Buy That Duplex Lite

Buy That Duplex Lite$0.00 from WebsiteForge, LLC Buy That Duplex Lite

In this release, we fixed a bug with the Expenses section.


Long term real estate investors instinctively know if a property has positive cash flow or not. But what about the rest of us? BTD Lite was built to answer that question.

Now you can be the confident investor.

Features include:
– Analyze the cash flow of a property based on only two numbers: Negotiated Price and the total rent.

– Determine Mortgage Payment: Ascertain the best deal by examining the negotiated price, down payment and interest rate.

– Forecast Expenses: Itemized expenses are automatically calculated and summarized.

– Project cash flow: See how the mortgage payment and expenses will impact your bottom line.

– Create scenarios: Adjust the asking price or any itemized expense to improve cash flow.

Real Estate Investing just became a little easier with BTD Lite.

Make sure to check out Buy That Duplex Pro, also available in iTunes.

Buy That Duplex LiteBuy That Duplex LiteBuy That Duplex LiteBuy That Duplex LiteBuy That Duplex Lite

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