December 22, 2008

PhraseCraze$1.99 from GrunewaldDev PhraseCraze

PhraseCraze is a multi-player, word-guessing game that gives you and your friends a chance to compete against each other and race against the timer. You must work to not get caught when the buzzer goes off. Gather a few people together and pick one of the 5 Categories – Sports, Animals, Around the House, Entertainment, and Around the World – or choose “Everything” to shuffle through the thousands of words that might come up when you are playing the game.

In an exciting style of game play, simply describe the word or catch phrase that shows up on the screen and work to get your team to guess the word you are describing. PhraseCraze is a great game for groups and has a growing number of words that could show up.

– Over 3000 words and a still growing list
– 5 Exciting Categories for game play
– Audio Timer and Buzzer for exciting game play
– Visual Timer, which can be turned ON/OFF
– Built-in Scorekeeper with editable Winning Scores
– Customizable Team Names
– Built-In Tutorial
– Gameplay Settings that can be edited in Settings App

How to Play:
– Form 2 teams and arrange yourselves in a circle
– Press “GO” and get your team to guess the word without saying the word displayed
– Pass the iPhone/iPod Touch to the next team once the word is guessed
– Do not get caught when the buzzer goes off
– Team with the most points wins

Disclaimer: GrunewaldDev is not responsible for overly competitive people who throw or drop your iPhone/iPod Touch.




December 22, 2008

PhotoFrame$0.99 from Chilli X PhotoFrame


New in version 1.3 – Delete photos from your slideshow. You voted for this feature and we’re very pleased to offer it in this latest upgrade. Have fun showing your Xmas photos this holiday!


PhotoFrame turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a beautiful digital photo frame.

We’ve included some pictures to get you started, but you can easily customize these with favorites from your own photo albums.

PhotoFrame also acts as a digital clock by clearly displaying the time and date beneath the photo.

PhotoFrame overrides your auto-lock setting so your slideshow will continue for as long as you wish. This makes it ideal to keep running while your device is docked and on charge.

Other settings allow you to vary the length of time each picture is displayed and select either 12 or 24 hour time display.

PhotoFrame has a very clean, simple interface – just tap on the clock area of the screen to access the settings screen and change the photos. Tap on the main photo to advance to the next picture if you don’t want to wait for it to change automatically.

Version 1.3

– Support for up to 20 photos
– Remove photos from slideshow
– Show a slideshow of your favorite photos
– Time/date display
– 12hr/24hr mode
– Turns off auto-lock to prevent the iPhone/iPod touch sleeping whilst it’s running
– Tap the photo to show the next one in the slideshow, or just give your iPhone/iPod touch a shake!
– Clean interface with hidden status bar

In common with other developers, we recommend you install PhotoFrame through iTunes and not directly on your iPhone/iPod touch. If you are experiencing problems with the app, please uninstall it and re-install it through iTunes.

Any questions, please let us know!


Apps On Sale In The App Store on 02/02/2009
This is your daily serving of iPhone and iPod Touch applications on sale. Today, iPhone Download Blog is bringing you the latest apps that are currently on sale in the App Store. Some of them are even free! If you were hesitating about

PhotoFrame: Wild!
No sooner has Done appeared in the App Store than a second new app joins it. PhotoFrame: Wild! is a special, limited edition version of our popular PhotoFrame app. PhotoFrame: Wild! is free so there’s no excuse to not grab a copy now

[工具計算] PhotoFrame把你的iPhone當電子相框吧
軟體名稱:PhotoFrame 軟體分類:工具計算官方網站:Chilli X: Red Hot Apps for iPhone and iPod Touch 安裝資源:App Store 操作等級:▼▽▽▽▽ 推薦安裝:▲▲▽▽▽ 購買費用:USD$0.99 —————————————————

iPhoneアプリの話ですけど、PhotoFrameというアプリがフリーだけどいい感じ。 iTunesストアへのリンク このアプリは、Flickrから画像を取ってきて、iPhoneをデジタル

[News] Featured in App Store 2008.11.17
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Top 10 Most Useless iPhone Apps!
It’s been a while since a post about a topic which is close and dear to Omio’s heart…iPhone Apps. With approximately seventeen trillion iPhone applications and games currently on the Store, there are plenty of duds amongst the greats.


December 22, 2008

SpeedTrap$0.99 from Scoutic SpeedTrap

SpeedTrap is an interactive display of thousands of nationwide speed traps, traffic stops and red light cameras.

Features & Benefits

* No Account needed! Stable Application!
* View thousands of very recent locations
* Includes the location of speed traps, traffic stops and red light cameras
* Add your own locations
. o Just push a button (updated in 24 hours)
. o Browse nearby locations

* Use the functionality of Google Maps
. o Watch your position live
. o Navigate the map
. o List speed traps
. o Show current traffic



December 22, 2008

Ecalcs$3.99 from Thomas Boardman Ecalcs

It Started out as just an Ohms Law calculator but has grown into a multiple calculator! I do hope that you find this application useful, there is still more to come, I read what people want and I am trying to get out to you as quickly as possible but as some of you may not know I am an electrician by day. With that being said that only leaves my evenings for programming, plus I am a one man developing team. Rest assured that the tools you want are what I want too and I want the calculations to be correct so I hope that it puts you at ease to know that this application is being developed by a fellow electrician.
If I were strictly a software developer I would be pumping out updates every week, and the calculations probably wouldn’t be right. So please be patient with me I still have many calculators to add to this, the next update will bring table 310.16 of the NEC to your finger tips, then we can shoot for Conduit Fill.



December 22, 2008

Chronos$1.99 from Fernando Pereira Chronos

Chronos is a very simple time tracker with TASKS and Time Periods per task. It’s not a full time management system.
The data is saved in the phone but, in this version, you can use email to send a text version of the data to outside the phone/ipod.

The information collected is simply:
Task: names
Time Period: day and number of hours spent

Next version will include also fixed price tasks.

Please send any suggestions and/or problems that you might have found to