Aqua Hoops

Aqua Hoops$0.99 from playtoniq Aqua Hoops

Remember those water tank toys where you push the buttons and it shoots out air that makes the balls go into hoops?

Well this is totally one of those, but for your iPhone & iPod Touch.

It’s crazy fun and relaxing. Kill a few moments or zone out for hours with this super-advanced underwater basketball simulation. You will swear its the real thing!


G4 TV – The Feed
“Aqua Hoops is here, and you probably didn’t even know you’ve been waiting for it all your life–this is the kind of silly fun for which the iPhone was made.”

The Apple Blog
“It nails the gameplay. I feel like I am five again, holding the water tank toy and shooting air at the balls to propel them towards the goals.”

Hack The iPod Touch
“I rate it 9/10 in total – and I recommend that you buy it.”

– Real underwater feel
– Tilt sensitive physics
– Simulated air bubbles
– 7 tiny little plastic* basketballs
– 3 plastic* hoops
– Multiple gameplay modes: Free play, One minute drill, Three minute drill
– Keeps track of your best score for each mode
– Customizable colors

* Not real plastic

Recommended for fans of iShoot, Paper Football, Rolando, and Dizzy Bee.

Aqua HoopsAqua HoopsAqua HoopsAqua HoopsAqua Hoops

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