aGolfMemoir$0.00 from jajsoftware aGolfMemoir

aGolfMemoir keeps your golf scores on the iPhone. You can track scores for upto 4 players. As you play the game, you will be able to record score data automatically. The distance from the Pin is automatically calculated based on your GPS location. This feature alone will pay back the cost of your iPhone.
Download and backup course information to the website. You can take photos at each hole and share the memories with your friends.
Secure upload of your scores to This feature will allow you to keep the history of your game forever. If you ever change your phone or device, all your uploaded games will be accessible to you on the internet.
Email and share you games with your friends.

A complete user guide is available at:

This trial version has all features of GolfMemoir, but it will only save few rounds. If you like the trial version, please upgrade.

Please give us feedback directly at


Offerte del giorno su AppStore (12/01)
Ecco le applicazioni offerte gratuitamente per un periodo limitato di tempo. Fart Cushion (un’altra applicazione per burloni); MumboJambo (gioco di intrattenimento); BallPuzzle (classico gioco stile labyrint); bGolfMemoir (per giocatori


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