Mobile Translator

December 31, 2008

Mobile Translator$4.99 from NibiruTech LTD. Mobile Translator

Describe by users as “Great user interface”, “absolutely the best translator of all”, “Extremely easy to use”

As long as you have internet connection you can have the world’s most advanced language translate technology(Google Translate) at your iPhone , anytime anywhere.

– Translate between 37 languages.
– Speaks in English/French/German/Spanish
– SMS like UI, Very fast , very easy to use
– Email translation
– Landscape mode
– Edit existing translations

You can send email to if you need assistance.

Mobile TranslatorMobile TranslatorMobile TranslatorMobile TranslatorMobile Translator

Tower Defense Spiele fürs iPhone
Das iPhone Programme und Spiele schnell ihren Reiz verlieren ist bekannt. Ich merke es selber. Appstore auf dem iPhone angeworfen und sich schnell und leicht einige Programme kaufen oder kostenlos herunterladen.

Going anywhere? Seven travel Apps you can't leave home without
Whether you’re traveling to Denver or Dubai, your iPhone can make for one savvy travel companion, thanks to a selection of Apps that offers information on dining, transportation, and even restrooms. Below are seven Apps that any

Mobile Translator : l’application qui vous parle
Mobile Translator est une application permettant de traduire du texte d’une langue à une autre. Jusqu’ici, rien d’extraordinaire : elle est basée sur la technologie Google Translate et supporte 37 différents langages.

Episode 29 – iPhone this – iPod Touch that …
Geek is Chic is a podcast where technology is fashionable and practical. In episode 29, iPhone this – iPod Touch that …, We discuss the many things we talk about the fun of iPhones and iPod Touches. Here’s the show notes for that

Переводчики для iPhone
Среди многочисленных приложений для iPhone, продажи которого в России стартовали не так давно, мой блог интересуют только словари и переводчики, их стоимость и где приобрести :-). Поэтому ниже я представляю краткий обзор автоматических

Le offerte del giorno su AppStore (28/11)
Anche oggi non mancano delle occasioni interessanti su AppStore. Vediamole insieme. Ballz (associare le bolle dello stesso colore): 0,79 euro (prezzo pieno 1,79 euro); iCanDrive (esercitarsi sui quiz della patente): 0,79 euro (prezzo

Mobile Translator 34カ国語対応。 SMSのフキダシのカタチで翻訳してくれます。なんかカワイイ(^^) ウィークエンドセールで、今日(2008.11.23)まで無料だそうです。 Talking Translator 18カ国語対応。



December 31, 2008

NavalBattle2Go$3.99 from FMWebschool Inc. NavalBattle2Go

**New Website**
**New User Guide**
**New Help Movie**

Website –

User Guide –

Help Movies located at the NavalBattle2Go website!

NavalBattle2Go enables you to play against the computer, against your office mates, or against another player on the other side of the world. One Battleship against another!

You have heard the saying, you can run but you can’t hide. NavalBattle2Go enables you to push this maxim to the limit! NavalBattle2Go will put your strategic skills to the test, as you show who’s the boss of the open sea!

NavalBattle2Go adds the additional excitement of allowing you to place invisible explosive mines into your opponents game zone. If they place a battleship on one of the mines you have secretly hidden, Kaboom! You score a direct hit.

The real fun kicks in when you try to Find and destroy your opponents fleet of battleships. The live radar screen displays the attacks in real time enabling you to keep track of your opponents attacks. Battleship has been around for over 50 years, it’s simplicity and direct one on one competitive nature make it an extremely fast paced game that’s fun for everyone.

We cannot think of a better way to impress your significant other or an available prospect than showing your NavalBattle2Go savvy and taking on our computerized game and defending your iPhone’s honor. This game presents you with the perfect opportunity to hold your iPhone high and declare “I am master of the seas!”

We are not responsible for addiction to this game, also, Celebratory dance not included.



December 31, 2008

PocketLD$19.99 from Michael Zinman PocketLD

PocketLD is a photometric database and calculation tool for theatrical and TV/Film lighting professionals.

Simply enter your throw distance, than select manufacturer, fixture and a lamp to calculate beam/field diameter and fc/lux.


-Beam and/or Field Angles
-Lamp Code
-Color Temperature
-Lamp Hours
-Candela Multiplication Factor
-Website URL (touch to open site within the App!)


-Altman Stage Lighting; including TV/Film
-Kino Flo
-Robert Juliat
-Strand Lighting; including TV/Fim
-and Generic PAR lamps


-Access the manufacturers website by touching on their respective URL link within the App.
-Free upgrades include new fixture & lamp libraries.


-For footcandles & lux: Candela x Candela Multiplying Factor divided by Throw Distance Squared.

