PhraseCraze$1.99 from GrunewaldDev PhraseCraze

PhraseCraze is a multi-player, word-guessing game that gives you and your friends a chance to compete against each other and race against the timer. You must work to not get caught when the buzzer goes off. Gather a few people together and pick one of the 5 Categories – Sports, Animals, Around the House, Entertainment, and Around the World – or choose “Everything” to shuffle through the thousands of words that might come up when you are playing the game.

In an exciting style of game play, simply describe the word or catch phrase that shows up on the screen and work to get your team to guess the word you are describing. PhraseCraze is a great game for groups and has a growing number of words that could show up.

– Over 3000 words and a still growing list
– 5 Exciting Categories for game play
– Audio Timer and Buzzer for exciting game play
– Visual Timer, which can be turned ON/OFF
– Built-in Scorekeeper with editable Winning Scores
– Customizable Team Names
– Built-In Tutorial
– Gameplay Settings that can be edited in Settings App

How to Play:
– Form 2 teams and arrange yourselves in a circle
– Press “GO” and get your team to guess the word without saying the word displayed
– Pass the iPhone/iPod Touch to the next team once the word is guessed
– Do not get caught when the buzzer goes off
– Team with the most points wins

Disclaimer: GrunewaldDev is not responsible for overly competitive people who throw or drop your iPhone/iPod Touch.


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