CongressPro$99.99 from Cohen Research Group CongressPro


Now you can have every member of Congress in YOUR pocket.


Macworld, “Indispensable … CongressPro is a fully featured app geared to lobbyists and K Street denizens, special-interest glad-handers, Capitol Hill jobholders, sundry bureaucrats, and… well, hacks like me. Similar resources, notably Leadership Directories’ Congressional Yellow Book, cost hundreds of dollars more.”, “Editor’s Pick: A great reference App for Capitol Hill.”, “… probably the most comprehensive political app available in the App Store.”

iPhoneAppPodcast, “These apps are very, very, very, very, very detailed and give you a ton of information.”


CONGRESSPRO offers all of the vital information you need to be an effective professional in between congressional elections with a constant stream of information throughout 2009. Keep track of members and open seats in Congress with photos, district maps, election results, and official bios. View or search by the full Congress, the House or Senate, or search directly for Delegates, Representatives or Senators.

Connect with important people on The Hill with office telephone numbers, contact forms, and Twitter links. Keep track of them with news, campaign finance information, and how they vote on legislation. Visiting DC? Tap on the address for directions using a Google map.

Engage Congress with direct contact email addresses to Chief of Staffs, Legislative Directors, Press Secretaries, and Schedulers. Track sponsored and cosponsored legislation, membership on standing and joint committees, and (in the Senate for now) subcommittees.

With most races and replacements appointed, we have updated our application to include the elected members of the 111th Congress. There are still some open seats but once they are filled we will provide a free update over-the-air without the need to update through iTunes. This version provides information updates throughout 2009 and program updates as long as you have CONGRESSPRO.


Contact: Color photo, full name, title, leadership position, state, district or Junior/Senior senator, party, DC office address with Google map link, official website, telephone number, contact form, Twitter link, House District Map, bio.

Campaign: News from Google, campaign finance from, campaign website, 2008 opponent name and website, 2008 election results and balance of power in each chamber.

Capitol Staff: Names and email addresses for the Chief of Staff, Legislative Director, Press Secretary, and Scheduler.

Legislative Activity: Direct links to a member’s sponsored and cosponsored legislation, membership on committees and (in the Senate) subcommittees. All links keep you inside the application and open official sources of information.

More: Links to President Obama’s cabinet and administrative appointees from the NY Times,,, the official THOMAS legislative database, news from Politico; and our blog, polls on issues, Twitter feed, user feedback, FAQ, and the ability to email us updates on your member of Congress for the database.


We have a limited number of application promo codes provided to us by Apple to offer. If you are very interested in purchasing CONGRESSPRO please send an email to and we’ll send you a four-week trial.


If CONGRESSPRO is crashing or you are seeing members of Congress who were either defeated, retired, or moved to the administration, you need to redo the update in a specific way. Please visit this link to get the latest update:


Due to popular request we have begun to add state versions. The first one is Apple’s home state of California. Search for “CaliforniaPro” in the AppStore.


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