Motion Alarm

January 1, 2009

Motion Alarm$1.99 from Maplewoods Associates Ltd. Motion Alarm



“Back away from my iPhone!”

Getting tired of all those jealous people playing with your iPhone without asking? Concerned that your iPhone may get damaged or stolen? Keep all intruders away with Motion Alarm!

Our motion-triggered deterrence technology will help keep your precious device safe. As soon as the preset level of movement is reached, your customized alarm will sound, alerting you and causing the unauthorized iPhone toucher to back off. (Self-destruct, implode feature coming soon)

Current features:

– Adjust the sensitivity level to distinguish between unauthorized use and accidental movement of the device.

– Choose an alarm sound. Currently includes a range of alarms, explosions and dog barking effects.

– Control alarm activation with a delay control.

– Designed to block iPhone sleep mode for continuous usage. (Will not currently work if sleep mode in manually initiated due to Apple restrictions.)

– Screen darkening so that potential iPhone “toucher” thinks the phone is off. NOTE: Tap in the top left corner to end darkened screen.

– GPS Tracking: Send the iPhones GPS co-ordinates with integrated Google Maps via email. (NOTE: Some users have reported that Hotmail may block GPS Report emails due to over protective spam filters. If this occurs, please try any other email address.)

– Stealth mode option to turn off alarm so thief will not realize they are being tracked via GPS.

– Although we would love to be able to disable the home button, this is not something that is possible due to Apple restrictions. Please use screen blackening and stealth mode so that user will not be aware that GPS tracking is enabled and they will not think to press home button.

We are open to include you ideas also! Simple join our support community and let us know how we can make this app even better.

Practical and impractical uses for Motion Sensor:

– Deter your friends, spouses, partners, parents, bosses, teachers, children and pets from your iPhone.

– Put your Motion Sensor enabled iPhone on your laptop, or in your handbag, luggage or briefcase and be alerted as an attempted theft is in progress, and deter the thief.

– Perfect for muscle building and toning. Just hold the Motion Sensor enabled iPhone with an outstretched arm and don’t ever let that alarm go off.

– You can use the above technique for effective disciplining of your children and/or students. (Not necessarily recommended).

We encourage you to submit suggestions for new usages and any new features you would like. Please join our community:

Created by Crowded Road
A Maplewoods company

Motion AlarmMotion AlarmMotion AlarmMotion AlarmMotion Alarm

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AppStore Apps on Sale 29/Nov/2008
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January 1, 2009

Grocophile$4.99 from Idle Loop Software Design, LLC Grocophile

Grocophile is a simple and efficient application to streamline creating a shopping list and organizing your shopping for the stores where you shop. You can share your lists and other data across iPhone and iPod Touch devices, making it simple and quick to share the work of shopping.

Your grocery list is sorted by your store’s aisles so that you can cruise through the store aisle-by-aisle in order, no more wandering through the store to find the groceries you missed on your first pass through the aisles. If you’re in a store that you haven’t entered into Grocophile, sort your list by groups so that similar items are together in the list. You’ll be amazed at how much your shopping experience is improved over scanning through a paper list repeatedly as you navigate the aisles.

As you shop, you can easily mark off items you’ve collected with a single tap and hide completed items from the list so you can focus on the remaining items as your list gets shorter. Completed items can be unhidden in case you want to double-check your cart.

Quickly build your shopping list from a custom list of the items you buy with your specific preference for brand, variety, size, etc. You have full control of every category and item, no screen area is wasted with items you don’t buy. No more scrolling through thousands of built-in items, the vast majority of which do not apply to your shopping habits. Drag to reorder categories, items, stores, and aisles so you find items right where you want them to be.

Increase or decrease quantities simply by tapping on the item, or enter a custom quantity or measure.

It’s easy to enter aisle information for the stores you shop at by category or by individual item. You can take a few minutes to enter aisles for your store, or simply assign aisles as you pick items from the shelf. You can have your list instantly reorder based on which store you are shopping at with just a couple of taps. Mark items that aren’t carried in a specific store to help you decide where you need to shop to complete the list. Sort the list by categories to make it easy to shop even when you’re in an unfamiliar store.

Share your shopping list with others via email and share all of your customized data with other Grocophile-enabled devices via WiFi. Multiple people can share the work of creating lists and doing the shopping; just transfer your shopping data from one iPhone or iPod Touch to another.

Full manual and guided tour available at


RulerPhone – Camera Measuring

January 1, 2009

RulerPhone - Camera Measuring$3.99 from Ben Kamens RulerPhone - Camera Measuring

Buy RulerPhone now at a 40% discount!

“…one of the coolest apps I have seen so far.”

