NavalBattle2Go$3.99 from FMWebschool Inc. NavalBattle2Go

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User Guide –

Help Movies located at the NavalBattle2Go website!

NavalBattle2Go enables you to play against the computer, against your office mates, or against another player on the other side of the world. One Battleship against another!

You have heard the saying, you can run but you can’t hide. NavalBattle2Go enables you to push this maxim to the limit! NavalBattle2Go will put your strategic skills to the test, as you show who’s the boss of the open sea!

NavalBattle2Go adds the additional excitement of allowing you to place invisible explosive mines into your opponents game zone. If they place a battleship on one of the mines you have secretly hidden, Kaboom! You score a direct hit.

The real fun kicks in when you try to Find and destroy your opponents fleet of battleships. The live radar screen displays the attacks in real time enabling you to keep track of your opponents attacks. Battleship has been around for over 50 years, it’s simplicity and direct one on one competitive nature make it an extremely fast paced game that’s fun for everyone.

We cannot think of a better way to impress your significant other or an available prospect than showing your NavalBattle2Go savvy and taking on our computerized game and defending your iPhone’s honor. This game presents you with the perfect opportunity to hold your iPhone high and declare “I am master of the seas!”

We are not responsible for addiction to this game, also, Celebratory dance not included.



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