Ecalcs$3.99 from Thomas Boardman Ecalcs

It Started out as just an Ohms Law calculator but has grown into a multiple calculator! I do hope that you find this application useful, there is still more to come, I read what people want and I am trying to get out to you as quickly as possible but as some of you may not know I am an electrician by day. With that being said that only leaves my evenings for programming, plus I am a one man developing team. Rest assured that the tools you want are what I want too and I want the calculations to be correct so I hope that it puts you at ease to know that this application is being developed by a fellow electrician.
If I were strictly a software developer I would be pumping out updates every week, and the calculations probably wouldn’t be right. So please be patient with me I still have many calculators to add to this, the next update will bring table 310.16 of the NEC to your finger tips, then we can shoot for Conduit Fill.


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