-For beam and/or field diameter: Beam/Field angle x 0.018 x Throw Distance.

For a complete list of fixtures and a video demo, please visit

More lighting related apps @

Check out our other iPhone/iPod Touch lighting apps “GelCalc” & “iSwitch DMX”



December 31, 2008

Deezer$0.00 from Deezer Deezer

Deezer is an application for the iPhone and iPodTouch that allows you to listen to all the webradios from Deezer and also to the Smart-Radio !

You can now enjoy more than 30 webradios with different themes (rock, jazz, rap, top…) and a Smart Radio that fits your tastes !

Bring your favourite radios with you thanks to the Deezer application on your iPhone/iPodTouch !


Configuration de mon iPhone et mes logiciels gratuits préférés
Hier nous avons parlé de l’iPhone avec mon pote Damonx, qui tient un excellent blog sur les jeux vidéos et le ciné, et je lui ai promis de faire un petit article sur la configuration de mon iPhone et les applications gratuites que

Alternativas gratuitas a
El último movimiento de nos obliga a recordar que existen decenas de alternativas gratuitas que nos permiten escuchar música de manera legal e instantánea. Aunque probablemente tenga el algoritmo más pulido y conozca

10 applications iPhone pour les freelances
Main_appstore20081204 J’ai un iPhone, et c’est un vrai bonheur. C’est bien simple, il fait tout : GPS, téléphone, iPod, email, surf, agenda… C’est devenu un compagnon inséparable. Mais le grand intérêt de l’iPhone, ce sont bien sûr

Quelques news en vrac
Une petite news rapide afin de vous signaler quelques petites choses intéressantes : Le jeu Brother in Arms est passé à seulement 4€99 sur l’Appstore au lieu d’un prix d’origine de 7€99. Je n’ai pas essayé ce jeu mais c’est une bonne

Deezer 2.0 pour iPhone disponible
Le site d’écoute de musique en ligne Deezer a sorti il ya quelques mois une application iPhone permettant d’accéder à quelques fonctionnalités directement depuis le téléphone. Cette application était attendue par beaucoup d’audiophiles

An app a day keeps the doctor away (5)
In de iTunes Store en op internet vind je ook verschillende radio-achtige applicaties. Een paar voorbeelden: Deezer: soort op je mobiele telefoon (gratis!) StreamItAll: de populairste Nederlandse en buitenlandse radiostations op

Sélection d'applications pour iPhone après une dizaine de jours d
J’ai donc un iPhone entre les mains depuis une dizaine de jours. Choisir un iPhone, c’était notamment pour accéder à ses applications. Après quelques visites de l’App Store et pas mal de tests, j’ai pu constater qu’elles étaient

Enfin… La RSR sur mon iPhone. En 3G et avec classe !
Je commençais à me faire à l’idée… Plus jamais la RSR dans les transports publics tu n’écouteras ! Et paf…. juste avant la fin de l’année et les cadeaux de Noël, ils ont dû se mettre d’accord et voilà… Tout fonctionne très bien…

MSU Cowbell

December 31, 2008

MSU Cowbell$0.00 from Hewell Consulting, LLC MSU Cowbell

For decades, Mississippi State sports fans have been ringing cowbells at MSU sporting events. Now MSU fans can play the “Hail State” fight song and ring their cowbell right on the iPhone.

MSU CowbellMSU CowbellMSU Cowbell

100+ Free Sports Apps for the iPhone
The iPhone and iPod Touch have numerous applications for just about every hobby and desire, especially when it comes to sports apps. There are tools for tracking scores in baseball, hockey, football, and even fencing; playing fantasy

World Traveller

December 31, 2008

World Traveller$4.99 from GameEra Inc. World Traveller

How do you know your World? How many countries have you been to?
Have you ever experienced the beauty of the Niagara Falls or The Grand Canyon?
Where are the Great Pyramids? How high is the Mount Everest?

Discover the secrets of our amazing Planet in this new exciting adventure quest game from Game Era Studios.

– Beat the time and distance in 10 exciting levels
– Thousands of locations on the world map
– Guess World Cities and the Famous Places!

The faster the better! And don’t forget it’s a small world after all…

World TravellerWorld TravellerWorld TravellerWorld TravellerWorld Traveller

National Geographic enters iPhone gaming space
Do you like games like Everest: Hidden Expedition or World Traveller? Well, content-wise they might soon face steep competition as National Geographic has decided to explore the lucrative and exciting space called the App Store.

Tennis Slam

December 31, 2008

Tennis Slam$4.99 from FinBlade Tennis Slam

Serve and volley your way to success in the ultimate pick-up-and-play tennis title. Use touch or tilt in this beautifully presented arcade tennis treat to slam your way to victory.

Tennis SlamTennis SlamTennis SlamTennis SlamTennis Slam