — the more you practice you’ll unlock new sounds and rankings.

Be sure to stock up on disinfectant because even your grandmother will want to find out her ranking.

Don’t let your little brother play this game or you will never see your iPhone again.

Hot Lips

[App Store] Четвёрка нелепых приложений
Реклама: Z-store: Порадуй свой iPhone красивым чехлом. Вслед за печально известным приложением Pull My Finger в App Store появилось большое множество приложений, не несущих никакой смысловой нагрузки, но приносящих достаточно много

WTF iPhone Apps Of The Week
First: Try My Nose!! No, really! Try it! “Just select a nose you like, hold it next to you current nose and surprise your friends!” Or – now here’sa radical thought – just stick with the nose you were born with!

Movie Quiz

December 18, 2008

Movie Quiz$2.99 from FinBlade Movie Quiz

Who played Batman in The Dark Knight? Where does the Wizard of Oz live? And who does Jerry Lundegaard plan to have kidnapped in Fargo?
These are just a few of the many thousands of questions in Movie Quiz, the ultimate film trivia game.

The slick multiple-choice interface lets you quickly choose from the possible answers – keep answering correctly to earn additional Hints (which improve your chances by removing 2 wrong answers) and Skips (letting you dodge the difficult questions). Play it smart to develop your career and make it in Hollywood and the movies.

Play against the clock, or take your time – there’s even a feature that links to the IMDB page for each movie, helping you to enhance your knowledge of films and cinema from Atonement to Zodiac.

With a rich soundtrack and sparkling special effects, Movie Quiz is a big-budget blockbuster that will appeal to everyone. Whether you’re a fan of Star Wars or Shrek, this one has it all (and is a hot tip for the Oscars).

Only in theaters (or anywhere else you take your iPhone or iPod Touch).

Movie QuizMovie QuizMovie QuizMovie QuizMovie Quiz

The Histories by Herodotus

December 18, 2008

The Histories by Herodotus$0.99 from Mihai Harabula The Histories by Herodotus

The Histories of Herodotus of Halicarnassus is considered the first work of history in Western literature. Written about 440 BC, The Histories tells the story of the Greco-Persian Wars between the Achaemenid Empire and the Greek city-states in the 5th century BC.

The Histories is divided into nine books, each named after one of the Muses. The rise of the Persian Empire is chronicled, and the causes for the conflict with Greece.

To say this is a classic masterpiece would be a major understatement. This is the work that made Herodotus the father of History, a masterpiece that everyone should read at least once in their lives, learning the beautiful stories of the ancient ages.

Book I (Clio)
Book II (Euterpe)
Book III (Thalia)
Book IV (Melpomene)
Book V (Terpsichore)
Book VI (Erato)
Book VII (Polymnia)
Book VIII (Urania)
Book IX (Calliope)

Now in the handiest of formats, as an completely redesigned ebook software

1890 edition, translated by G. C. Macaulay

The Histories by HerodotusThe Histories by HerodotusThe Histories by HerodotusThe Histories by HerodotusThe Histories by Herodotus

SmartGo touch

December 18, 2008

SmartGo touch$9.99 from Smart Go, Inc. SmartGo touch

Enjoy Go on the go!

Carry thousands of Go problems and professional Go games in your pocket, and take advantage of your spare minutes or hours to study Go. SmartGo touch makes it easy to find games played by your favorite players as well as problems at the right level of difficulty.

A magnifying glass and crosshairs allow you to enter moves reliably on the 19×19 board. With SmartGo touch you can record your own games, play out alternate sequences, mark positions of interest, edit the game info, then email the game record to yourself and your opponent.

SmartGo touch contains more than 10,000 professional games and 2,000 problems, including 370 games by Honinbo Shusaku, 750 games by Go Seigen, and 880 games by Takemiya Masaki.

Please note: SmartGo touch is aimed at Go players who want to study this 4000 year old board game; it doesn’t let you play against the computer. Go is also known as igo (囲碁), wéiqí (围棋), or baduk (바둑).

SmartGo touchSmartGo touchSmartGo touchSmartGo touchSmartGo touch