January 10, 2009

PlugPlayer$4.99 from Howard Abrams PlugPlayer

Finally, a simple way to use your existing UPnP™ software and devices from your Apple iPhone™ or iPod® touch. Introducing PlugPlayer, an application to stream music from UPnP™ media servers or control UPnP™ media renderers – all from the palm of your hand.

– Stream Music* or Video* from a UPnP™ Media Server* to your Apple iPhone
Already have a UPnP™ media server running on your home computer or server? With PlugPlayer you can access music from your UPnP™ media server and listen to it on your iPhone.

– Control PlugPlayer from another Apple iPhone
Like listening to your iPod touch while it is docked to speakers, but hate having to physically walk over to change the playlist or volume? With PlugPlayer, you can use your iPhone to remotely control another copy of PlugPlayer.

– Control a UPnP™ Media Renderer* from your Apple iPhone
Already have a UPnP™ media renderer hooked up to your stereo? No need to fumble around looking for the right remote. With PlugPlayer you can control your media renderer using your iPhone, creating a playlist from media on your UPnP™ media server.

– No Additional Software or Configuration Required
Other solutions require proprietary software on your home computer, but PlugPlayer uses the UPnP™ media server you already have. Plus, PlugPlayer automatically discovers UPnP™ devices on your network without the need for manual configuration or settings.

– Advanced Features
Of course, should your UPnP™ device not be discoverable due to your network circumstances, there is also a way to manually add a device. With PlugPlayer’s advanced device configuration, you can stream music and video from remote servers or even over VPN. You can even use PlugPlayer to help other media renderers discover your remote servers.

* Please see for supported audio/video file formats and UPnP servers/renderers known to work with PlugPlayer


Jedem eine App (iPhone / iPod touch als Fernbedienung Teil III)
In Anbetracht der Vielzahl von speziellen Programmen bzw. Applikationen (kurz App genannt) für den iPod touch und das iPhone im Apple iTunes App Store rückt die ursprüngliche Funktion (MP3-Player bzw. Telefon) glatt in den Hintergrund.


Soundtrainer ストレッチ2 Cooling down

January 10, 2009

Soundtrainer ストレッチ2 Cooling down$0.00 from SWJ Soundtrainer ストレッチ2 Cooling down








Soundtrainer™シリーズは湯浅景元教授監修(中京大学体育学部 Kagemoto Yuasa,M.D.)のもと、サウンドウォークジャパン株式会社(Soundwalk Japan Inc.)が制作したものです。

We show static stretch with this video.
Sorry, now is Japanese only.

Soundtrainer ストレッチ2 Cooling downSoundtrainer ストレッチ2 Cooling downSoundtrainer ストレッチ2 Cooling down

Soundtrainer ストレッチ1 static stretch

January 10, 2009

Soundtrainer ストレッチ1 static stretch$0.00 from SWJ Soundtrainer ストレッチ1 static stretch







Soundtrainer™シリーズは湯浅景元教授監修(中京大学体育学部 Kagemoto Yuasa,M.D.)のもと、サウンドウォークジャパン株式会社(Soundwalk Japan Inc.)が制作したものです。

We show static stretch with this video.
Sorry, now is Japanese only.

Soundtrainer ストレッチ1 static stretchSoundtrainer ストレッチ1 static stretchSoundtrainer ストレッチ1 static stretch

iSpell Животные

January 10, 2009

iSpell Животные$2.99 from Magiecom iSpell Животные

iSpell is foreign language spelling trainer. For a word displayed in your native language (and we do support a few – Deutsch, Español, English, Français, Italiano, Русский to name a few) you gotta slide the letters to come up with right Russian spelling only to get another word to spell.

If spelling in foreign language is not your thing, you could always press “skip” button to get next word.

This lesson covers “Animals”.

Be sure to check out other lessons “The Basics”, “All about me”, “Home”, “Food”, “Leisure”, etc… available soon.

iSpell ЖивотныеiSpell ЖивотныеiSpell Животные


January 10, 2009

NitroxCalc$3.99 from frobese GmbH NitroxCalc

Dear certified NitroxDiver

“Never rely on rules of thumb for diving” they say.

Well, we trust the rule of your thumb when it comes to calculating with our NitroxCalc.
Squeeze out just that one last meter on your MOD? We tend to say: why not?

Optimizing your BestMix with pen and paper must be pretty dull. Why not finetune in real-time?

Can you swipe your thumb across the screen? Well, congratulations, you already know how to calculate then. Leave your manuals at home, they´d get wet anyways.

It´s never been easier. It´s never been fun before.

– calculate MOD*
– calculate BestMix*
– calculate Blending**
– Imperial and Metric units

* Maximum depth is 140 ft. / 45 m
** Pressure between 290 and 5000 psi / 20 and 350 bar

Please, write reviews for our app. And contact us with feature requests. We´re still going to improve NitroxCalc.



January 10, 2009

Obama!$0.00 from TootSweet Software Obama!

Do logic and politics mix? We say they do! Our new president is facing some big challenges, so welcome him to office by puzzling through a few of your own!

Expand your knowledge about America’s 44th president, Barack Obama, with this collection of quotes hidden in an addictive logic puzzle called “Masyu”. Solve each puzzle to reveal the quote — or just try to find the quote directly in the puzzle grid. However you solve them, enjoy this collection of original Masyu puzzles and join us in welcoming Barack Obama to his new job!

If you enjoy Obama!, please check out our Masyu collections: Masyu, Masyu Bug, and Monster Masyu.

Got a comment for us? Email us at or talk with us on Twitter at


Le offerte del giorno su App Store
Su App Store sono presenti oggi alcune applicazioni gratuite o in offerta. Rave Dancer; iBonsai; Ambiance Classic; Awesome Pickup Lines; Free iPocket Language Translator; Christmas Shake; StarBoy; Atoll HigherThan; MIDI Motion Machine

Barrack Obama iPhone applications in the App Store
Obama mania has reached the App Store and the iPhone. iPhone app developers are willing to code anything that has the word Obama. iPhone users have a bunch of Obama applications starting from campaign apps, vote tracker and most

iHandy Coin Flip

January 10, 2009

iHandy Coin Flip$0.99 from iHandySoft Inc. iHandy Coin Flip

Can you imagine putting all fifty state coins in your pocket? Just take iHandy Coin Flip!

Wanna flip a coin for a hard decision? iHandy Coin Flip let you select your favorite coins to try your luck.

The coins in iPhone will flip just like real coins flipping in the air. You can even use your iPhone to toss a coin with the same gesture tossing a real coin! The coins are beautiful, making you feel even better than tossing real coins.

– More than 60 high quality coins to choose from, including 50 state quarters and 8 presidential coins. Great for coins collection and educational purpose!
– Perfect simulation of the coin flipping track with sound effect
– Tap, double tap the screen or flip the iPhone upwards just like the gesture flipping a coin
– The harder you flip the phone, the faster the coin will rotate. Your decision looks even more unpredictable.
– You can get a random coin just by shaking your iPhone left ‘n’ right.
– Turn on “Cheat Mode”, then you can adjust the probability of head and tail to trick your friends 🙂


If you have any suggestion on this product, send an email to “ihandy.coinflip at ihandysoft dot com”. Your feedback is very valuable for us.

iHandy Coin FlipiHandy Coin FlipiHandy Coin FlipiHandy Coin FlipiHandy Coin Flip