“…the best ruler app for the iPhone.”
– iPhoneCave

“…one of the few apps that I keep on my personal iPhone.”
– Bryan,

“…unique app, accurate measurements.”
– iPhoneAppPodcast

“RulerPhone will inevitably come in handy, so you might as well buy it now!”
– got apps?

RulerPhone measures anything your iPhone can take a picture of!

RulerPhone turns your iPhone and its camera into a true measuring tape — all you need is something already in your wallet: a gift card, MetroCard, driver’s license, or credit card.

Buy RulerPhone – the widely acclaimed, “best ruler app for the iPhone” – now for only $3.99.

New Version! RulerPhone can now also measure the distance from your iPhone’s camera to any object and save any measurements to your photo library!

RulerPhone is not like other apps: it does not just display an image of a ruler on your iPhone, and it does not use GPS to calculate distance. RulerPhone can accurately measure distances ranging from a few inches to 10 feet and beyond.

What others are saying:

“…one of the best applications for the iPhone.”
“I was surprised how well this worked…I would buy this for $10.”
“Works like a charm…super easy to use.”

How does it work?

Place any credit-card sized card next to the object you’d like to measure, snap a picture with your iPhone’s camera, align your image with the card placeholder that RulerPhone displays on-screen, and you are ready to measure anything in your picture just by dragging your finger. You can also use any picture already stored in your iPhone or iPod Touch photo library.

RulerPhone figures out the dimensions you’re measuring using the card in your picture as reference. Once you’ve aligned the card in your image with the on-screen card placeholder, you simply drag your finger across the screen to measure distance. RulerPhone will display a ruler over your picture that you can drag and adjust to fine-tune your measurements (as seen in the screenshot below).

Is it accurate?

RulerPhone is accurate within half an inch when measuring distances of three feet or less and can be accurate within a single inch when measuring distances up to 10 feet as long as the instructions are followed closely. Much of RulerPhone’s accuracy depends on the user’s ability to follow the on-screen instructions and tips for accuracy. Once these steps are mastered, RulerPhone is a very accurate tool. RulerPhone’s accuracy will also continue to increase as the iPhone’s camera is upgraded.

When does it not work?

RulerPhone does not measure depth in a photograph. When you take a picture, RulerPhone can only measure an object’s height and/or width. Similarly, if you take a picture with your MetroCard or driver’s license off at an angle instead of pointing directly at the camera, RulerPhone’s accuracy will be compromised. All of this information is in RulerPhone’s instructions and accuracy tips that are available once you buy the app, and more information is found at the website below.

How can I learn more?

Go to to learn more, get tips, and watch video of RulerPhone in action.

RulerPhone - Camera MeasuringRulerPhone - Camera MeasuringRulerPhone - Camera MeasuringRulerPhone - Camera MeasuringRulerPhone - Camera Measuring

myConvert (unit converter)

January 1, 2009

myConvert (unit converter)$0.99 from Lu A Oo myConvert (unit converter)

myConvert is a unit converter based on a popular, Apple-‘staff-picked’, web-app iConvert.
Thanks to over 10 months running of the predecessor web-app, this new software delivers a lot of measurements combined with extra abilities. Feel free to try/use the web application first.

Current version includes 586 units (35 currency units) in 51 categories.

– Shows conversions of multiple units at a time
– Built-in numeric keyboard with calculator
– Supports advanced conversions, for example: 180cm can convert to (and from) 5ft 10in, 60kg to 9st 6lb 4oz, 5120secs to 1hr 25min 20secs.
Other conversions: binary-hex-ASCII-Roman, navigation, carbon dating, timecode, Resistor colour code, degree-min-sec and more!
– New units and categories can be downloaded from server directly to myConvert
– You can add your own categories and units, then submit to server for sharing
– Simple, highly customizable, fast and responsive interface

Currency rates are provided by an external source:
European Central Bank,

myConvert (unit converter)myConvert (unit converter)myConvert (unit converter)myConvert (unit converter)myConvert (unit converter)

Geopher Lite

January 1, 2009

Geopher Lite$0.99 from Geopher Tools Geopher Lite

Geopher Lite is a while-you-are-out geocaching application. Quickly check your current location via for geocaches in your area with the search button. Then type in a target latitude and longitude and let Geopher Lite’s directional arrow lead the way to your destination.

Visit our blog at and let us know how you like Geopher Lite or to help out with a must-have feature!

A more complete version of Geopher is in the works and will be made available eventually. This will include managed geocache lists, pocket query / GPX file support and other features. Thanks for taking a look at Geopher Lite!

3G iPhone recommended for better accuracy but not required.

Geopher LiteGeopher LiteGeopher LiteGeopher LiteGeopher Lite