December 19, 2008

AlibiSMS$1.99 from Jens Beuckenhauer AlibiSMS

You hate boring meetings and want to get out early?
… want to avoid housework?
… need to receive an SMS in order to have an excuse for leaving early?
… or do you simply want to remind yourself of something at a certain time?

There are countless reasons to fake an SMS to yourself!

Here’s how to do it with AlibiSMS:

1) Simply type in the sender’s name or phone number that you want to appear on your screen.
2) Add the message,
3) … select the exact time for the SMS to appear
4) … and select a ringtone.
5) Select a screenshot (background) from your photo library.*)

*) In this version you can select a personalized screenshot (background). More info on the help screen in the programm.

Press the start button and you are set.

A fake home screen along with a faked date on the calendar icon will appear and the iPhone goes into a simulated sleep mode. At the preselected time an SMS message will appear on your iPhone.
This will be the ‘simulated’ SMS that you have sent to yourself. Press either the ‘Close’ or ‘Reply’ button and return to your fake home screen. Of course, since the SMS is a fake you can’t answer it. At an opportune moment you should then terminate the application which is still running.

Additional features:

– In case there is a real phone call coming in after you have set the fake SMS this will interrupt AlibiSMS. But after the phone call AlibiSMS will be active again and all data has been saved.
– You can even select a sender from your contacts by pressing ‘>’ on the sender configuration screen.
– iPod touch users: This application will run on an iPod touch, too (audible alert only with built-in speaker; as there is no real SMS functionality you will have to create a screenshot of an iPhone home screen with an SMS icon yourself).
– Define and save pre-configured alibi messages.
– Additional ringtones.
– Personalized homescreen.


AlibiSMS: ricevi un Sms quando e da chi vuoi
Siete ad una riunione e non sapete come andarvene? Vi state annoidando con una persona e non sapete come scappare? Da oggi con AlibiSMS potete ricevere un Sms con il testo che preferite, in modo da crearvi una scusa e uscire anche dalle


December 19, 2008

PushMYButton$0.99 from PushMyButton PushMYButton

Push My Button is an application that allows you to browse sound effects from different groups and assign a favorite to a button on the application home page. It is very simple and enjoyablel to use, just start the app and begin to browse sounds. When you come across a sound you like simply push the heart to save it to your button. You can have fun by pushing it multiple times or make your unsuspecting friends push it and make them laugh. The Push My Button sounds can also be played while on the phone. With well over 100 sounds this application will surely keep you entertained.

keywords: fun sound effects trick fart push my button


Paris Envi

December 19, 2008

Paris Envi$1.99 from Open Door Networks, Inc. Paris Envi

Based on “Michael Brein’s Guide to Paris by the Métro,” Paris Envi helps you get to the city’s main points of interest easily and cheaply using Paris’ excellent Métro system. From the Arc de Triomphe to the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre, with Paris Envi you can:

– View basic information on over 50 top points of interest, including “Must See” attractions
– Find the nearest Métro stations, and which lines to take
– See how to exit the station and walk to the attraction
– See a photo so you know what to look for
– Note nearby points of interest
– View the attraction’s location, as well as your own, in the Maps application
– Easily pull up the attraction’s Web site in Safari for additional details
– View the official Paris Métro map in multiple formats

All Paris Envi’s content is built into the application, so access is instant and you don’t have to worry about getting on the Internet underground in a foreign city. The product is based on the acclaimed iEnvision Web-image browser, so everything is full-screen, clear, organized and multi-touch. And since it’s also based on the Michael Brein travel guide series, it’s the simplest way to get around the world’s big cities.

Paris Envi is part of our series of iPhone-based travel guides to cities via subway and other forms of mass transit. London, Chicago and Hawaii Envi are now also available, and many others are planned.

Paris EnviParis EnviParis EnviParis EnviParis Envi

iPhone et déplacements RATP dans Paris
iApp, internet, carte papier ou simples .pdf…? | Voici les fêtes qui démarrent en cette fin d’année et, souvent, la possibilité de prendre quelques heures pour se déplacer dans la capitale pour voir un spectacle ou retrouver des amis…

パリ(フランス)で使う iPhone アプリ・リスト
iPhone / iPod touch 用アプリの App Store での品揃えがついに一万になんなんとしているという。iPhone 3G Wiki blog で指摘されているように、コンテンツプロバイダまで囲い込む日本のケータイキャリアの商法ではありえないことだ。

Study Aid

December 19, 2008

Study Aid$1.99 from Wet Leaf Software Study Aid

Study Aid is the quick and simple flash card program that makes studying a breeze!

Simply swipe left or right to go forwards or backwards in your list of cards, and swipe down for the answer and back up for the question. Study Aid allows you to easily organize your cards into lists and turn on or off the card or list that you want. Additionally, you can easily share your flashcards via e-mail with friends and classmates who have Study Aid!

You can also easily type and add flashcards to Study Aid via the Study Aid Card Creator on our website when you don’t feel like typing them up on your iPhone. No account required!

Additionally, you can:

– Alter the font for your cards

– Change the text color for questions / answers (affects all questions or all answers)

– Change the background color

– Flip Questions and Answers (useful for vocabulary!)

Lastly, there is, additionally, a .CSV importer* available on our website “as is”.

(Note! – Wifi connection is required to import/export cards on iPod Touch)

* – the .CSV importer has no support. It will either work or it won’t. You can test whether it can read your .csv file without buying Study Aid.

Study AidStudy AidStudy AidStudy AidStudy Aid