January 8, 2009

WeightMan$0.00 from かたち開発 (Katachi Studio) WeightMan

WeightMan is a simple application for recording (managing) your weight everyday, and watching the history of your weight.
Face it, and change.


[iPhone] 長期間使用されているiPhoneアプリをまとめてみました
先日、以下のエントリーでiPhoneアプリに関する質問をしてみました。 総額0ポイントで。あなたが長期間使用しているiPhoneアプリを教えてください。 ようやくまとめることが出来たので、以下に紹介します。 ★の数はアプリ名が出た時点ではカウントせ

Hoy he tenido una idea tonta. La de listar las aplicaciones más deprimentes del iPhone. No son deprimentes por su calidad. No. Son aplicaciones decentes. Deprimen por su objetivo o contenido. O porque la vida está llena de estas cosas:

[iPhone][App Store]「mmApSelect」で紹介しているアプリのレビュー
mmApSelectの更新に合わせて、レビュー記事一覧も更新しました。 mmApSelectには以下からアクセスできます。 moto_maka applist. http://moto-maka.net/touch/. 当然のように超長いので、続きは「続きを読む」にて。

[iPhone][App Store] 「mmApSelect」で紹介しているアプリのレビュー
ちょっと前から少しずつ調べてたんですが、ようやくまとまりました。 長かった・・・. mmApSelectには以下からアクセスできます。 moto_maka applist. http://moto-maka.net/touch/. 当然のように超長いので、続きは「続きを読む」にて。

[iPhone][App Store] iPhone定番アプリ100選「mmApSelect」公開
以下の記事を読んで。 iPhoneアプリの総数がそろそろ1万本に届きそうな件. http://blogs.itmedia.co.jp/closebox/2008/11/iphone1-34b9.html. 今後も、AppStoreのアプリ数はどんどん増えていくだろうし、. その中から、いかに良アプリをチョイスしていく


English From Fear

January 8, 2009

English From Fear$0.99 from Federico Frezza English From Fear

Inglese da paura, “terrific english”: almost 200 italian expressions literally translated in nonsensical english. From the authors of the web site http://www.englishfromfear.it (www.inglesedapaura.it).

Shake the iPhone to view a new expression.

Please note: this app is useless to you unless you have some knowledge of both italian and english languages!

English From FearEnglish From FearEnglish From FearEnglish From Fear

Furzmaschine – das Original!

January 8, 2009

Furzmaschine - das Original!$0.99 from bitforge Ltd Furzmaschine - das Original!

Trick your parents, teachers and friends with the Fart Machine for your iPhone.

With several realistic sounding farts and nice animation, this machine is “state of the fart”.

Set the coundown and hide your iPhone behind someone for maximum fun!

Warning! Use at your own risk!

This is the original Fart Machine, as known from TV.

Recommended for fans of iFart, other Fartmachines, whoopee cushions and other Sound machines.

Furzmaschine - das Original!Furzmaschine - das Original!Furzmaschine - das Original!

31 fart apps in 90 seconds
Looks like the years I spent in Spencer’s finally paid off, as I was given the dubious honor of sniffing out a few dozen of the 60+ fart apps on the store. But I promise, no squeaking out a lame joke just because this is a video about


Live TV and TubeToGo – still waiting in line
Apple seems to be very busy these days reviewing new apps. That’s cool as we see a lot of great app ideas reaching the plattform every day, like iFart Mega Fart, iFart Mobile or Furzmaschine. Too bad that our two apps TubeToGo and Live

iPhone will fart more than all humans combined if Fart apps keep
image-thumb36 iPhone will fart more than all humans combined if Fart apps keep farting. I guess the App Store has got some serious thing about those Fart apps. Alright I admit those apps are selling like noisy/un-smelly farty cakes but

Indecent proposal? iPhone fart apps continue down the gutter
I know a lot of you are sick of hearing about iPhone fart applications, but keep in mind that iFart Mobile is still the number one app in Apple’s App Store and is making its developers tens of thousands of dollars each day.


January 8, 2009

iDialUDrive$0.99 from iCloseBy.com iDialUDrive

Sync your phone lists from the web over 3G or WiFi! Have someone else maintain your phone lists of important calls to make on your way to the airport or to work in the morning. Sync when you get in the car and have your calls start dialing without ever touching the phone again.

iDialUDrive is a fun and simple application for your iPhone which you use to automatically dial, hands free, anyone on your list of contacts. This application is a safe, legal way to use your iPhone hands free while driving.

Using your iPhone’s built-in Contact manager, iDialUDrive lets you easily create custom lists of people you want to call. Then, by simply touching just one control, iDialUDrive will dial the first entry in your custom call list. After the first call is completed, iDialUDrive automatically will dial the next entry in your list. You get to make all your important calls without ever having to touch your iPhone!

