Buy That Duplex Lite

January 13, 2009

Buy That Duplex Lite$0.00 from WebsiteForge, LLC Buy That Duplex Lite

In this release, we fixed a bug with the Expenses section.


Long term real estate investors instinctively know if a property has positive cash flow or not. But what about the rest of us? BTD Lite was built to answer that question.

Now you can be the confident investor.

Features include:
– Analyze the cash flow of a property based on only two numbers: Negotiated Price and the total rent.

– Determine Mortgage Payment: Ascertain the best deal by examining the negotiated price, down payment and interest rate.

– Forecast Expenses: Itemized expenses are automatically calculated and summarized.

– Project cash flow: See how the mortgage payment and expenses will impact your bottom line.

– Create scenarios: Adjust the asking price or any itemized expense to improve cash flow.

Real Estate Investing just became a little easier with BTD Lite.

Make sure to check out Buy That Duplex Pro, also available in iTunes.

Buy That Duplex LiteBuy That Duplex LiteBuy That Duplex LiteBuy That Duplex LiteBuy That Duplex Lite



January 13, 2009

Trancit$0.99 from Ken Karakotsios Trancit

Trancit is a dynamic visual experience that will draw you in, relax you, and stimulate your mind. Trippy and entrancing images continuously emerge and transform, and can be guided by your input.

Swipe in any direction (left/right, up/down, or diagonal) or shake to interact with the evolving image. Save the image at any time to your photo library (more details below).

A perfect companion for listening to music, or just chilling. Also a great screen-saver while your iPhone/iPod Touch is docked. Features include:

– 11 different visualizations: 2Tone Bugs, Carbonate, Crystal Math, Diamond, Hot Frost, Life, Mandala, Square, Squarebles, Vortecy and Tie Dye.
– 8 different color palettes, plus palette animation
– Interact with touch, optional on-screen controls and by tilting/shaking your iPhone/iPod Touch
– Capture screen images for an infinite variety of wallpaper

** Some quick instructions **
Tap once to show or hide the toolbar, tap twice for all the settings (which are described in detail on the Tracit website, link provided below).

You can easily interact with the evolving image by swiping in any direction:

– Swipe to the right to select a different visualization at random, left for the previous visualization
– Switching from one visualization to another often provides interesting effects. Sometimes the new visualization can’t do much with what is left by the old visualization. In that case, wait a few seconds and the current image will decay and reseat and random, or you can clear simply the screen at any time
– To clear the screen and seed it with new randomness, swipe to the lower left (southwest).
– Swipe down to select a new color palette at random.
– To have the colors change while visualization is running (palette shift), swipe to the lower right (southeast). Swipe in the same direction to stop palette shift.
– Swipe to the upper right (northeast) to “Zap!” the image, which clears out most, but not all of the pixels. This gives a fresh start to the visualization, while preserving a little bit of the old image
– Swipe to the upper left to “breathe” (works with Mandala and Vortecy)
– Shake the device to “carbonate”. This causes the pixels to move randomly for a second or two.

There’s more you can do using the toolbar and “settings” screen. For a complete description, please visit the Trancit Website at (or click on the link below).

P.S. I (and many other app developers) would love to synchronize the visualizations to the music playing on the iPhone/iPod Touch, but there is currently no way for an app to do this. I’m hopeful Apple will provide a way for in the future.


Aqua Punt

January 13, 2009

Aqua Punt$0.99 from playtoniq Aqua Punt

Remember those water tank toys where you push the buttons and it shoots out air that makes the balls go into hoops?

Well this is totally one of those, but for your iPhone & iPod Touch.

Aqua Punt brings all the fun of old school water toys to the palm of your hand. Make all the field goals and extra points you can, or compete against yourself in timed drills. Submit your best scores online to see how you compare to other players around the world.

– Real underwater feel
– Customizable colors
– Tilt sensitive physics
– Great sound effects
– Simulated air bubbles
– 7 tiny little plastic* footballs
– 3 plastic* goal posts
– Multiple gameplay modes: Free play, One minute drill, Three minute drill
– Keeps track of your best score for each mode
– Online high scores
– Ad Free

* Not real plastic


G4 TV – The Feed
“You probably didn’t even know you’ve been waiting for it all your life–this is the kind of silly fun for which the iPhone was made.”

The Apple Blog
“It nails the gameplay. I feel like I am five again, holding the water tank toy and shooting air at the balls to propel them towards the goals.”

