eShaver$0.99 from Brainaholics eShaver

eShaver, a new easy-to-use shaving system from Brainaholics kicks off a revolution in digital shaving technology. It has been uncompromisingly engineered to capture more digital hair with everey stroke, even problem hairs, for Brainaholics’ easiest and most comfortable shave ever.

Brainaholics eShaver works like a real shaver. Just push the button and dive into the world of digital shaving pleasure. To get the ultimative shaving effect you can touch the screen while the eShaver is turned on. So you can hear the digital hairs shaved off with our patented DHS-Technology

+ Real sounds sampled from a real shaver
+ High volume
+ Oldskool Design
+ Realistic on/off switch
+ Vibrating blade

Demo Video:

* Please notice that the eShaver is NOT a real electric shaver.


eShaver – Der Rasierer fürs iPhone
Hi, ich möchte gerne meine iPhone-App namens eShaver vorstellen. Der eShaver ist ein realistischer Elektrorasierer fürs iPhone. Ein Demovideo findet ihr auf Direkt zum Appstore gehts hier


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