This application is great for making phone calls while commuting! For example, before getting into your car, you use iDialUDrive to make a quick custom call list of the people you need to speak with during your commute. Then, after you start your commute, you touch the iDialUDrive “Dial” control, and iDialUDrive does the rest. iDialUDrive will start by calling the first person in your custom list, and when each call is completed, it will automatically hang up and then dial the next number.

You can create a custom call list which can have any number or combination of contacts from your contact list. You can create lists of friends, family, work partners, members on a school soccer team, shops and businesses, etc.., and then use iDialUDrive to automatically dial each phone number on any list.

iDialUDrive has these features:
New web based phone list editor ( idial.icloseby.com ) for syncing to your phone.
Allow someone else to maintain your import list of calls without giving up your phone for entry.
Sync your phone lists anytime over Edge or WiFi
Uses the Contact list on your iPhone.
Create a custom call list.
Can reorder and edit the call list.
Works with any headset (BlueTooth, etc).
Adjustable time between calls.
One-touch “Cancel All”, to stop dialing.
Ultra low cost and simple to use.



January 8, 2009

Snatch$5.99 from Hoofien Snatch

Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a wireless multi-touch trackpad, keyboard and fully customizable remote control for your PC or Mac!

Snatch is a remote control app and MUCH MORE. It will also turn your touch device into a fantastic desktop accessory. Some users report using their mouse and keyboard less and less after buying the app…

*** NEW: A manual connection using an IP address is now added as an option ***

SNATCH IS RANKED BY iLounge.com AS ONE OF THE 100 BEST iPhone APPS AND AS THE BEST MOUSE AND TRACKPAD APP. The iPhone Blog (www.theiphoneblog.com) also prefers Snatch to Air Mouse, another very successful competitor. See out website for links to the full reviews.

What you can do with Snatch:

* Complete wireless TRACKPAD capabilities including multi-touch features – tracking, clicking, dragging, two-finger scrolling, two-finger tap, window dragging and (Mac only:) screen zoom

* Separate SCROLLING mode for easy one-finger scrolling in either linear (iPhone style) or iPod clickwheel-type circular scrolling – great for scrolling through long documents or web pages

* Complete KEYBOARD emulation including all major control and navigation keys and volume control

* BUILD YOUR OWN REMOTE CONTROLS: Our amazing and unique shortcut editor lets you create up to 4 screens of shortcut keys. Each screen can contain up to 36 keys. In a few gestures you will create new keys, arrange their layout on the screen, customize their names, colors and sizes and record into each key a sequence of keystrokes that it becomes a shortcut for.

* “Just Works” — uses Bonjour to auto-detect the server so no IP-addresses or network configuration required (but also enables manual connection with an IP address for setups that incompatible with Bonjour). Snatch is a mature app, stable and with many useful customization options and a fantastic user interface.

* Can also be used in an environment without WiFi by creating an ad hoc network.

Join the thousands of happy users that are using Snatch for many different purposes:
* Giving presentations
* Front Row, VLC or HDTV media center controller
* Surfing the web from the comfort of your couch
* On your desktop, scroll in style through long web pages and documents with the clickwheel scrolling mode
* On your desktop you can record keyboard macros to suit your workflow and avoid muscle fatigue

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are considering buying Snatch, please make sure to first try SnatchTest, the free version that has more limited functionality. We are confident that you will like it!

* Any iPhone or iPod Touch device
* Any PC running Windows XP/Vista
* Any Mac running Leopard (Mac OS 10.5.*) or Tiger (Mac OS 10.4.*). The Tiger version supports tracking, scrolling and keyboard functions but not all other features, see our website for more information.
* Your computer and touch device must on the same WiFi network (if you don’t have a wireless router you can easily set up an ad hoc network to make it work).
* You will need to download the Snatch Server application, a small free utility available from our website (click the application URL below – http://www.hoofien.com/Snatch.html) and run it on your computer.



Sudoku Pro

January 8, 2009

Sudoku Pro$0.99 from OutOfTheBit Sudoku Pro

Sudoku Pro is designed for instant play for people on the go.
Launching the application takes you straight to your previous game or a new game with no need to waste time with menus and settings.
It’s perfect for a few minutes play on the bus or challenging yourself with our hard mode!

– Simple, easy-to-use interface tailored for your iPhone or iPod Touch.
– Instant play, one click on the icon brings you straight to your game
– Three levels of fun for the casual player up to the hardcore puzzle enthusiast.
– Tens of thousands of games are available with our unique table generation algorithm.
– Your game is saved silently while you play.

OutOfTheBit would like to thank all the iPhone and iPod users who gave us feedback on our first version of Sudoku Pro.
Based on your comments we’ve made the interface more intuitive and have made the controls bigger and much easier to use.

News: Join our brand new Facebook group for the latest news and promotions. Search OutOfTheBit on Facebook now!

Sudoku ProSudoku Pro