December 21, 2008

SoccerMate$1.99 from palaware SoccerMate

Soccer moms, soccer dads, soccer fans, this app is for you. No more fiddling with your watch trying to remember when the half started or debating the score and where the goal came from. SoccerMate keeps track of made shots, cards and time (even stoppage time), all of which are easily reviewable during or after the match. SoccerMate is the easiest and simplest way to review a match with your kids, friends, or co-players after a game.

• Countdown Clock (with stoppage time)
• Field location of shots & cards tracked by team, player and time
• Match summaries (with an option to email)
• Multiple team configuration including names, players, colors and notes
• Supports both overtime and penalty kicks for tied matches


Shaky Summit

December 21, 2008

Shaky Summit$1.99 from IUGO Mobile Entertainment Inc. Shaky Summit

Rolling boulders, slippery ice patches, cave floods and volcanic fire storms hail down on you as you climb the 3D race to the Shaky Summit. Touch the Stamina Bar for a short burst of speed or faster recovery and shake the mountain to reach the peak before your opponent. Strategize your climb accordingly so you don’t accidentally help your opponent through the debris of Summit Island. With ten challenging climbs, fortuitous path hurdles and a multi-player mode, IUGO has created a title loaded with hours of game play fun. Decorate your character with gold, silver and bronze medals for each level of difficulty while jamming to your own playlist and collecting un-lockables.

Shaky Summit is the essence of light gaming exclusively tailored for the iPhone.


-Gorgeous 3D rendered environments
-Multi-player mode for 2 on the same device
-Three levels of difficulty
-Three colorful characters with honed abilities and style
-Each climb is randomly generated for constant fresh and new gameplay
-Unlock one mystery character and four alternate costumes and more!

Pocket Gamer’s Tracy Erickson says,

“It’s an interesting and inventive approach…Shaky Summit really does well in what it offers. The simplicity of its gameplay makes it ideal for portable play and its wealth of content ensures a great value.”

Ragart of J.A.M.M. exclaims,

“…I had no idea it would be so addicting. Over the course of a week it’s become my favourite iPhone game by far…I’d love to see IUGO’s newest offering atop the App Store’s Top 25 summit.”

*Check out IUGO’s other iPhone hits: Toy Bot Diaries Entry 1, Toy Bot Diaries Entry 2, Toy Bot Diaries Entry 3 and Zombie Attack!, only on the App Store!

Shaky SummitShaky SummitShaky SummitShaky SummitShaky Summit

Shaky Summit, alocadas y divertidas carreras a la cima.
Shaky Summit. Desarrollador: IUGO Mobile Entertainment Inc. Precio: 1,59 €. Comprar Shaky Summit. Gratis en Installous. ¿Quien no recuerda a Toy Bot?, pues los mismos desarrolladores tienen un título que reune muchas de las

Toy Bot Diaries Entry 3 in App Store, $3.99
As promised last week, IUGO Mobile Entertainment has released the final installment in its Toy Bot Diaries series, Toy Bot Diaries Entry 3 ($3.99). The franchise’s debut entry earned critical praise for its intuitive tilt-based gameplay

AstroTilt by Jirbo

December 21, 2008

AstroTilt by Jirbo$0.00 from Jirbo, Inc. AstroTilt by Jirbo

“101 Most Essential iPhone Apps” –

“blazingly colorful…a dash of whimsy and top with rich graphics” – Forbes

– Accelerometer Tilt Mode

– 99 levels!

“This game is everything a mobile game should be!” -GrfxGuru

“Incredibly polished” -Ramrodicus

-Hours of fun.

-Recommended for fans of puzzle and arcade games such as Arkanoid , Breakout , Tetris , Bejeweled , Brickbreaker, Blocked, Labyrinth and Super Break

-This is not a subscription app. One time fee of 99 cents gets you to play AstroTilt as long as you want.

-Submit your score to’s World-Wide High Scores and compare scores with your friends on Jirbo Avatar!

Instructions: You must hold your thumb on the knob at the bottom of the screen to keep the ball going. If you take your thumb off this button (or off the bottom of the screen in touch follow mode) then the ball will automatically pause for your convenience. In Tilt mode, touch the screen to start the ball moving. Good luck and have fun!

– smoother graphics

– Choose between Jirbo blocks mode or regular blocks

– New break effects

AstroTilt by JirboAstroTilt by JirboAstroTilt by JirboAstroTilt by Jirbo


December 21, 2008

1-2-go$0.99 from Jens Beuckenhauer 1-2-go

Are your reactions fast? Find out with this tool! With this utility you can test your reaction time.

After tapping on the start button a small thumbprint will appear on the screen. Try to touch that symbol as fast as you can. As soon as you hit it your reaction time will be displayed. When and where the symbol appears is completely random to make sure that you can’t really prepare for the event.

– When the thumbprint appears a buzzing sound will indicate the event. The sound can be turned on/off.
– You can configure the minimum and maximum delay as well as the timeout.
– Changing the hotspot size will make it easier or even more difficult for you to hit the target.
– Settings will be stored automatically.
– “Defaults”-Button.


Dial Zero

December 21, 2008

Dial Zero$0.00 from Next Mobile Web Dial Zero

Quickly dial the customer service numbers of over 600 companies and skip directly to a person. Don’t wait through annoying voice prompts any longer. Dial Zero is useful, fast, and simple.

Dial Zero was named an Apple AppStore “Pick of the Week” and has been featured on and Yahoo! Tech.

Dial ZeroDial Zero