Hack The iPod Touch
“I rate it 9/10 in total – and I recommend that you buy it.”

Aqua PuntAqua PuntAqua PuntAqua PuntAqua Punt

Playtoniq oferece joguinhos de água para iPhones/iPods touch
Você se lembra daqueles brinquedos cheios de água em que apertávamos botões que sopravam ar por dentro e faziam bolinhas entrarem em cestas? Bom, talvez a minha descrição não tenha sido lá muito elucidativa — veja os vídeos abaixo e

SUPER STRIKE – Motion Bowl

January 13, 2009

SUPER STRIKE - Motion Bowl$0.99 from SUPER STRIKE - Motion Bowl

v3.0 is HERE!!! — We heard your reviews and got right on it (please update your reviews)!

– Lane Perspective View Mode – legacy top view is still selectable in the options


Super Strike combines stunning graphics and real sound with awesome gameplay. This isn’t you normal bowling game… this one is fun!

There are two control types:

TOUCH CONTROL : Use the touch screen to roll the ball! The faster you swipe your finger, the faster you shoot! Apply curve to your shot by tracing a curved path!


MOTION CONTROL : Use the iPhone/iPod as the ball itself. HOLD THE DEVICE LEVEL TO START, then move it like you were bowling it. When you’re finished with your follow through, release your finger to take your final shot! (This is just like that console game system with motion controllers that we can’t name!)
Rotating your wrist will have the opposite effect (hold it so that you can see the screen the whole time).

– Curve Sensitivity Controls in Option menu

The alley scrolls with the ball making it virtually 4 times the length of your iPhone… none of the other bowling games do that!

Super Strike Motion Bowl allows you to play by yourself, against a friend, or against your iPhone itself (computer player)!

Three computer difficulty levels and three ball weights maximize gameplay possibilities.

The Real Physics Game Engine ensures that your experience is as real as the bowling alley down the street, minus the smoke and beer bellies!

Buy now at the introductory price of $0.99

Send your inputs to to make Super Strike Motion Bowl better.

Visit for more detailed instructions and videos on how to play or to learn about our other dumb games!

NOTE: If your device is cracked or ‘jail broken’ this game may not work.

SUPER STRIKE - Motion BowlSUPER STRIKE - Motion BowlSUPER STRIKE - Motion BowlSUPER STRIKE - Motion BowlSUPER STRIKE - Motion Bowl


January 13, 2009

Dingaling$0.99 from Clarkwood Software, LLC Dingaling

“Sure my iPhone is OK I guess, and I’m glad it can be used as a browser, an email client, an iPod, and a phone, but man, there’s something missing… I just wish I could use it as a handbell with a humongous choice of bells.”

This sentiment is shared by scores of people around the globe; if you are one of them, then Dingaling might be for you.

With Dingaling, you can hold your iPhone like a handbell and ring, ring, ring. It uses a realistic physics model to simulate the action of an actual handbell. It is this physics model that sets Dingaling apart. Sure, it’s mainly meant to be fun; but it’s also meant to feel at least a little bit realistic.

Like my bell choir teacher taught me years ago, don’t merely shake the bells; you have to ring ’em.

It might be theoretically possible to play with Dingaling without a half-embarrassed goofy smile on your face, but so far I haven’t seen that yet! All I’ve seen is self-consciously crazy grins whenever someone is using this application.

If you are connected to the internet via wifi or (on the iPhone) a cellular data service like Edge or 3G, you can pick from dozens of bell sounds, with more being added periodically.

Dingaling can be a cost-effective alternative to a handbell choir. If your group all has iPhones, and wants to play handbells, but cannot afford handbells, just grab Dingaling and voilà, you’re all set.



January 13, 2009

Unity$0.99 from Empty Factory Unity

Unity is a simple currency and unit converter for iPhone or iPod touch.

– 34 currencies, rates are updated via the internet daily.
– 12 unit categories: Length, Area, Volume, Mass/Weight, Speed, Temperature, Power, Force, Pressure, Energy, Time and Numbers.



January 13, 2009

Unity$0.99 from Empty Factory Unity

Unity is a simple currency and unit converter for iPhone or iPod touch.

– 34 currencies, rates are updated via the internet daily.
– 12 unit categories: Length, Area, Volume, Mass/Weight, Speed, Temperature, Power, Force, Pressure, Energy, Time and Numbers.