FAA Test Prep – Private Pilot

FAA Test Prep -  Private Pilot$4.99 from Lima Sky FAA Test Prep -  Private Pilot

Student Pilots – Get ready for your FAA private pilot knowledge exam!

Private Pilots – review your knowledge to make sure you still remember all the rules and regulations.

Version 1.0 lets you study for the exam by going through the questions from the official FAA Airman Knowledge Test Question Bank in a random order. These are the same questions that you will see once you take the actual test.

Also included are the figures from the Recreational Pilot and Private Pilot Computer Testing Supplement – The same ones you will see on the actual exam. The appropriate figures are attached to the relevant questions. You can simply switch between the question and figure view if the questions has a figure associated with it. All the figures are clear and legible. You can zoom in and out of the figures to enlarge section of the larger figures, such as the sectionals.

Once you select an answer, you will either get a check mark if your answer is correct or an x if you picked one of the incorrect answers. The correct answer will also be displayed. Additionally, you will see how many questions you have answered correctly out of the total number of answered questions. This number will change as you progress through the questions.

This is a must-have application whether you already have your private pilot license or are studying for the exam. Over 850 questions are included, including all the questions from the most recent FAA Airman Knowledge Test Question Bank. This app will not only help you pass the exam with flying colors but will help you become a better, safer pilot.

Planned for the future versions:

* Test mode – A simulation of the real exam; 60 questions, 2.5 hours to finish
* Correct answer explanation – learn why a specific answer is the correct one.
* Integrated calculator(s).
* And a few other nifty features…

Also available from Lima Sky:
FAA Test Prep – Instrument Rating
FAA Test Prep – Commercial Pilot

*********** All the non-airplane questions have been removed from this latest update ********

FAA Test Prep -  Private PilotFAA Test Prep -  Private PilotFAA Test Prep -  Private PilotFAA Test Prep -  Private PilotFAA Test Prep -  Private Pilot


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